Title, Escrow & Closing

Documents, transactions and terminology are explained & discussed, so you know what to expect during the purchase process.


Christian George

Christian George is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. Having been a licensed real estate agent for over 22 years and a licensed escrow officer for over 14 years, Christian is intimately familiar with every part of a real estate transaction from front to back.  Christian is currently the Content Director and an Instructor for Renatus as he continues to grow his personal portfolio. He loves sharing with students how to research a property, build a plan and strategy, and then close the deal. 


Now that you know how to find the deal, put it under contract, and finance it, let us help you close the deal by completing the sale process and getting paid on your investment.  As an investor you only make money on an investment when you close the sale! Christian George takes you through a detailed examination of the roles of each part in a transaction, how to avoid bumps in the road and be familiar with the actual documents and paperwork you will see at the closing table. Learn how to communicate well in advance and make sure that buyers and sellers are properly protected and insured through the closing process. Be aware of typical timelines for banks and title companies so that you can set appropriate expectations when you put investment properties under contract, and be able to complete accurate documentation for a smooth transaction. Gain access to all the resources from title companies and banks that are available to investors. Now you can convert your real estate investments into money in the bank and let your education lead you to bigger and more frequent pay days!

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    With over 20 years of experience, Christian George will teach you the need-to-know basics of Title, Escrow, and Closing.

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    Moving From The Real Estate Industry To The Title Industry

    Christian shares his story and how he ended up in the real estate industry.

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      What We Need To Know & Plan On When We Close A Transaction

      Closing the deal is how you get paid.  Christian discusses the steps leading up to closing and how vital title and escrow are.

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      What Kinds Of Insurance Are There & How Much Do You Need?

      The types of insurance and how much coverage you need is addressed in this segment.

    • 6

      Liability, Renters, & Commercial Insurance

      The need and/or uses for Renter's insurance, Liability insurance, and Commercial insurance are discussed here.

    • 7

      Common Insurance Q&A

      Christian answers questions from our studio audience about insurances.

    • 8

      Title Insurance Explained Visually

      Title insurance is explained with this animated video.

    • 9

      What Is Title Insurance?

      Title insurance insures you against any potential claims in the future regarding things that have occurred in the past.

    • 10

      History Of Title Insurance

      Title insurance sprang from the need to be sure that land was surveyed correctly and insure against human error.

    • 11

      How Title Insurance Protects Us

      Title insurance protects you against any prior event or easement, not disclosed in your insurance policy, up to the value of your property.

    • 12

      What Coverage Does The Title Insurance Afford Me?

      Are you properly covered? Title insurance allows you peace of mind, knowing that you are protected if someone made a mistake in the history of your property.

    • 13

      Placing The Order With The Title Company

      Christian covers the steps to placing your title insurance order, beginning with providing ALL information to your title agent.

    • 14

      Watch Out For Order & Contract Pitfalls

      Regulations and other possible pitfalls are discussed here.

    • 15

      Schedule A Of The Title Commitment

      Christian goes through Schedule A of the title commitment and answers questions.

    • 16

      Schedule B Part 1 & 2 Of The Title Commitment

      Christian answers more questions from the class as he goes through Schedule B of the title commitment.

    • 17

      Checking Title Commitment, Knowing What Must Be Cleared, & How Endorsements Help

      The process of cleaning and clearing the title is discussed and questions answered.

    • 18

      Clearing Title & Prepping For Closing

      Christian discusses how the title is prepared for closing after clearing encumbrances.

    • 19

      Title Insurance Review & FAQ

      A review of what's been taught so far and some Q&A with the studio audience.

    • 20

      What Is Escrow?

      An escrow officer is an impartial liaison between parties.  Learn how your property moves from escrow to closing.

    • 21

      Why We Care About Where The Money Comes From, RESP & CFPB

      What is the function of CFPB and RESP?  Why is it important where money comes from?

    • 22

      Loan Documents & The Closing Paperwork

      Christian begins walking through all of the documents you will see at closing.

    • 23

      The Settlement Table & What It Means To Sign

      The settlement statement summarizes every detail of your real estate deal.  Christian goes through the statement and what it means to sign.

    • 24

      The Settlement Statements- Old & New

      The changes that have been made to the settlement statement are covered.

    • 25

      The New Loan Estimate Form

      Christian continues to walk you through the closing documents - Loan Estimate Form.

    • 26

      The New Closing Disclosure Form

      The Closing Disclosure Form is next as Christian continues to walk you through the closing documents.

    • 27

      Review What Happens At The Settlement Table, and The Forms & Docs Most Commonly Used

      Our instructor reviews the information he has covered and the most common forms used in settlement.

    • 28

      Knowing The Deeds That Transfer Title & Encumber The Real Property

      Deeds that encumber your property, such as Warranty Deeds, are discussed here.

    • 29

      Post Closing & Other Title Services

      Christian finishes off by going through what happens after closing.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.