Is Renatus a Pyramid Scheme

Posted On October 24, 2018
Posted By Renatus

That is a pyramid scheme is a great question.  It shows you are aware that there are organizations out there looking to take advantage of people.  Another question you should be asking yourself is, “Do I work for a pyramid scheme?”  When you look at the organizational charts of corporate America, you might see it looks a lot like a pyramid where the guy on top is making all the money and the guys down below aren’t making much.  As it turns out, you might be working for a pyramid scheme! 

An actual pyramid scheme is where an individual gets paid to enroll an individual in the program where no goods or services are exchanged, and no value is given. This creates a pyramid where the people at the top are getting paid from the all the people getting enrolled under them.  Wikipedia states “A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payment or services for enrolling others into the scheme rather than supplying investments or sale of a products or services.  As recruiting multiples soon becomes impossible and most members are unable to profit.”

              When we look at the Renatus Compensation Plan, we see that the only time a person gets paid is when they sell a Renatus product.  No one gets paid for enrolling an individual into the program as an IMA (Independent Marketing Affiliate).    The great thing about the product Renatus creates is it can make people money.  When an individual applies the education to invest in real estate, they can start to build their wealth.  The product provides value and a person only gets paid when they sell a product.  So, is Renatus a pyramid scheme?  No, not at all. 

              Renatus Founder and CEO covers this topic in a Generally Speaking video which you can watch here.