Add strength and validity to a transaction when you conquer the templates, checklists, instructions, and agreements of contracts.


Nicole Call

Nicole Call is an experienced attorney and real estate investor who loves to share her knowledge. She has worked on hundreds of contract cases throughout her legal career and bought her first rental in her early 20s. She has also helped Utah to develop an historic $100 Million public-private partnership called Falcon Hill. She is always excited to share with you the best practices on contracts, tenant selection and using the law for your investing success.


Contracts are the most important resource in an investor’s tool-kit. They will make or break your deals, directly determine your profit or loss, and ensure that each party gets what they bargained for. Attorney, educator, and speaker, Nicole Call, helps you understand the power behind each clause in the Real Estate Purchase Contract. Nicole begins with basics, such as: What are contracts? Where can I find good contract templates? Why and when do I use specific forms in my real estate investing? Gain access to contract checklists and REPC instructions while learning about contract addenda, ancillary contracts and rental/lease agreements. Know when you may need additional legal counsel to protect your interests and get the deal done. Review the nitty gritty details of how best to complete these important documents and empower yourself with the tools to get the deal done fast and right, the first time. This course will have you negotiating better deals, faster closes and more investment transactions for your real estate portfolio.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Instructor Introduction and Disclosures

    Nicole is a successful attorney and in-house legal counsel for Renatus, LLC.  She gives you the low down on contract law and setting up win-win scenarios.

  • 3

    Keys to Successful Learning and Class Expectations

    Nicole goes over a class outline and sets up course expectations.

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      Contract Information

      The Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) is defined and discussed.  Other real estate terms are also covered.

    • 5

      Elements of a Contract

      Nicole goes through a detailed explanation of the elements that create an enforceable contract.

    • 6

      Contracts by State

      Every state has a different REPC.  Nicole covers some of the possible differences in these documents.

    • 7

      Research and Resources

      Where can you find forms and resources for your business?  Nicole covers a few of the best sources.

    • 8

      Filling Out the REPC- Timing and Entity

      We begin our deep dive into the REPC.  Always be sure that every line is filled out to create a strong, enforceable contract.

    • 9

      Filling Out the REPC- Earnest Money, Due Diligence, and Inclusions and Exclusions

      The dive into the REPC continues as Nicole discusses earnest money, due diligence, and inclusions in the contract.

    • 10

      Filling Out the REPC- Inclusions, Exclusions and Services

      Nicole walks you through filling out the REPC accurately and completely in this discussion of inclusions, exclusions, and services.

    • 11

      Purchase Price

      The most important element of filling out your REPC is figuring the purchase price.  Nicole covers how to determine this as she continues her walk through the REPC.

    • 12

      Settlement and Closing

      The deep dive into the REPC expands as Nicole discusses settlement and closing.

    • 13

      Possession and Insurance

      Only you can determine what is the best timeline for possession.  Nicole continues her REPC dive as she discusses possession and insurance.

    • 14

      REPC Activity

      Our class discussion moves to the REPC that the studio class was challenged to complete.

    • 15

      Practice Executing Your Contract

      What does it mean to execute your contract? Discussion on keeping your contract strong and enforceable.

    • 16


      Navigation of the REPC continues as the instructor discusses prorations.

    • 17

      HOA and Other Fees

      An explanation of HOA and other fees as we continue to explore the REPC.

    • 18

      Title and Title Insurance

      More of the details and requirements of the Utah REPC, discussing title and title insurance.

    • 19

      Terms and Rentals

      Our class and instructor discuss rental terms and contracts.

    • 20

      Property Managers

      The benefits of using a property manager for your rentals are listed and explained in this section.

    • 21

      Title Insurance

      The title Insurance clause is discussed in detail while answering studio questions.

    • 22

      Seller Disclosures and Due Diligence Condition

      Back to the REPC deep dive as our instructor discusses the seller disclosure and due diligence clauses.

    • 23

      Financing Condition

      Conditions of financing are discussed and studio questions answered as REPC coverage continues.

    • 24

      Final Pre-settlement Walk-through

      The final walk through is presented here.

    • 25

      Mediation and Default

      The review of REPC nears completion as Nicole goes through the mediation clause.

    • 26

      Attorney Fees, Risk of Loss and Time

      The final clauses of the REPC are discussed.

    • 27

      Acceptance Counter Offer and Rejection

      Know what to expect and what is expected of you, when you make or receive a counteroffer.

    • 28


      Where and how to find addendum online, and how to know which one is the right fit for your situation.

    • 29

      How do Ancillary Documents Tie into the REPC?

      The instructor uses a personal example to provide the answer to this question.

    • 30

      Seller Disclosure

      What needs to be included in the seller disclosure and how to take action on that information?

    • 31

      Lead-based Paint

      This addendum is necessary for homes that have lead paint, and Nicole walks the class through the form.

    • 32

      Seller Financing Addendum

      Nicole addresses each aspect of this addendum, and offers advice and suggestions.

    • 33

      Contract Checklists

      The final key to your contract education and a guideline for your real estate transactions,

    • 34

      Remedies for Breach of Contract Recap and Challenge

      Liquidated damages and negotiated settlement & mediation are two of the remedies Nicole covers, before she challenges the class to create 30 contracts in 30 days.

    • 35


      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

  • 35


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.