Short Term Rentals Day 1

Short-Term Rentals are a hot real estate trend. Learn how to secure and manage a property for your ideal customer and grow your portfolio.


J Massey

J. began his investing career living as a squatter in a foreclosed house. Once he became educated by Renatus, his investing career took off and he is now widely known for providing the best advice and strategies to other real estate investors. He enjoys solving problems through real estate transactions, closing deals and teaching others what he’s learned through experience. He is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and author of “Cashflow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in ANY Economy.”


Short-Term Rentals are a hot new trend in the real estate world. In fact, many people have stayed in a short-term rental property without even realizing it. J Massey, a former student-turned-teacher, was hooked on this business when he saw how much additional income he could create just from owning several properties in key locations. J shares with the audience what it takes to start your short-term rental business and several core strategies and practices that have led him to success. This course will cover a wide variety of topics such as dealing with service animals, how to attract your ideal customer, what it costs to furnish these properties, and why the instructor absolutely despises the term “Airbnb business”. J’s enthusiasm and dedication for this business is brought to center stage, where he not only engages the audience, but also shares his own first-hand perspectives. J shares many of his personal experiences and stories, from his humorous tales about toilet paper usage, to the steps required when negotiating with landlords and setting up a deals favorable to both parties. This course is a great stepping stone for anyone wishing to take a deeper look into the lucrative short-term rental market.

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    Instructor Introduction

    J Massey is a student-turned-teacher committed to educating Renatus students about the varied possibilities and money-making strategies of short-term rentals.

  • 3

    Course Expectations and Requests

    J Massey receives requests from studio audience members on what they would wish to see included in the course.

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      Course expectations and Questions Continued

      More studio audience requests from members who were concerned about homeowner associations, managing large properties, as well as a few other topics.

    • 5

      Topics Terms and Definitions

      J provides definitions for important terms used in the course as well as a preview of what is to come in following segments, including pricing, cleaning and pest control.

    • 6

      Instructor Story and Background

      J speaks about his background and introduces some additional concepts involved in short-term rentals.

    • 7

      Instructor Background

      J shares his own personal story along with the twists and turns in his life that eventually got him involved with short-term rentals.

    • 8

      Instructor Background Continued

      Our instructor brings his wife on stage where she shares her personal journey and valuable insights on what it is when a significant other steps into the real estate world.

    • 9

      Synergy in Partnerships

      An in-depth look into how doing business with a significant other can build synergy in your marriage while helping your business thrive.

    • 10

      Team Building Skills

      J highlights how creating a team with diverse skill sets can help your business succeed.

    • 11

      Solving Landlord Problems

      What is it like being a landlord to one of these properties? J dives into the details of what it takes to own and manage a short-term rental property.

    • 12

      Solving Entrepreneur Problems

      What about the money? Mr. Massey teaches how it is possible to consistently make money in this business as an entrepreneur by demonstrating how short-term rentals are an in-demand service.

    • 13

      Solving Tenant Problems

      Why are short-term rentals different from a hotel when it comes to accommodating your guests? This segment takes a deep look into how rentals can be more accommodating towards the tenant’s personal concerns.

    • 14

      Jevan's Paradox

      This segment examines why something known as Jevan’s Paradox is key to understanding why short-term rentals are so successful.

    • 15

      Rent Vs. Own

      J does the math and breaks down the costs and net income associated with both renting and buying your properties.

    • 16

      Rent Vs. Own II

      Sometimes simply controlling, not owning, the property is more than enough to get started in this business. The instructor breaks down the numbers and demonstrates how that is possible.

    • 17

      Rent Vs. Own III

      This segment is another inside look into renting vs. owning your rental properties.

    • 18

      McDonald's Has Proven It Works

      J shows how the McDonald’s model works - controlling the best pieces of real estate while building entrepreneurship experience in its owners.

    • 19

      Question and Topic Proposal

      It is not always about the location! J proves that your rental can also be successful in small towns and areas that you would never expect.

    • 20

      Follow The Math

      Does the math make sense for you? This segment is about how to do the math and determine if this business is for you.

    • 21

      Exit Strategies and Traditional Mortgage

      Short-term rentals can be an excellent strategy for getting out of an existing mortgage. Mr. Massey shows the audience how it is done.

    • 22

      The Scary Side of Short Term Rentals

      The instructor talks about one of his communication blunders and how to avoid them.

    • 23

      The Scary Side of Short Term Rentals II

      J shares some personal insight about an emergency at one of his properties and how he handled it.

    • 24

      The Scary Side of Short Term Rentals III

      Reviews are everything in this business. What happens if you think a customer might leave a negative review? J shows the audience how to make the most of a bad situation.

    • 25

      The Scary Side of Short Term Rentals IV

      J and his wife Poppy share more personal stories about sticky situations that they have faced first-hand.

    • 26

      The Scary Side of Short Term Rentals V

      This segment covers how to avoid hosting some unwanted types of customers and what to look for.

    • 27

      The Scary Side of Short Term Rentals VI

      More insights from J about what he has done when faced with less-than-pleasant circumstances at his properties.

    • 28

      Abandoned Items , Theft, and Support Animals

      The instructor shares with the audience how to deal with theft, lost or abandoned items and what precautions to take when hosting a service animal.

    • 29

      Running Rackets and Overreacting

      J shares with the audience what you should do if you think a tenant is attempting to scam you to get a free stay in one of your properties.

    • 30

      Responding Promptly and Recap

      Short response times are critical in this industry. This segment highlights certain strategies that can help reduce your response time.

    • 31

      Disabling Equipment and The Less Than One Percent

      J explains the importance of having monitoring equipment in all of your units.

    • 32

      You're Building a Brand and Finding a Location

      In order to build your business, you must first decide what type of business you would like to be. J shares with the audience how to determine what type of business model is right for you.

    • 33

      Search for Your Ordnance- Question and Answer

      J shows the audience how to find information on local ordinances for their area.

    • 34

      This Process is Not New But the Ordinances Are

      In this segment, Mr. Massey explains why sometimes ordinances are a good thing for your business.

    • 35

      Searching for Ordinances Continued

      This segment dives into some regulations and licenses that may be in place for short-term rental locations.

    • 36

      Highlight Areas The Customer Wants

      J demonstrates how to place your properties so you get exactly the right type of customer you’re looking for.

    • 37

      Locations and Occupancy

      This segments highlights certain aspects that may factor into a different occupancy rate than expected as well as how to cater to different customer types.

    • 38

      Talking to the Landlord

      J provides a short overview of things to say to a potential landlord that will lead to a “yes” from them.

    • 39

      Talking to the Landlord Continued

      This segment includes additional responses to common landlord questions about your short-term rental business.

    • 40

      Walking the Property

      J shows the audience why certain floor plans are more desirable than others for your rentals.

    • 41

      Qualify the Landlord and Ask for the Sale

      The instructor provides a list of criteria you should follow when qualifying a landlord for one of your properties. In addition, the studio audience asks some general questions about rental units.

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      See how much you've learned from this course.

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    See how much you've learned from this course.