What Is Renatus

Posted On March 14, 2019
Posted By Renatus

                Simply put Renatus produces real estate investing education, but it is so much more than that.  The word Renatus comes from the Latin word “natus” which means born.  Adding “re” to the front of “natus” changes the meaning to reborn or rebirth.  The concept behind the name can be applied to the business in many ways including the mission of Renatus, which is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to be successful.  In a sense, it is a mission to help entrepreneurs have a rebirth from their old ideas, limiting beliefs or lack of knowledge to a new self which has the tools, knowledge and confidence to succeed.  This is accomplished by offering real estate investing education and the ability to start a business selling that education.

                The real estate investing education produced by Renatus is, in our opinion, the best you can find.  It covers topics from fix and flips and rentals to commercial and multi-family.  In addition to the classes on actual strategies for investing in real estate, there are classes that cover topics which help individuals learn business strategies that augment and accelerate their real estate investing.  Classes such as Tax and Legal, Business Credit, Velocity Banking and Wealth Acceleration don’t teach specific real estate investing strategies but teach strategies and principles directed at helping real estate investors.  Each class is taught by an instructor who is currently using the strategy or technique they teach to make money in real estate or business.  This ensures the currency and validity of the material.

                Renatus understands the value of business ownership and as such allows people to set up a business marketing the Renatus education.  While most of the people who start their business selling the education also own the product themselves, a purchase of the education is not required to market the education.  Allowing individuals to sell the education is especially beneficial for those who do purchase and implement the real estate investing knowledge they gain.  As they grow their real estate investing portfolio, others are often interested in how they learned to invest which gives them a second opportunity to benefit from the education while helping others benefit as well.