Complimentary Lifetime Access

Posted On December 20, 2018
Posted By Renatus

              Renatus has offered complimentary lifetime access to the education for a few years but it is worth reviewing what complimentary lifetime access is and what it includes.  Complimentary lifetime access is exactly what it sounds like, access to the Renatus education for life at no additional cost.  Bob Snyder, the CEO of Renauts, started offering this a few years ago because he saw that while some people jumped into the education and were doing deals in a short amount of time, there were others that took much longer to dive in and make things happen.  Bob wanted to be able to help those individuals take advantage of the education, so he came up with complimentary lifetime access.

              There are some key points, however, that need to be understood about complimentary lifetime access.  The first key point is that you need to be in good standing with Renatus to be eligible.  What does it mean to be in good standing?  It means you follow the principles that Renatus upholds such as honesty and integrity, and that applies to your real estate transactions as well as your marketing tactics if you are an Independent Marketing Affiliate.  It means you haven’t done things to violate the education agreements or, if you are an Independent Marketing Affiliate, the IMA agreement.  It also means you are not delinquent on payments.

              Another key point to complimentary lifetime access is the package you purchase.  All Renatus education packages come with a one-year redemption period.  An Essentials or AIT Xtream package purchase however, are eligible for complimentary lifetime access if the purchaser is in good standing with Renatus.  The only package that is not eligible for complimentary lifetime access is the AIT Advanced package, which is only two tracks from the AIT Xtream package.

              The last key point, and possibly the biggest benefit of complimentary lifetime access, is that if new classes are created and inserted into the package you purchased, you get access to that new class!  In addition, if a class has content that needs to be updated it will be re-filmed and you will get access to the class with the updated content.  How incredible is that?  You get updated content at no additional cost!

              Complimentary lifetime access came about from Bobs desire to help those who get involved in Renatus to succeed.  Giving complimentary lifetime access comes from his confidence that access to the education will keep people engaged and keeping them engaged will help them succeed.  You can watch Bob give his thoughts around complimentary lifetime access in his Generally Speaking video here.