Short Term Rentals Day 3

A deeper look into the short-term rental industry covers how to photograph rentals, funding, software, and the management skills needed.


J Massey

J. began his investing career living as a squatter in a foreclosed house. Once he became educated by Renatus, his investing career took off and he is now widely known for providing the best advice and strategies to other real estate investors. He enjoys solving problems through real estate transactions, closing deals and teaching others what he’s learned through experience. He is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and author of “Cashflow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in ANY Economy.”


J. Massey, the student turned teacher, is back at it again for Short-Term Rentals Day 3. In this course, J. covers what it takes for your short-term rental business to not only survive, but thrive. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This course will show you what it takes to create high quality photographs to make your listing stand out from the crowd. J. also shares information about how to fund your business using a variety of different methods. In addition, you will get a first-hand look into what it takes to manage a short-term rental and the different systems that need to be in place in order to be successful.

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    Find out what you already know and how much you have to learn.

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    Idle Assets and Occupancy

    J. demonstrates how to look for idle assets. The audience also shares some of the insights they have had and what they have learned.

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    Recognize Opportunity and Apply Your Strategy

    This segment includes how to recognize potential properties and how to turn them into an asset in your portfolio.

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      J. demonstrates why having quality photos of your property can make or break your short-term rental business.

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      White Balance and Feature Photos

      More in-depth information about what qualities you should aim for in your photographs.

    • 6

      Photos Question and Answer

      J. answers various photography questions asked by live studio audience members.

    • 7

      Industry Standard Presentation

      The instructor pulls up real property listings, critiques their photo presentation and discusses what should be improved upon.

    • 8

      Design and Aesthetics

      J. discusses design and aesthetic elements featured in real property listings.

    • 9

      Entry, Exit, and Seasonal Change

      This segment demonstrates the importance of consistency in your listings as well as how to list your property during seasonal changes.

    • 10

      Cohesive Photo Flow

      J. walks the audience through the steps that need to be taken in order to have a seamless photo flow that tells the “story” of what it is like in that property.

    • 11

      Color, Function, and Photo Rights

      J. shows what photography elements can be improved upon from a real listing provided by an audience member.

    • 12

      Title and Description

      What should you name your listing? This segment provides some helpful tips when creating the title and description for your unit.

    • 13

      House Rules

      .J shares with the audience some recommended guidelines present in his house rules for each of his properties.

    • 14

      Descriptors, Calendar, and Pricing

      This segment includes in-depth information about writing descriptions for your properties. Also, J. demonstrates why it is important to price some days differently from others.

    • 15

      3D video Capture, Links, and Platform

      A look into 3D video capturing for you units, in addition to questions asked by the audience about external links and other platforms.

    • 16

      Design Theme, Accent, and The Color Red

      J. discusses why he is so fond of certain design themes as well as the color red.

    • 17

      Marketplace Listing Sites

      This segment highlights additional marketplaces used by specific demographics.

    • 18

      Formula for Improvement

      J. shows the audience how you can take what you learned and expand it to even more ideas that could better serve your customer.

    • 19

      Communication and Setting Expectation

      This segment highlights the importance of clear communication as well as setting and meeting your customer’s expectations.

    • 20

      Short Lists and Search Ranking

      J. illustrates how the search rankings work on platforms such as Airbnb.

    • 21

      What Have You Gained?

      The audience shares what information and experience they have gained from being in this industry and through participating through the course so far.

    • 22

      What Have You Learned?

      More audience insights about what they have learned during this course.

    • 23

      Definitions, Terms, and Optimization

      J shows the audience what to look for when screening guests. Also, what you should do if a potential guest approaches you wanting a discount.

    • 24

      Verify Default Data and Expectations

      The segment includes information about how to fill out data fields on marketplace websites in order to be sure they are accurate.

    • 25

      Security and Exposure

      Additional information about required data fields that you will be expected to fill out as a short-term rental operator.

    • 26

      Arrival and Timing

      J. shows how he manages his own arrival and departure times and dates on his properties.

    • 27

      Synchronizing and Pricing

      This segment is a look into why it is important to adjust your pricing and discounts appropriately.

    • 28

      Recap and Clarifications

      J. clarifies some topics discussed previously and continues to build his mock-up rental listing.

    • 29

      Cleaning and Security Deposit

      The instructor highlights some alternative methods in place of a traditional security deposit.

    • 30

      Damage and Additional Standard Fees

      J. shares with the audience how they can incorporate additional fees by offering extra services and amenities.

    • 31

      Effective Communication

      Mr. Massey shares some quotes that relate to the hospitality industry as well as the importance of meeting a guest’s expectations.

    • 32

      Effective Communication II

      A personal story about how the instructor resolved a conflict with a guest through effective communication.

    • 33

      Customer Service

      The audience receives a customer service exercise where they are tasked to find an appropriate response to each scenario.

    • 34

      Customer Service Scenarios continued

      More audience scenario responses about successfully handling specific situations.

    • 35


      How can you fund your short term rental operation? Mr. Massey explains how it is possible using a variety of funding methods.

    • 36

      Funding Question and Answer

      J. answers some questions from the audience about funding your business.

    • 37

      Funding Question and Answer II

      More questions and answers about funding your short-term rental operation.

    • 38

      Managing Your Messaging

      It is important to respond quickly to customer inquiries. The instructor shows the audience a way to automate most of your messaging to customers.

    • 39

      Review Responses

      Mr. Massey gives a live demonstration of how he responds to both positive and negative reviews.

    • 40

      The Daily Flow

      J. demonstrates what a typical day looks like for him and what it takes on his end to manage his properties.

    • 41

      The Daily Flow Question and Answer

      J. answers a few questions from the audience about his daily routine.

    • 42

      Customer Service Scenario Continued and Final Thoughts

      The last customer service scenario is answered and explained. Also, J drives home what it means to be in this business.

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      See how much you have learned from this course.

  • 43


    See how much you have learned from this course.