Dig into Your Classes

Posted On November 20, 2018
Posted By Renatus

                 Students who purchase the Renatus real estate investing education are ambitious and motivated.  They have dreams of investing in real estate to change their lives and change the lives of those around them.  Each student comes with a diverse background and brings a unique set of skills with them as they dive into the world of investing.  What is common among them is their desire for achievement and becoming more than what they currently are.  That desire for achievement often creates conflict for the new student because they want to be doing deals but don’t know where to start. Others however, may get started and find they are missing pieces to successfully complete a deal.

                There is an old saying that goes, “Don’t put your cart before the horse.”  The logic behind the saying is that it’s much easier to pull the cart with the horse than to push it.  That same logic can be applied to many things in life and it certainly applies to real estate investing.  The “cart”, in the case of real estate investing, would be going out and doing real estate deals while the horse would be getting educated on how to execute real estate deals.  The students that choose to dig into their classes and learn, find deals and complete them successfully.  The students that dig into their classes, succeed in their desire for achievement, help themselves and others along the way.

              Some people may think, “I need to get my first deal, I don’t’ have time to go through the classes.”  They feel a sense of urgency to complete their first deal.  Bob Snyder the CEO of Renatus who has years of real estate investing experience urges students in his Generally Speaking video to take the slow patient approach and dig into their classes.  This slow, patient, approach will be a more profitable and less risky approach.

              Another objection to watching the classes might be, “I don’t need to watch the classes I can rely on my affiliate or local community when I run into questions.”  While there may be support from the affiliate and local community they may not always be available when they are needed.  The time to learn to fish, is before fishing becomes necessary to survive.

              The beautiful thing about real estate is that there is no ceiling on potential income, but there is no floor either.  Each student will have a decision to make between getting educated or not.  The advice Bob gives is to get educated so the actions taken will have the highest probability of success.  While in some aspects of business ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice, in real estate investing that is a formula for disaster.