Renatus Groups

Posted On March 11, 2019
Posted By Renatus

               Renatus groups can be found across the United States, from Hawaii to New York.  These are groups of Independent Marketing Affiliates and purchasers of Renatus education.  They are like-minded individuals, who are working toward bettering their financial future through real estate investing and business ownership.  While each member comes from a different background, they share a common goal.  Learning to invest in real estate and run a business can be very difficult, so having a group to network with that is on the same journey is invaluable.

                Each group across the country is self-organized by Independent Marketing Affiliates in the area.  They use tools provided by Renatus to organize events, but the meetings themselves are run by the Affiliate.  They place these events on the Renatus calendar which allows other Marketing Affiliates to register themselves and guests to attend.  These events are a great way for people to network if they are a part of Renatus, or to get introduced if they are not. 

                Events can vary in style and type.  One may be a basic introduction presentation while another may be a tour through a fix and flip property.  These meetings serve different purposes, but each is an opportunity to meet others on a similar journey.  The location of meetings is not set to a specified place but are based on what works for the Affiliate running the event and the size and type of event.  Renatus groups are the foundation of the nationwide Renatus community and are one of the many things that make Renatus special.