Getting To Know Bob Snyder

Posted On October 02, 2018
Posted By Renatus

In the September 10th founder’s webinar, we had the opportunity to get to know Bob Snyder through the eyes of Jon O’Neal.  When Jon was 13 he started working construction and dropped out of high school when he was 17.  He worked hard and started to build his dreams but never really learned how to create wealth.  When his son developed severe medical issues Jon ended up losing what he had built and living in a basement apartment with his family.  He was later introduced to Renatus as well as Bob Snyder and was impressed by how genuine Bob was.    

                Jon found that Bob leads others, not by fear, but by drawing people to him, through being genuine and letting others learn from his experience.    Through a networking group put on by Woody Woodward, Jon was able to interact with Bob and see how he networks with people.  That experience changed Jon and eventually led to him becoming a PAC member.  Outside of networking, he found that Bob was a great shot with a rifle and a very experienced mountain biker.  Jon has seen through several examples that Bob Snyder is passionate about what he invests in.  More than anything else, Bob is passionate about his family and Jon has modeled the type of father he chooses to be after him.  In the final minutes of the webinar, Jon expressed gratitude for Bob and how he has impacted his life over the years.  He mentioned that Bob continues to work and grow Renatus as a labor of love, and cited the fact that Bob is at a point where he could retire if he wanted.