Genius in 21 Days - Part 4 - Retention


Cosimo Intermite

Cosimo is a highly credentialed instructor of learning techniques. He is an international author and international speaker and he has master level certifications in the following fields: Mind Maps, Speed Reading, Micro-Facial Expressions, Team building, Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Goal Setting, Decision-Making, Personal Development, Time Management, and Memory Techniques. Born and raised in Italy, he and his wife, Stephanie Turconi enjoy training people all over the world. They customize methods that are unique to each person’s learning style and brain development. Cosimo believes “Everyone loves to learn, most of the time what they don’t like is the learning process” so he bridges that gap by teaching people the best process for THEIR brain. Stephanie is a successful international speaker and coach. She specializes in the most advanced learning techniques. In 2010 she started working with Genius in 21 days, within the customer service department. She mastered and became certified in the following fields: team building, public speaking, micro facial expressions, effective communication, customer satisfaction and retention, goal setting, decision making and self-development. She believes “Everyone needs methods, not just “A” method but their method customized on their brain”. After her long experience in the learning field she specialized in helping women entrepreneurs to use their full brain potential by using specific learning techniques to balance work and personal life.


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    Preview of the Phonetic Sounds Part I

    Stephanie provides an overview of the phonetic sounds and shares several visual associations, as well as two exercises to facilitate learning the sounds. The better a student learns these sounds, the faster they will be throughout the course.

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    Phonetic Sounds Part I

    Stephanie leads students in a review of the phonetic sounds.

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    Phonetic Sounds Part II

    The instructor continues reviewing the phonetic sounds.

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      Phonetic Sounds Exercise Part I

      In this segment, after Stephanie reviews the phonetic sounds, you'll practice converting words into their phonetic sounds and associated numbers.

    • 5

      Phonetic Sounds Exercise Part II

      Students test their skills by converting numbers into the phonetic sounds and then into words.

    • 6

      Phonetic Sounds Exercise Review

      Stephanie reveals a secret about the exercise in the last segment, then reviews the responses provided by students.

    • 7

      Memorizing Images Part I

      Learn the rules for memorizing a picture and the importance of number seven.

    • 8

      Memorizing Images Part II

      In this segment, you'll witness the effectiveness of using quadrants and memorize an image with the live class.

    • 9

      Introduction to the Card System

      What is the purpose of the phonetic sounds? This introduction to the powerful card system provides answers that will ignite your memory.

    • 10

      Card Video

      Follow along with the video and begin memorizing the first 30 cards, including their corresponding phonetic sounds and images.

    • 11

      Card Video Part II

      This segment continues with the phonetic sounds and images for cards 31-60.

    • 12

      Card Video Pt III

      The remainder of the cards (61-100) are covered in this segment, including their phonetic sounds and images.

    • 13

      Video Recap

      Stephanie explains the power of the rainbow for relaxation and concentration, and the importance of practice.

    • 14

      Card Review

      Check your memory of the first 20 cards along with the live class.

    • 15

      How Our Memory Works

      Discover the keys to memory and retention when Stephanie explains the three characteristics of the brain.

    • 16

      Memory Test

      In this segment, students attempt to recall a list of 21 words from memory.

    • 17

      Memory Test With Cards

      Repeating the test from the previous segment, students use the tools for remember the words on the list.

    • 18

      Memory Test Review

      Stephanie explains why it was easier for students to recall the words when they were used in a story.

    • 19

      The Power of Our Minds Part I

      Cosimo teaches an important fact about the brain, the power of visualization, and the characteristics of visual, audio, and kinesthetic people.

    • 20

      The Power of Our Minds Part II

      Cosimo shares a movie clip to illustrate the differences between visual, audio and kinesthetic people. Which group do you fit into?

    • 21

      The Secret of the Course

      Learn about the PAV and the secret of the Genius in 21 Days course.

    • 22

      The PAV and How it Works

      Cosimo explains the importance of topics that may be disturbing in the creation of PAVs.

    • 23

      Let's Practice - Twenty Words

      Stephanie leads the class in creating PAVs to link words with images on the cards, beginning with cards 1-9.

    • 24

      Twenty Words, Continued

      The instructor and the live class continue creating PAVs to link words with the image on cards 10-16.

    • 25

      Ready to Recall

      PAVs are created for cards 17-20 and students are quizzed to see how well they remember.

    • 26

      Final Test

      Students in the live class share their amazing retention results from using the PAVs.

    • 27

      What are Those Words?

      Learn about the importance of creating one's own PAVs and how a PAV is like scaffolding.

    • 28

      Memorizing Mind Maps Part I

      Understand how to memorize a mind map, and get some practice implementing the new process.

    • 29

      Memorizing Mind Maps Part II

      What are the guidelines for mind map visual? Learn techniques for more abstract words.

    • 30

      Memorizing Numbers Part I

      Students are invited to memorize a 49-digit number using words associated with the phonetic sounds.

    • 31

      Memorizing Numbers Part II

      Students in the live class work with Cosimo to create a PAV using the images associated with the numbers in th3e previous segment.

    • 32

      Memorizing A 49 Digit Number

      Students finish creating their PAVs and memorizing the 49-digit number.

    • 33

      Memorizing a 49 Digit Number Pt II

      See the individuality of the students and laugh with the live class as they share their hilarious PAVs.

    • 34

      Memorizing More Numbers

      Students share their experience and techniques they would have used. Witness another demonstration of Cosimos memorization process.

    • 35

      Memorizing More Numbers Pt II

      Learn how Cosimo memorized the list of numbers in the previous segment.

    • 36

      Memorizing More Numbers Pt III

      Cosimo provides another number for students to memorize by creating their own PAV.

    • 37

      Number Memorization Results

      Hear from students about the PAVs they used to memorize numbers and consider how much time it would have taken them without using the PAVs.

    • 38

      How to Make Faster Associations

      Learn the secret to making even faster associations.

    • 39

      Creating Visuals For Mind Maps Pt I

      What is the importance of using a spider structure when drawing a mind map?

    • 40

      Creating Visuals For Mind Maps Pt II

      Understand how to simplify the process of finding images for mind maps and how to assign tangible images for abstract words.

    • 41

      Creating Visuals For Mind Maps Pt III

      Cosimo describes ways you can overcome a block when struggling to use images in mind maps.

    • 42

      Memorizing Vocabulary Pt I

      Learn how to implement three simple steps for memorizing vocabulary.

    • 43

      Memorizing Vocabulary Pt II

      The instructor and live class practice the process for memorizing vocabulary.

    • 44

      Memorizing Vocabulary Pt III

      After memorizing a few definitions together, Stephanie invites the class to memorize additional words on their own.

    • 45

      Memorizing Vocabulary Pt IV

      Members of the live class share the PAVs they created.

    • 46

      Long-term Memorization Intro

      Learn the differences between the three kinds of memory and discover how the brain retains information long term.

    • 47

      Long-term Memorization Technique Pt I

      Knowing the optimal review schedule can ensure that your brain retains as much information as possible.

    • 48

      Long-term Memorization Technique Pt II

      Learn more about how long-term memory works and how Cosimo found the "Genius In 21 Days" program.

    • 49

      Learning A Foreign Language

      What's holding you back from learning another language? Cosimo discusses some common challengs and shows us how it can be done at any age.

    • 50

      Memorizing Word Pronunciation

      See a demonstration of the process used to memorize the way a new word sounds.

    • 51

      Memorizing Words

      Cosimo teaches some strategies for memorizing the spelling of a foreign word.

    • 52

      Learning Foreign Words Class Activity

      Stephanie walks the class through learning new words in several foreign languages, using the Genius in 21 Days process.

    • 53

      Organize Your Foreign Language Learning

      What is the best way to use your time when you're learning a new language? Cosimo goes over the 4-week plan for becoming fluent in a new language.

  • 53

    Organize Your Foreign Language Learning

    What is the best way to use your time when you're learning a new language? Cosimo goes over the 4-week plan for becoming fluent in a new language.