Dream Maintenance

Posted On December 11, 2018
Posted By Renatus

              A dream is something that you one day intend to achieve.  Sometimes dreams can seem elusive during the day-in day-out grind of trying to achieve them.  Without doing routine dream maintenance then they may stay elusive.  How you perform dream maintenance is quite simple.  The key to dream maintenance is what you focus on will enlarge.  If you focus on the negative and difficult parts of achieving your dream, that will tend to create a downward spiral and will eventually lead to giving up on that dream.  If you choose to focus on the progress that you are making whether small or large that focus will enlarge the positive outlook you have on accomplishing that goal.

              In addition to focusing on the positive, it is important to immerse yourself in others’ stories of accomplishment.  Reading autobiographies or stories of other peoples’ triumphs will help you realize you are not in it alone and see that others had to be patient with their struggles and push forward to success.  Reading personal development and motivational books will help create the proper mindset and help you not get discouraged or sidetracked.

              While focusing on the positive and reading books, create a support group of people you love and trust to encourage and support you in your dreams.  Keep in mind the people you love may not always be the ones you can trust to support your dreams.  However, those individuals that will support you can give you the encouragement you need to keep moving forward.

              Lastly make sure to keep a success journal and make your dreams visible.  A success journal can contain the success you have had so far as well as thoughts and dreams you have for the future.  You may also put down inspiring thoughts on how to accomplish your dreams.  Writing down the thoughts you have around your dream on a frequent basis will help those dreams stay at the forefront of your mind.  Creating a dream board is another way to keep your dreams at the forefront of your mind and make them visible to you daily which can be a powerful motivator.  Looking at your dream board will give you a mental reset as you are reminded of why you are working so hard.  It helps you focus and enlarge the outcome you are sacrificing for. 

              As you focus on the positive, read good books, keep a journal and create a dream board it is important to remember that the race to success is not a sprint but a marathon.  Prepare yourself for the work and remember that every race has a finish line.  Watch Renatus CEO, Bob Snyder, cover this topic in this video.