Team Up With Tenants For Bigger Profits

Team up with your tenants as you first rent to them and then sell to them, increasing your profits and helping others at the same time.


William J Oehme

Bill has been a real estate investor and value creation expert for over 20 years. He lives in Georgia, has completed over 100 real estate deals and controls over 40 cash-flowing properties. His business thrived even during the 2008 crash and he makes 30-100% annually on rentals. The best part is that he does it all through helping others. Bill has found that his strategy of working with specific tenants to first rent to them, then sell to them, has provided a reliable long-term income and allowed him to assist people in becoming homeowners that wouldn’t be able to do so without his help. His class expands on this fulfilling and profitable real estate investment strategy.


In this class, you’ll learn how to find the deals, analyze them, fund the deals, manage the properties and then exit the deals. This simple plan makes it possible to generate enough passive income to become financially flexible and create a REAL retirement plan without relying on Wall Street. Learn how to get started while still working your full-time job, become a value creation expert (not just a landlord), and offer hope to your family and friends.

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    Instructor Introduction

    Renatus invites longtime real estate investor Bill Oehme to the stage where he introduces the topic of the course, an often overlooked strategy with incredible opportunity.

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    Course Overview And Instructor Background

    Bill provides more information about his investing career, as well as a brief outline of what to expect from the course.

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      Four Levels Of Real Estate Investing

      Bill explains the differences in types of real estate investing and breaks down which are the best for passive income and wealth creation.

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      Two Step Plan For Financial Freedom

      Bill distills the path to financial freedom down to two simple steps and explains what makes real estate different from other assets.

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      Cashflowing Rentals

      This segment highlights key problems often faced by uneducated investors and believing that cash is king.

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      Are You An Investor Or A Speculator

      Our instructor breaks down the attributes of investors and speculators to show students the fundamental differences between the two and illustrate why 99% of people in the business are actually speculators.

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      Four Rules For Investing

      Bill shares his four rules for investing, including what to focus on, when to make your money, and how to make more money and control the deal.

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      Our Investment Retirement Plan

      Learn Bill's model for how to have cash flow for every month of your retirement, regardless of how long you live.

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      Cashflow-Based Life

      This section provides a side-by-side comparison of an asset-based retirement versus a cashflow-based retirement.

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      Why Team Up With Tenants?

      Bill illustrates this win-win scenario with several benefits of teaming up with tenants, from creating more value and helping people to the numerous tax advantages.

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      Who Are Your Tenants

      With anecdotes from his own experience, Bill describes the types of tenants you can expect, including their lifestyle, relationships, employment, and credit profile.

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      Find The Deals Pt. I

      Bill offers a snapshot of what to look for in a property and explains why a three-bedroom house may be more desirable than a four-bedroom house and what to do when tenants turn a home into a laundromat.

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      Find The Deals Pt. II

      Examine the list of what to look for in a property and explains why Bill dislikes dishwashers, disposals, and landscaping.

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      Find The Deals Pt. III

      Bill explains working with vampires, shares his how he was able to motivate the bank to sell a property, and directs students to other courses that show students exactly how to find deals.

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      Find The Deals Pt. IV

      This segment shares more tips on how to find motivated sellers and seller financing.

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      Find The Deals Pt. V

      Bill continues with more information about where to look for deals and shares how coming up with solutions can open doors for investors to find properties.

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      Find The Deals Pt. VI

      Bill wraps up his tips on finding deals, explaining why you should never buy a house for a specific tenant and why some investors may need to do this remotely.

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      Analyzing The Deals Pt. I

      What are the three questions every investor should ask before entering into a deal?

    • 20

      Analyzing The Deals Pt. II

      Bill presents a side-by-side comparison of cash flow for a rental property versus a rent-to-buy property.

    • 21

      Deals And Numbers Pt. I

      Bill breaks down a few deals to show students the massive income potential and explains why he‘s actually had to climb through a window to get into a property he’s purchased.

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      Mobile Homes And Trailer Parks Pt. I

      This segment outlines some of the differences in investing with mobile homes versus stick-built homes, from where the title originates to depreciation and lot rent.

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      Mobile Homes And Trailer Parks Pt. II

      What is the best way to invest in mobile homes? What is the little house phenomenon and what should you expect for future demand?

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      Deals And Numbers Pt. II

      Bill highlights two great investment deals to show students the different possibilities in a mobile home and a small brick house.

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      Deals And Numbers Pt. III

      Learn the best candidates for buying a house and how to use a house to pay for a car.

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      Fund The Deals

      Bill discusses various funding types, including private lending, self-directed IRAs and HSAs, bank loans, commercial lines of credit, recourse versus non-recourse loans, creative acquisition strategies, and more.

    • 27

      Raising Unlimited Funds Pt. I

      Understand this example dialogue to illustrate how best to provide enormous value when approaching investors for funds.

    • 28

      Raising Unlimited Funds Pt. II

      Bill describes how finding one investor quickly leads to finding more investors.

    • 29

      Umaer's Real Estate Story - Intro

      Umaer Haq highlights the importance of a good team and positive mentor as he shares his experience with starting out in real estate.

    • 30

      Umaer's Real Estate Story - Acquisitions Pt. I

      Umaer Haq shares a couple of his real estate deals, then describes what to look for in a tenant and shares the questions to ask prospective tenants.

    • 31

      Umaer's Real Estate Story - Acquisitions Pt. II

      Umaer and Bill note the Renatus courses that have been most valuable to them and share their unconventional strategy for getting offers accepted when there are no or very few comps.

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      Umaer's Real Estate Story - Acquisitions Pt. III

      Umaer shares more of his deals while highlighting the importance of having a good team and choosing a property size and type that’s in demand.

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      Manage The Deals

      Bill outlines his best practices for choosing tenants, from income level and credit score to employment and previous residence.

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      21 Ways To Create Value Pt. I

      From paint and rent freezes to appliances and pets, Bill shares several typical and out-of-the-box ideas for creating value for tenants and driving success.

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      21 Ways To Create Value Pt. II

      Bill adds to his list of ideas for ensuring success by creating incredible value and shares his story of trading a $413 check for a $75,000 check.

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      21 Ways To Create Value Pt. III

      Bill shares why he likes his tenants to talk, offers more suggestions for creating value, and explains the process of garnishing a tenant’s wages.

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      21 Ways To Create Value Pt. IV

      Understand additional value creation methods with a more lucrative rent collection schedule, ways to avoid foreclosure, and why not to replace an old roof.

    • 38

      21 Ways To Create Value Pt. V

      Bill rounds out his list of value creation strategies with additional tips for seller financing, including how to determine P.I.T.I. and why to avoid balloon mortgages.

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      Property Managers

      Learn how to work with property managers, including what to look out for and the steps to take if the relationship goes bad.

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      Managing Tenants

      Bill explains the keys to successfully managing tenants through such critical items as renters insurance, notices and evictions, and properly-documented paper trails.

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      Use The Carrot Not The Stick

      Hear some real-life examples of how to make defaults, penalties, and evictions a profit center, as well as explains how he was able to recoup his costs after putting in a well.

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      Exit The Deals

      While recommending you holding onto properties unless your tenants buy them, Bill breaks down seller financing, 1031 exchanges, capital gains, and more.

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