Social Selling

Maximize the potential of social media. Use specific methods and tools to increase not only your network, but also your profits.


Rob Sperry

Rob Sperry is a successful author, speaker and network marketer, specializing in facebook. Though an introvert, he has overcome that challenge to become a network marketing coach and international speaker. He shares the key components of his business with the Renatus community and loves spending time with his family.


Rob is going to give you the nuts and bolts, everything from a to z. Even an individual with no knowledge of anything online, of email marketing, of creating your brand, of niches to riches, can create that niche and connect with their audience. Rob goes through social media, which platforms to use, how to best utilize them. He covers everything from ads, to automation, specifically with social selling and outsourcing, to take your business to the next level. If you don't have a ton of resources and you're not sure if you should invest, Rob has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on trial and error to gain this information. This course provides incredible content, compressing that learning curve to bring success much more quickly. It can provide tremendous improvement with any business, increasing social media presence, network, community, and profits.

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    Course Introduction

    Instructor Rob Sperry introduces the audience to the course and how it will help new and seasoned business owners take their business to the next level.

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    Visionary Formula

    Learn why it is so crucial to build a strong vision before moving forward with your business. Rob also explains how our environment and habits shape our decision making.

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      Your Brand

      Rob shares a few ways you can incorporate humor and personality into your brand and how this creates engagement with your business.

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      Your Brand Continued

      The instructor highlights some elements that are essential to building both your business and your brand: your values and passion.

    • 6

      Define Your Key Traits

      Rob discusses how crucial it is to determine your personal key traits and why you should incorporate them into your business branding.

    • 7

      Your Target Audience

      Know how you can determine your target audience by identifying what content they prefer, their family life and gender.

    • 8

      Your Online Presence

      Rob lists some ways you can build your online presence such as maintaining contacts, creating value and utilizing different social media platforms.

    • 9

      Your Online Presence II

      More information about building your online presence and how you can utilize Facebook ads, pixels and retargeting ads.

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      The instructor teaches the audience the best way to receive customer testimonials and some guidelines on what makes a great testimonial for your business.

    • 11

      Follow an Expert and Automation

      Rob explains how to search for experts in your field and how you can begin to follow their lead. Also, he answers an audience question about Facebook Messenger bots and how they work.

    • 12

      Messenger Bots

      Learn more about how Messenger bots work and how you can increase your “opt-in” rate to get more customers inside your content funnel.

    • 13

      Messenger bots continued

      - The instructor explains how Messenger bots can be used on multiple platforms and when you should create multiple bots for different subjects or audiences.

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      Should you hire a professional photographer to take photos for your website? Rob answers this question and shares what level of photo quality you should aim for.

    • 15

      Game of Networking

      The instructor covers the law of likability and how you can utilize it to attract and keep a customer or follower base.

    • 16

      Credibility and Create Your Greatness

      Rob covers the law of credibility and tells a short story about Joshua Bell, a famous musician, and how the law of credibility plays a massive role in your success as a business owner.

    • 17

      The Power of Storytelling

      The instructor covers the importance of having a compelling story for your business in addition to how you can create credibility and use modern leadership techniques to your advantage.

    • 18

      Five Factors to Build Credibility

      Rob shares with the audience how they can build credibility through trust, recallability, networking and other methods.

    • 19

      Becoming Unforgettable and Social Media Musts

      Promote yourself to be unforgettable while creating genuine, personal relationships with clients through messages, phone calls and even physical cards.

    • 20

      Profitability and Stories

      The instructor lists his top tips for creating Live stories, how often you should post, as well as what type of content they should contain.

    • 21

      Fremium and Calls to Action

      This segment highlights one of the most popular selling strategies: the freemium model. Know how it works with these examples of services currently using this model, and understand why it is so effective.

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      Rob stresses that business owners can NOT afford to not outsource. He covers how it is possible to use third-party websites and virtual assistants to spend more time on creating your content, not managing it.

    • 23

      Outsourcing II

      This segment covers how outsourcing works, with Rob’s personal experiences utilizing outsourcing and how it has helped him advance his business.

    • 24

      Other Platforms

      In this clip, Rob touches on each of the major social media websites and how they differ from one another. Rob also discusses how it is possible to write a book in a short amount of time using automation.

    • 25

      Other Platforms II

      Rob spends time discussing book publishing and how he utilizes Facebook Groups to build a community around his products and services.

    • 26

      Question and Answer

      Rob answers audience questions about Facebook Groups as well as what you should offer a customer for free in order to provide more value to them.

    • 27

      Question and Answer II

      Learn how to begin automating your business through email service. Rob also answers a question about KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and what to measure.

    • 28

      Question and Answer III

      More questions for Rob including how to self-audit, SEO, and how pixels work in advertising.

    • 29

      Question and Answer IV

      Rob answers one final question about websites, landing pages and ClickFunnel.

    • 30

      Social Selling Case Study

      Audience members Jake and Lance tell Rob how they are enjoying success with their small business, but want to take it to the next level. Rob addresses a few of their concerns and offers them personalized tips to expand and profit off of their current business.

    • 31

      Social Selling Case Study II

      Rob shares with Jake and Lance how they can begin to profit from a subscription model while still providing high value content to their customers.

    • 32

      Social Selling Case Study III

      The instructor answers some questions Jake and Lance have concerning gathering email addresses and distributing their free content.

    • 33

      Social Selling Case Study IV

      Rob addresses some of Jake and Lance’s concerns which include what content is appropriate to share on Facebook groups and licensing videos.

    • 34

      Social Selling Question and Answer

      Rob tells Lance how he can better promote his books so that they eventually sell themselves rather than Lance promoting them on a regular basis.

    • 35

      Social Selling Question and Answer II

      Learn how to create and run contests. Also, this segment contains some of Rob’s tips for taking notes to help you never run out of content.

    • 36

      Architect or Firefighter

      There are two ways to run your business, proactively like an architect or reactively like a firefighter and one is better than the other.

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    Take this Post-Assessment to determine which topics you may need to review.