Spiritual Wealth

Posted On January 24, 2019
Posted By Renatus

             There is an old saying that “money can’t buy happiness,” yet we all work to make more of it and many of us dream of winning a lot of it.  We think that somehow more money is going to make life easier and while that can be true, it isn’t always the case.  A quick Google search about Lottery winners going bankrupt shows that having excessive amounts of money can cause lots of challenges.  With Renatus, people can create significant wealth through real estate investing and business ownership.  Therefore, it is fitting that Renatus CEO, Bob Snyder, in his Generally Speaking video titled Spiritual Wealth, addresses a mindset behind accumulating wealth that will keep people grounded.

              As Bob puts it, money is an accelerator.  If you are a good person money can accelerate that good, if you are a deeply flawed person money can accelerate that those flaws.  If you don’t have a solid character to begin with, you can blow all your money on meaningless and selfish purchases.  This can lead to an attitude of greed and irresponsibility where you justify taking advantage of others because “It’s just business.”  The problem is that it isn’t “just business” because there are people involved.  On the flip side if you build on relationships, they become a currency that you can draw strength from.  Then as your wealth starts to accumulate, you will have built a solid foundational character that will keep you grounded.  That foundational character will help you stay focused on what is truly important instead of getting sidetracked with the pursuit of money.