Selling Through The Screen

Dino Watt is a certified body language expert and has refined an online sales process that will magnify your screen presence!


Dino Watt

Dino is an award-winning mentor, trainer, and coach in the business relationship arena. He is also an international best-selling author, a motivational speaker, and a successful entrepreneur, with a history in real estate investing.


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    Selling Through The Screen Pre-Assessment

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    Instructor Introduction

    Instructor Dino Watt shares his unique experience with using online platforms to interact with clients for years as he explains Selling Through The Screen.

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    Closing Business Virtually

    Dino shares a few ways businesses have used online platforms like Zoom to expand their business offerings or continue conducting business when it’s not possible to do so in-person.

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      The Importance Of Guidelines

      Using a children’s park as an example, Dino explains how guidelines can actually provide more freedom for businesses.

    • 5

      Three Helpful Guidelines

      Dino shares his three guidelines for success and explains each with relatable examples.

    • 6

      Grow Your Comfort Zone

      Dino explains how your success relates to your comfort zone and asks students to consider their own goals for using virtual to grow business.

    • 7

      How Can You Use Virtual To Grow Your Business? Pt I

      Students share their ideas for growing their businesses virtually and receive feedback and advice from Dino.

    • 8

      How Can You Use Virtual To Grow Your Business? Pt II

      Students continue to share their ideas for using virtual to grow their own businesses and Dino shares his own unique virtual introduction.

    • 9

      How Can You Use Virtual To Grow Your Business? Pt III

      Students share a few final ideas for growing their businesses using virtual and Dino points out an important key to remember when sharing stories about past experiences.

    • 10

      Challenge Number 1 - Go Live And Introduce Yourself

      Dino challenges students in the live class and at home to create a Facebook Live video introduction.

    • 11

      Creating Loyalty

      After students share their own ideas, Dino explains how to create loyalty according to research presented in a book called “The Challenger Sale” and provides real-world examples.

    • 12

      Teach - Tailor And Take Control

      Dino provides examples of scripts to illustrate each step of this sales process and teaches students how to get into the heads of their clients.

    • 13

      Questions Your Prospects Are Asking, Pt I

      Students share the questions they think their prospects are asking and Dino explains which prospects are worth talking to based on the questions they’re asking.

    • 14

      Questions Your Prospects Are Asking, Pt II

      Dino explains how to fish for prospects, including who to hook and who to pass by.

    • 15

      Answer The Question Before They Ask

      Dino explains the difference between the sexy factor and the conversion factor.

    • 16

      Rules For Why People Say No

      Dino offers three reasons people don’t move forward and a way to find out which reason is at play.

    • 17

      Exercise - Practicing The Trust Script

      Students are challenged to get comfortable asking prospects why they are hesitating.

    • 18

      Trust Script Roleplay

      Dino gets help practicing the trust script from a student in the live class and shares why he never disagrees with anyone.

    • 19

      Know, Like And Trust, Pt I

      Dino shares a compelling personal story to illustrate what gets people to buy.

    • 20

      Know, Like And Trust, Pt II

      Dino explains the unique method for showing trust that he adopted from Robert Cialdini.

    • 21

      3 Tools You Need To Use More

      Students learn how to use Dino’s three key tools to transform their sales process.

    • 22

      Challenge Number 2 - Craft Your Story

      Dino provides guidelines for crafting your story and asks students to develop a story based upon the questions their prospects are asking.

    • 23

      Practice Telling Your Story

      Three students in the live class share their stories and receive feedback from Dino.

    • 24

      Body Language and How To Use It On The Screen, Pt I

      Dino explains his methods of studying body language for his clients and the three keys that every person wants.

    • 25

      Body Language and How To Use It On The Screen, Pt II

      Dino encourages students to tame the emotion by naming the emotion.

    • 26

      Remove Judgements

      Dino shares examples to ensure students understand the first rule of body language and also explains which body parts are most crucial to use appropriately.

    • 27

      Ask A Better Question, Pt I

      Dino uses role play to show students how to move beyond surface conversations.

    • 28

      Ask A Better Question, Pt II

      Dino shares the reason he records every presentation he does and challenges students to use body language to improve the way they ask questions.

    • 29

      Video Example 1

      Dino shows students what to look for in a recorded video role play between himself and the parent of a teenager who is getting braces.

    • 30

      Soothing And Exhaustion

      Dino explains how to spot soothing gestures and what it means when a prospect is using soothing gestures or showing exhaustion.

    • 31

      Hands And Eyes

      Dino explains why you should use your hands more during conversation and what it could mean when a person looks away.

    • 32

      Video Example 2 - Creating Trust

      Dino shares a video call which exemplifies some key body language to look for, as well as how to handle the situations when it is used.

    • 33

      Bonus Eyes

      Dino explains what it really means when a person rolls their eyes, as well as the best way to deal with it.

    • 34


      Dino breaks down how a person’s mouth may say a lot without ever using words.

    • 35

      Video Example 3 - Create A Connection

      Dino points out his own body language in a sales conversation with J. Stark, Renatus’ Vice President of Operations.

    • 36

      Posture - Reverse Engineering Your Brain

      Dino explains how a two-minute change in posture can transform your confidence.

    • 37

      The Right Equipment And Software

      In this quick rundown of the technical side of using platforms like Zoom, Dino shares his advice for looking better with the right camera, microphone, lighting and background.

    • 38

      Words That Sell and Words That Tell

      Dino shows you how to improve your sales technique by incorporating these power words and radar words and phrases.

    • 39

      Wiggle Words

      Dino shares a word that can be more persuasive than money as he encourages students to make fewer accusations and ask more questions.

    • 40

      The Tone Of Your Voice

      Dino uses a famous example to show the importance of having a proper tone of voice.

    • 41

      Say This Not That

      Dino provides a list of words to remove from your vocabulary, along with suggestions for what to say instead.

    • 42

      Future Pacing Questions

      Dino shares the value of using future pacing questions with clients and reveals how far into the future to inquire about to get the best results.

    • 43

      Closing - Naming The Price

      Dino explains the two schools of thought on naming the price and shares a video role play of selling the Renatus education.

    • 44

      Closing - Have Them Close For You

      Learn how you can get your clients to sell themselves through another video role play with Renatus’ own J. Stark.

    • 45

      Types of Objections

      Dino reveals the only five objections you’re ever going to get.

    • 46

      Sales Killers

      Dino outlines several common sales killers and provides better ways to communicate these topics.

    • 47

      The Only Way To Get Better

      Dino wraps up the course with words of encouragement and advice on how to avoid the stupid tax.

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      Selling Through The Screen Post-Assessment

  • 48

    Selling Through The Screen Post-Assessment