Be A Genius - Accelerate Your Learning

Some techniques for increasing memory and learning ability. A preview that reveals your potential results with the full Genius in 21 Days.


Cosimo Intermite

Cosimo is a highly credentialed instructor of learning techniques. He is an international author and international speaker and he has master level certifications in the following fields: Mind Maps, Speed Reading, Micro-Facial Expressions, Team building, Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Goal Setting, Decision-Making, Personal Development, Time Management, and Memory Techniques. Born and raised in Italy, he and his wife, Stephanie Turconi enjoy training people all over the world. They customize methods that are unique to each person’s learning style and brain development. Cosimo believes “Everyone loves to learn, most of the time what they don’t like is the learning process” so he bridges that gap by teaching people the best process for THEIR brain. Stephanie is a successful international speaker and coach. She specializes in the most advanced learning techniques. In 2010 she started working with Genius in 21 days, within the customer service department. She mastered and became certified in the following fields: team building, public speaking, micro facial expressions, effective communication, customer satisfaction and retention, goal setting, decision making and self-development. She believes “Everyone needs methods, not just “A” method but their method customized on their brain”. After her long experience in the learning field she specialized in helping women entrepreneurs to use their full brain potential by using specific learning techniques to balance work and personal life.


Be A Genius – Accelerate Your Learning features Cosimo Intermite, instructor of the Genius in 21 Days course. In this introductory Essentials class, he demonstrates the skills and methods learned in the Genius classes and shares some of his favorite techniques for increasing memory and learning ability. Change your approach to studying when you learn how to create a customized master plan, manage your time and control your study surroundings. Cosimo covers tips to increase your reading speed and comprehension, organize yourself and your actions to identify key words and concepts, and find your motivation. Learn about positive and negative leverages and use them to achieve your highest potential. Know how to control anxiety, especially in performance situations, so that you optimize stress, changing fear into positive energy. Understand the differences between internal and external locus, unitary and incremental theory, and performance and learning goals. From the Hulk technique to breathing exercises, the information in this brief class and the success you will experience from it, is just a taste of the Genius in 21 Days experience.

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    Instructor Introduction

    Bob Snyder, CEO and Founder of Renatus, introduces Cosimo Intermite, the phenomenal instructor of the renowned Genius in 21 Days program and this Be A Genius quick-start class.

  • 2

    Course Introduction and Number Memorization

    Witness the transformative power of the Genius in 21 Days course as Cosimo impresses students by memorizing a list of 22 numbers in under eight seconds.

  • 3

    Learning Methods

    Learn why repetition doesn’t work and how individuals can drastically reduce stress and unlock their learning potential by understanding their own cognitive styles.

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      Study Cycles

      Learn how to improve retention and maximize your study sessions by discovering your unique brain cycle attention.

    • 5

      Reading Techniques

      Cosimo reveals the reading techniques that enabled him to read 44 books in 12 days, including the distraction list.

    • 6

      Comprehension Technique

      Cosimo describes how underlining and highlighting inhibit comprehension and encourages students to focus on understanding keywords concepts instead.

    • 7

      Remembering Technique

      Understand the characteristics of memory and harness the power of visual, emotional, and associative details for better retention.

    • 8


      Cosimo explains how the way you perceive your own abilities impacts your motivation and introduces an exercise designed to stop overthinking and encourage action.

    • 9

      Motivation Exercise

      Consider the benefits of achieving a key goal alongside the negative effects of not achieving that goal through this powerful motivational exercise.

    • 10

      Why Have A Method?

      Cosimo shares how you’ll gain confidence by finding and utilizing the perfect method for your mind.

    • 11

      Memorizing Numbers Exercise Pt I

      Cosimo gets help from the live class to assemble a list of 20 numbers and words for Stephanie to memorize, illustrating how the perfect method enables memorization without repetition.

    • 12

      Memorizing Numbers Exercise Pt II

      Stephanie impresses students with her memorization of 20 numbers and words, demonstrating the breadth of her knowledge by presenting corresponding word when provided with the number, then listing each number–word pair in order from 1–20.

    • 13

      Confidence Through Studying With a Method

      Understand how studying with a method produces confidence and eases overwhelming stresses due to lack of motivation or time constraints.

    • 14

      How to Fully Unblock Yourself

      Cosimo explains the steps to fully unblock yourself, as thousands of people already have, and get the most from your Renatus courses.

    • 15

      Introduction to Stress

      Cosimo points out the difference between stress and fear and shares how to distinguish between the three types of stress and improve your performance by keeping stress at an adequate level.

    • 16

      Understanding Stress

      Cosimo describes how an external locus can inhibit growth, while an internal locus can decrease stress and foster growth.

    • 17

      Techniques to Reduce Stress

      Quell anxieties and conquer stress with the simple tension-relieving technique Cosimo demonstrates in this segment.

    • 18

      Breathing Techniques-

      Cosimo provides breathing techniques for each of the four elements of nature and shares how each technique affects the brain.

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      With this segment, you’ll wrap up the course knowing the next steps to start loving your brain and transform your life.With this segment, you’ll wrap up the course knowing the next steps to start loving your brain and transform your life.

  • 19


    With this segment, you’ll wrap up the course knowing the next steps to start loving your brain and transform your life.With this segment, you’ll wrap up the course knowing the next steps to start loving your brain and transform your life.