Advanced Note Strategies

This third day of Seller Financed Notes covers insider information including investor types, note servicing, pricing, and due diligence.


Jeffrey Armstrong

Jeff is a recognized and requested speaker on seller-financed notes, marketing, motivation and inspiration at industry conventions, conferences and events nationwide. His enthusiastic and encouraging style as well as his step by step approach has made him top rated in the industry and one of the most sought after note professionals in the country. With Jeff’s knowledge and experience, he is able to assist note holders in obtaining the best options available to them.


Jeff Armstrong takes the stage once more in his third Seller Financed Notes course. As one of the most accomplished seller financed note investors in the country, Jeff shares insider information with you. This course will cover different investing strategies, note servicing, good vs. bad notes, fluctuations in the note industry, note pools and portfolios, and most importantly, how to perform your due diligence before purchasing a note. Jeff walks through step-by-step all an investor needs to know in order to determine what to offer for a note, as well as how to tell if a note is the right fit for your investing type. After viewing this three-part course, enter into the seller financed note industry with confidence, knowing you have learned from one of the best.

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    Instructor Intro and Class Expectations

    Instructor Jeff Armstrong reintroduces himself for Seller Financed Notes Day 3. He also tells the class what to expect to learn during this course.

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    The Reality of the Note Business

    Jeff tells the audience why this industry is all about the numbers, not emotion.

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      Calculation and Note Servicing

      An in-depth look into what it takes to service a note and how to calculate different aspects of a note.

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      Golden Rules of Investing and Volatility

      The instructor explains what volatility is and how it can affect seller financed notes.

    • 6

      Value Based Investing vs Speculation

      This segment breaks down the differences between a value based investor and a speculative investor.

    • 7

      Fluctuations and Preparedness

      An overview of market fluctuations and how you can prepare and protect yourself if something goes sideways.

    • 8

      Questions and Answers

      The instructor answers some questions asked by the studio audience.

    • 9

      Questions and Answers Continued

      More audience questions are answered by our instructor.

    • 10

      Three Types of Notes

      A look into the three types of notes: conventional notes, private mortgage notes and seller financed notes.

    • 11

      Good or Bad Notes and Note Price Considerations

      Jeff breaks down what a “good” note and a “bad” note consist of, and how it is different for each investor.

    • 12

      Additional Note Price Considerations-

      Additional information on note pricing.

    • 13

      Performing SFN Pricing

      The instructor breaks down pricing for performing seller financed notes.

    • 14

      Performing SFN Pricing Continued and Performance Status

      More information on performing seller financed note pricing and the different types of performing statuses for notes.

    • 15

      Buyer Beware and Trust but Verify

      This segment is a look into why it important to verify note information before purchasing it.

    • 16

      Trust but Verify II

      A continuation of why verifying note information is important and how to begin the process.

    • 17

      Trust but Verify III

      A deeper look into verifying note information and how to look for red flags when purchasing a note.

    • 18

      Note Pricing Example

      The instructor shows the studio audience a real example of a note and breaks down each aspect of the pricing.

    • 19

      Non-Performing Notes

      Jeff tells the audience what factors create a non-performing note and why you should think twice before purchasing one.

    • 20

      Non-Performing Notes Continued

      More information about non-performing notes and how to make the best choice for your situation.

    • 21

      Questions and Answers

      Jeff answers some questions from the studio audience about non-performing notes.

    • 22

      What to Offer on a Non-Performing Note

      An overview and breakdown of an offer on a real non-performing note.

    • 23

      Questions and Answers

      Jeff addresses questions from the audience about non-performing notes.

    • 24

      Pools, Tapes, Portfolios, and Packages

      Mr. Armstrong warns the audience about how a note package may appear to be a good deal on the surface, but can be a bad deal in reality.

    • 25

      WAC and WAM

      This segment highlights a WAC, Weighted Average Income and a WAM, Weighted Average Maturity and how they can affect your notes.

    • 26

      Package Example Continued

      Jeff continues to break down a real example of a note package and analyzes it with the studio audience.

    • 27

      Recap and Pricing Example

      A quick recap of pools, portfolios, packages and online note boards and why you should be hesitant to invest into them.

    • 28

      More Thoughts on Note Listing Sites and Calculation Example

      The instructor reminds the audience to do the math and due diligence before purchasing a note.

    • 29

      Final Questions and Answers and Wrap-Up

      Some final questions from the audience, in addition to an overview of what information was covered in the course.

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      Take this Post-Assessment to see how much you've learned and which topics you need to review.

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    Take this Post-Assessment to see how much you've learned and which topics you need to review.