2019 National Conference Recap

Posted On April 11, 2019
Posted By Renatus

                The 2019 National Conference came and went in a flash!  We wanted to give a recap of the events and help keep all that was learned fresh.  The conference started off with the Renatus Rocks Music Video Mashup and a welcome from Bob Snyder.  Other versions of the music video can be found here and here.  Later we had a training from Woody Woodward on the D.R.I.V.E sales system and how to sell based on what is important to people.  After lunch we had an awesome training on Helios and a huge announcement that it will be fully functioning on April 29th!  Don’t forget that with the full launch of Helios Renatus Billing will be available to new education purchasers.

                On Friday we were graced with a presentation from Nicole Call on mindset and compliance.  That afternoon we got to hear from Tim Ballard the founder of Operation Underground Railroad.  He shared his experiences of how giving causes a release of chemicals in your brain that allows you to think more creatively which for him was life-saving.  That evening we enjoyed the awards banquet which recognized the accomplishments and efforts of Renatus members across the nation. 

                Saturday was filled with presenters teaching us how to see the people, tell the story, build for events and follow up.  It is a system used by those who are extremely successful on the marketing end of Renatus.  Lastly, we got to hear from Bob about Helios and the new BIF videos that show him touring across the nation to visit Renatus members and their fix and flips.  These videos are now live through the AMP marketing campaign.  Members can set up their AMP URL by going to the Business Center and clicking on the AMP tab.  You will then be able to send your URL to prospects and have them check out the new BIF videos.

                The entire schedule for the conference can be found in the front of the notebook that was handed out during the conference and can be a great reminder of all that was shared.  The notebook also gave the opportunity to take notes for future reference.  This National Conference was packed with amazing information and next year will be even better!