Live Life Looking Forward

Posted On January 17, 2019
Posted By Renatus

             When Bob Snyder, CEO of Renatus, was younger, he was riddled with debilitating anxiety.  That anxiety made it difficult for him to race motocross and approach new businesses as a young salesman.  Bob forced himself to go into that first business and try to make a sale, only because he wanted a paycheck.  The first several attempts he failed, but as he continued to push forward, he got better and gained confidence to the point he could walk into any business and talk with any person about what he was offering.  Had he tried to live his life looking in the rear-view mirror he would not have pushed past his fears and had success.

              Driving down the road focused on what is in the rear-view mirror is going to cause you to crash and life is no different.  You need to live life looking in the direction we want to go.  Living life looking forward doesn’t mean you never contemplate the past.  It is important to reflect and learn from previous experiences, but you can’t spend your time dwelling on what could have been.  Rather, you need to focus on the vision of the present, so you can see a clear picture of the future.

              Human nature is such that, unless there is a big event, or a strong re-association people are resistant to changing their beliefs and attitudes.  If you find that you are living in the past and don’t have a clear picture of the future, take Bob’s example and start pushing forward.  Immerse yourself in personal development through books, audio, video and associating with the right people.  Any fear, lack or limitation you have can be overcome and turned into a strength that will bless your life as well as others’.

              Watch Bob’s Generally Speaking video on this topic here.