Do you have what it takes for a successful wholesale deal? You will with this explanation of lenders, contracts and strategy.


Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is a real estate investor and a licensed real estate agent with more than 30 years of experience! His businesses specialize in fix and flip, property management, wholesaling, land-lording and traditional real estate services. He has found success in residential, land and light commercial real estate transactions. He loves speaking and is willing to share his extensive wealth of knowledge with you, allowing inexperienced investors to benefit from his financial success!


Whether a novice investor or a seasoned real estate professional, learn how to make the most of every single lead and potential property. When the numbers or property don’t seem to work for you, it doesn’t mean they can’t work for a different investor. Through disciplined analysis of the potential investment property and the resources that are currently available to you as the investor, you will learn how to decide “Deal” or “No Deal”. Learn how to find and evaluate deals, put the properties under contract, and then sell your position, as the investor, to a third party. Real property wholesaling master Chris Wilson teaches the fundamentals of this paramount investment strategy. Identify the key requirements in a successful wholesale deal while learning the strengths and weaknesses of your own investment machine. Determine the preferred wholesale acquisition timeline and process, outline some of today’s legal issues, and create a property checklist that illustrates potential profit. Then decide if you should complete the project yourself or find a fast payday without ever owning the property or swinging a hammer.

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    Introduction and Class Expectations

    Bob Snyder introduces our instructor, Chris Wilson, who dives into the topic of Wholesaling, a different way of making a profit through real estate.

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    Investment Strategies and Wholesaling

    What are the basic real estate strategies? What makes wholesaling unique and how can you do it without getting into trouble?

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      Wholesaling- A Practical Definition

      Chris takes what you know about wholesale grocery stores, and applies it to the real estate market to help learners better understand elements of the process.

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      Key Legalities

      Learn how equitable interest and licensing can play into your wholesaling deals and how recent political events have affected real estate options.

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      Illegal Flip

      Our instructor shares what the political environment of the past 10 years has brought about that affects real estate deals, especially wholesaling.

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      Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

      The CFPB plays a necessary role in the real estate market, but Chris shares his opinion on their limitations and the regulations that should be in place.

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      Key Legalities Continued

      Know which states and cities have different rules that affect your ability to conduct real estate transactions.

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      Four Basic Ways to Wholesale

      What's the difference between a single escrow and double escrow, and what role does the assignment contract play?

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      Basic Ways to Wholesale Continued

      Chris discusses the challenges and problems of "flipping the entity" and "Relationship Close" and which wholesaling method he uses.

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      Develop Your Business Plan

      Learn what important pieces of information you need to know, in order to develop a personalized and successful Business Plan.

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      Business Plan Continued

      Running a business professionally includes managing your finances, setting goals, and knowing what you need to do to make it happen.

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      The Segment of Your Market

      Why do you need to be familiar with the starter home market in your area? Chris explains why it matters in this segment.

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      Chris shares when you should start marketing, which market to tackle and what to look for in a property.

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      Figuring Affordability

      A personal experience from Chris demonstrates the accuracy of his method of determining affordability.

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      Setting up the Tools

      Know what relationships you need to have in place to move smoothly through wholesaling real estate transactions.

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      Setting up the Tools Continued

      Learn which comp tool our instructor recommends to get the most accurate and current information about the local real estate market.

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      Obtaining Current Information

      Find the best local source of real estate news, from your area to the federal or national level, including real estate schools and groups, but keeping in mind the bias of the source.

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      Appraisers and Comps

      Chris covers the pros and cons of hiring an appraiser, what to know about their estimate and what you must disclose to the buyer.

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      Understanding Comps Continued

      What is the True Worth of a property? Learn the different components you need to know to find out.

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      Understanding the Fix And Flipper

      Since the majority of your buyers will be fix and flippers, this segment is crucial to understanding the mindset of the people you are most likely to do business with.

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      Repairs and Estimates

      Chris shares why it's more important to be reasonable then accurate in your repair estimates.

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      22 - Your Profits

      Chris talks about how to determine what profits you take and why you need to give a little more to the flipper and keep them happy.

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      Profits Question and Answer

      Questions from the live audience stir up a discussion on the right of rescission of the buyer.

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      Flipper's Cost

      What is our instructor's formula for calculating the flipper's cost and what to avoid so you get the most out of the deal.

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      Hard Money

      Learn the details and processes involved in using Hard Money to better determine if this is the route you should take.

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      Master Value Proposition and True Worth

      Chris shares his formula for the Value Proposition and and reinforces how important it is to "Do the math and do it right."

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      Finding Deals

      What is the difference between a hot and cold lead, and which one do you prefer when prospecting?

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      The key to finding leads is building a funnel and keeping it functioning. Chris goes into the why and how of increasing the numbers in your funnel.

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      Finding Deals Continued

      Chris answers the question, "What is the single best method for finding wholesaling deals?"

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      Deal Strategies Question and Answer

      Live audience questions are answered and then Chris dives into a discussion of the sources that can be used to find a property.

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      Sources to Find a Property

      Learn why the biggest indicator of a great deal is hardship and why it's worth the time to find out what the seller's personal challenge is.

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      Sources Question and Answer

      How can the area affect the success of various marketing and lead-finding methods? Chris explains how he decides which marketing to use in an area.

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      Hardship Sales and Bird Dogs

      Chris explains some of the risks and challenges associated with these methods of finding leads and how to use them safely.

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      Get Property Coming to You

      What are some ways you can think "outside the box" and encourage people to come to you with their properties.

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      Other Sources of Information

      Hosting a SuperBowl Party is just one of the surprising ways you can find leads for properties. Learn how to make that work in this segment.

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      This useful list helps you know what steps to take and information you need to have in order to get the best deal, and Chris tells you when to walk away.

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      Equitable Interest

      Chris goes into the meaning of equitable interest and covers several ways to gain control of the property.

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      Gaining Control

      A continuation of the discussion tying together the equitable interest and taking control of the property, and including how to protect yourself.

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      A Word About Buyers Prospecting

      Why should you not advertise to prospective buyers? Chris answers this question and helps wholesalers know what they can and cannot do to find buyers.

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      Selling the Deal

      Learn what type of buyer should take precedence in your deals; a fixer, a holder or a retailer. What makes a great buyer?

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      Selling the Deal Continued and Getting Paid

      Chris shares how he uses flyers to attract buyers, and what he includes on those flyers.

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      Escrow Process

      What questions can you ask yourself to evaluate your process and improve your wholesaling business.

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      Chris talks about how to find a realtor that is useful to you, what to do with investors, and what to ask of them.

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      Issues with Wholesaling Continued

      A few challenges are discussed, including owner financing, new tax regulations and local legal disputes.

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      A Day in the Life of a Wholesaler

      How vital is a routine? Chris informs us of his typical schedule and the habits and actions that help keep him successful as a wholesaler.

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      A Day in the Life of a Wholesaler Continued

      Learn who should be on your team, from skills to personality traits. Find someone who balances your shortfalls and strengths.

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      Other Tools to Make You Successful

      Chris lists several tools, from virtual phone numbers to web bots, and whether or not he finds them useful.

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