Marketing Mastermind

Posted On October 26, 2018
Posted By Renatus

             The October 22nd Founder’s Webinar was all about marketing.  So much of marketing is relating to, and connecting with, people on an emotional level so that they trust you and are willing to do business with you. How do you connect with people on those levels?  Renatus CEO Bob Snyder invited Woody Woodward to share his insight.  Woody spent years developing a system which categorizes people based on what makes them feel important to help people learn to connect with others.  The acronym D.R.I.V.E is what the system is based on and stands for Director, Relator, Intellectual, Validator and Executive.  Each person is going to have qualities of one category, and understanding which group that person is a part of will allow you to connect with them in terms of what they value.

              Implementing this knowledge into marketing may feel difficult, but luckily Hugh Zaretsky shows exactly how he implemented it into his presentations and his outreach to IMA’s (Independent Marketing Affiliates) on his team.  After implementing his knowledge of the D.R.I.V.E system into his presentations, Hugh saw an increase in retention of those attending his events.  He was also able to reactivate and re-engage several IMA’s on his team using the system as he is connected with them.

                After Hugh’s examples, Bob Snyder gives some tips on reaching out to your warm market.  Working with your warm market is great because you already have a relationship, you can start inviting them right away, and you have a better idea of whether that person would be interested in what you have to offer.  It can be hard to think of who is in your warm market, so Bob suggests using a memory jogger.  Ask yourself questions like, “Who do I know that is a Golf pro, Chemical Engineer, Musician, Salesperson, Photographer etc.?”   You might also ask questions like, “Who is on my Christmas list?” or “Who do I see at the gym?”  As you ask these questions and write down names, you should be able to come up with a large list.

              Picture yourself using the D.R.I.V.E system as you contact the people on your warm market list.  As you connect with those people and build rapport and trust, you will be able to present what you have to offer in the most effective way.  To learn more about the D.R.I.V.E system and get additional insights for working with your warm market, listen to the October 22nd Founder’s Webinar.