Social Media Success

Use social media tools, organize your posts and share quality content to build your brand, expand your network and grow your business.


Rob Sperry

Rob Sperry is a successful author, speaker and network marketer, specializing in facebook. Though an introvert, he has overcome that challenge to become a network marketing coach and international speaker. He shares the key components of his business with the Renatus community and loves spending time with his family.


Multiply your social media influence, expand your networking connections and watch your business thrive with detailed training from Rob Sperry. You have the tools, now learn how to use them to reach farther than you every knew you could. Generate the best first impressions with specific tweaks to your profile, settings and website. Learn how to unclutter your account, organize your posts and share quality content that will pique the interest of your viewers. Rob shares how, when and what to post so that the real you shines through and helps you make the right connections. Use the tools provided by social media platforms to analyze your posts and gain constructive insights about your audience. Know the difference between hard and soft topics and how to create headlines that will work for you, not against you. Master the art of going live on Facebook to build your brand and solidify your niche. Expand your facebook community to increase profits and give people a reason to want more. You can achieve higher levels of financial success using these social media tips to connect with people and leave a lasting, high quality impression.

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    Take this assessment to determine how much you already know and what you will learn.

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    Instructor Intro and Class Expectations

    The instructor, Rob Sperry, introduces himself and gives the audience an understanding of what will be covered in the course.

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    Social Media Formula

    What do you need to create a successful social media profile? This segment covers the basics of how to get started.

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      Three-and-a-Half Laws

      The instructor discusses the three “laws” that are key when establishing yourself online.

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      An IPA is an Income Producing Activity. This clip will show you which social media strategies can be IPAs.

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      The instructor shares with the audience why it is important to have a connection with people as you’re going through this process.

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      First Impressions

      This segment covers why first impressions matter and how they can help you appear more personable to others.

    • 8

      Controlling Content

      You are in control when it comes to people accessing information about you or your business. Rob shares with the audience why that is so important for your brand image.

    • 9

      Instructor Example, Friends, and Groups

      Mr. Sperry shares his own personal examples of how to manage your Facebook profile as well as elements that look good on your own page.

    • 10

      Question and Answer

      The instructor answers audience questions about making the most of various Facebook features

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      The Money is in Messenger

      This clip demonstrates why Facebook Messenger is crucial to growing your online presence.

    • 12

      Organizing and Standing Out to Your Contacts

      How should you organize, manage and reach out to your friends? This segment will cover all you need to know.

    • 13

      When to Create a Business Page and Boost Your Posts

      A business page is much different than a personal one. When should you consider creating one? Rob covers all you need to know.

    • 14

      Behind the Scenes

      The instructor shows the audience tips and tricks “behind the scenes” of a Facebook profile.

    • 15

      Protection and Overcoming Fear

      Rob shares some of his own personal stories about how to overcome fear and trepidation when building your online presence.

    • 16

      Leading Questions

      The instructor demonstrates how leading questions can help steer a conversation in the direction you would like it to go.

    • 17

      Who to Friend, How Many, and Who to Delete

      It is impossible to add everyone as a friend. Therefore, it is important to be able to filter out those that do not have an interest in your business.

    • 18

      Question and Answer

      Rob answers additional audience questions about social media.

    • 19

      Every Post Can be a First Impression

      Any one of your posts may be the first somebody has ever seen of yours. Mr. Sperry shows the audience what it takes to create quality posts.

    • 20

      Grammar, Consistency, Even Spacing, and Quality

      Credibility is key in this business. This clip demonstrates the little things you can do to help boost your credibility.

    • 21

      Finding Your Vision and Your Voice

      Your content may not be for everyone. Mr. Sperry shows how you can find your own style and voice.

    • 22

      Strategies to Connect

      Rob demonstrates to the audience how you can connect with people on a more personal level.

    • 23

      Strategies Continued

      More strategies on how to connect with others in a personable way.

    • 24

      Great Social Media Headlines

      Your headlines are the first thing people see, this segment will show you how to make them stand out.

    • 25

      Social Media Headlines Continued

      More information about how to create great headlines that encourage viewers to click.

    • 26

      Give and Take Interaction and Facebook Live

      The instructor reminds the audience that social media is all about reciprocation.

    • 27

      Facebook Live Pro Tips

      Facebook Live is crucial to utilizing correctly in your business. Mr. Sperry shares some steps you can take to ensure you succeed.

    • 28

      Facebook Live Pro Tips Continued

      More tips and tricks about Facebook Live. Make the most of this amazing tool!

    • 29

      Advanced Techniques

      Rob shares even more advanced strategies that you can use on Facebook Live.

    • 30

      Hashtags and Other Platforms

      The instructor gives his insights on hashtags as well as the pros and cons of other social media platforms.

    • 31

      Question and Answer

      Rob answers various questions from the audience and instructs them how to be the most effective.

    • 32

      Facebook Community for Profit

      The instructor shares his own experience about running a Facebook community for profit.

    • 33

      Community Guidelines

      This segment provides some general rules and guidelines you may wish to incorporate in your own Facebook groups.

    • 34

      Extra Tips

      More applicable tips for using Facebook wisely and additional guidelines for Facebook communities.

    • 35

      Facebook Page Critique

      Rob critiques an audience member’s Facebook page and shares what he would change.

    • 36

      Final Question and Answer

      Mr. Sperry answers some final questions asked by the studio audience.

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      Take this assessment to measure how much you've learned from this course and see if there's anything you need to revisit.

  • 37


    Take this assessment to measure how much you've learned from this course and see if there's anything you need to revisit.