Renatus Real Estate Education

Posted On February 11, 2019
Posted By Renatus

              Renatus real estate education is built to serve those seeking to learn how to invest in real estate.  It was crafted by those who have done it, organized by those who want to share it and used by those who are dedicated to directing their financial future.  The education covers topics from fix and flips to seller-financed notes to commercial real estate and more.  A full list of courses can be found on the website.  Renatus education is broken into two main Education packages, Essentials and AIT (Advanced Investor Training).  The Essentials courses are the basics of investing in real estate while the AIT courses go in depth on each investing strategy.  Each course is taught by a professional that is currently practicing the strategy they teach. 

              Each instructor is an expert in their niche of investing and most of them have done hundreds of deals using the strategy they teach.  Their experience investing gives them a breadth of knowledge and insight.  This allows them to give an inside view on what it takes to be successful and avoid costly mistakes.  The instructors give not only theory behind the investing strategy but practical steps that can be taken to invest.  Thus, the budding business man or woman can act on steps given to start driving their own financial success.

              The aim of Renatus education is to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge necessary to succeed.  As such, the education covers topics that not only apply to real estate but business ownership as well.  These include topics such as Tax and Legal, Credit Management and Velocity Banking.  A requirement of empowering entrepreneurs with learning is access to knowledge when needed.  Renatus, providing 24/7 online access to the courses, ensures that instruction is always available.