Learning Partner VS Business Partner

Posted On January 22, 2019
Posted By Renatus

              One of the amazing benefits of purchasing Renatus education is the ability to add a learning partner to the education account.  A learning partner gets access to whatever education the account holder purchased.  The learning partner will get their own login information to access the education and can watch at their own pace.  There is no additional cost to add a learning partner, but once they are added, it cannot be changed unless the learning partner purchases an equivalent education package for themselves.

              Sometimes business partners are confused with learning partners.  A Renatus Independent Marketing Affiliate (IMA) has the option to add one or many business partners to their account.  An application for a business partner is $50 and will need to be renewed each year.  A business partner is someone who would help the Marketing Affiliate in efforts to sell the education.  While a business partner does get their own login information, they don’t have access to any of the real estate investing education unless they purchase education of their own.  The business partner does get access to the calendar, IMA training material, and other IMA functions.  All orders need to be entered through the IMA’s account and not the business partner account because business partners cannot get paid through Renatus.  Earnings are paid out to the IMA, so the IMA and business partner need to work out between themselves how the business partner is compensated for their effort in helping grow the IMA’s business.

              A learning partner can be thought of as an addition to an Education purchase and the business partner can be thought of as an addition to the IMA’s business.  If an IMA also had education, they can have someone as both a business partner and learning partner, if they wish.  In this scenario, the IMA would use the same information to sign them up as a business partner and learning partner so that person would have the same login information for both functions.