Tax Liens & Deeds

Make profitable investments that fit your budget and enjoy working from home with this intriguing investment tactic.


Gavin McCaleb

Gavin McCaleb is a real estate investor, trainer, and licensed broker in Idaho. With over 16 years of experience Gavin has participated in hundreds of transactions including single family, multi-family, and commercial. He has developed and taught real estate courses on many subjects ranging from Short Sales, Foreclosures, Tax Sales, Property Management, Lease Option and Subject-To Purchases. He has also been an investment coach for over 14 years; working one-on-one with new investors to help them through their first transactions. 


Lucrative and interesting describes Tax Liens and Deeds. Investments that you can have immense control over and that have a surprisingly low monetary investment threshold are just of couple of reasons why this course is one of our most viewed. Gavin McCaleb discusses the intricacies of municipality financing and the difference between a Tax Lien and a Tax Deed, and which might be the right investment for you. Improve your research proficiency by mastering online research, county resources and auction sites. Investors can literally select what rate of return they would like to receive and start investing with amounts from $100 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and do it all from the comfort of their own home. When you discover how to identify the best investments for your portfolio, then you’ll be able to define your “why” and create your “how” to enjoy all the benefits of success!

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Gavin McCaleb, veteran investor and Renatus Head Coach, is here to lead you into the mysterious world of tax liens and deeds.

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    Pre-Assessment Review

    Gavin discusses the pre-assessment and answers a few questions before jumping into the instruction of the day.

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      Course Objectives And What It Takes To Make It In Tax Liens And Deeds

      Your instructor covers the course objectives and helps you to understand what you will need to know to make it in the tax lien and deeds business.

    • 5

      8 Facts About Tax Foreclosures And Investing

      Gavin shares some facts about tax lien and deed investing, including how tax certificates are recession-proof.

    • 6

      Tax Deeds, Liens, Certificates, Auctions And Other Key Terms

      Terms you need to know, such as tax lien and tax deed, are discussed.

    • 7

      Basics Of What Tax Sales Are And How They Work

      Tax sales are used to recoup property taxes that have gone delinquent.  Gavin explains how the tax sale works and walks you through where the money from them goes.

    • 8

      The Difference Between Tax Liens And Tax Deeds

      Gavin explains that, with a tax lien, you receive a certificate for the amount of taxes owed, while with a tax deed, a deed to the home is issued to you to settle the delinquent taxes.

    • 9

      Tax Lien Pros, Cons, And Strategies

      Some of the pros of tax lien investing, such as starting with very little cash,are discussed.

    • 10

      Tax Deed Pros, Cons, And Strategies

      Tax deed investing can have many pros, such as property ownership.

    • 11

      Tax Lien And Deeds Timeline

      Gavin shares the start-to-finish timeline for tax liens and deeds.

    • 12

      Getting Started In Tax Lien And Deed Investing

      Your instructor provides an overview of what you will need to do before you get started in this investment strategy.

    • 13

      Using Online Resources For Getting Started In Tax Deed And Lien Investing

      You can get started with the tax lien and deed strategies online.  Gavin shows you how.

    • 14

      County Tax Sites For Auctions And Certificate Purchases

      Gavin demonstrates where to find tax lien sales and how to access the information.

    • 15

      Due Diligence For Purchasing Tax Liens & Deeds

      Your instructor discusses what you will need to do to satisfy due dilligence on a tax sale property.

    • 16

      Tax Lien Case Study (Idaho)

      Gavin takes you through a tax lien case study and gives you the opportunity to learn from his experience.

    • 17

      Types Of Online Auctions & Bidding For Tax Liens &Deeds

      There a several types of bidding methods for online auctions.  Gavin discusses some of these and how they work.

    • 18

      Live Auction Bidding Process

      Gavin discusses the exciting process of a live auction.

    • 19

      Online Tax & Deed Auction Websites

      Gavin covers some of the online sites, such as, where you can go for tax lien and deed auctions online.

    • 20

      Funding For Tax Lien & Deed Transactions

      Your instructor discusses funding your deal with sources such as cash, private money, self-directed retirement accounts, and insurance accounts.

    • 21

      Pro Tips For Investing In Tax Liens & Deeds

      Some of the best states for tax lien investing include Florida, Arizona and others.

    • 22

      Post-Assessment Review

      Your instructor covers the post assessment questions to see what you have learned.

    • 23

      Action Steps For Getting Started In Tax Liens And Deeds

      Gavin covers the action steps to get started and issues a challenge to make choices and get going.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

  • 24


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.