Short Term Rentals Day 2

J teaches what items and services are needed in the short-term rental industry and how to secure your desired property.


J Massey

J. began his investing career living as a squatter in a foreclosed house. Once he became educated by Renatus, his investing career took off and he is now widely known for providing the best advice and strategies to other real estate investors. He enjoys solving problems through real estate transactions, closing deals and teaching others what he’s learned through experience. He is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and author of “Cashflow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in ANY Economy.”


When was the last time you ever thought about the type of coat hanger you use? J Massey takes the stage again in Short Term Rentals Day 2 and shares with the audience in detail what it means to be a successful short-term rental manager, and yes, even down to something as small as what coat hangers to use. J covers how to secure properties and make yourself appealing to landlords, what types of security systems to use, as well as what essential items can help you appeal to your ideal customer and stand out in the marketplace. J’s humorous stories and personal examples liven up the world of short-term real estate, where it is possible to be thoroughly entertained while learning priceless information that would be difficult to find anywhere else.

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    Find out what you already know and what you still have to learn.

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    Revelations and Recap

    This is the beginning of Day 2 of Short Term Rentals with J Massey. The audience shares with J some of their own personal revelations they have had about this industry.

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    Revelations and Recap II

    More audience revelations, including personal ones shared by the instructor.

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      Short Term Rentals That May Surprise You

      J demonstrates that nearly any property is eligible to be a short term rental, even including some unconventional properties.

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      Pop Quiz Time

      The instructor invites some audience members to the stage for a “pop quiz” on how to speak to landlords.

    • 6

      Group Work Session and Rent Vs. Own

      More audience members practice securing property deals on stage. Also, J examines whether it would be worth it to rent VS. own your properties.

    • 7

      Rent Vs. Own

      This segment provides another in-depth comparison of renting VS. owning properties.

    • 8

      Acquiring Units Question and Answer

      J covers what you can offer to a landlord to acquire units and create great deals.

    • 9

      Renting Vs. Buying Units

      This segment highlights renting and purchasing strategies that are able to be utilized in this industry. J also covers what you should discuss with the landlord if they want a percentage of your profits.

    • 10

      Renting Vs. Buying example

      More examples of renting VS. buying units depending on who you are serving.

    • 11

      Why Landlords Want You

      J shares with the audience why a landlord would want someone like you to use their property.

    • 12

      What You Need to Establish a Lease

      You’ve negotiated with the landlord and they are willing to lease to you. What comes next? This segment covers everything you need to know about what you will need for a lease deal.

    • 13

      What You Need II

      This segment includes more valuable knowledge about what is needed to set up a successful and stress-free lease.

    • 14

      What You Need III

      J highlights the importance of properly insuring and protecting your properties.

    • 15

      Lease Details

      What are the most important things to keep in mind during your lease? This segment illustrates the importance of knowing your lease dates, business hours of property services and more.

    • 16

      While You Wait for Approval

      What do you once you’ve filled out your application? Wait? No! J demonstrates the actions you should be taking before you begin to set up your unit.

    • 17

      While You Wait For Approval II

      This segment highlights how you can better cater to the person you are trying to serve by preparing your property accordingly.

    • 18

      What You Do Vs. How You Acquire

      How do you initially get started in this industry? J shows the audience what it takes to begin.

    • 19

      Unconventional Spaces and Co-Hosts

      J shows how to tackle this business by yourself, even without a co-host.

    • 20

      Moving In

      This segment shows the importance and what it means to keep your customer in mind as you are initially setting up your property.

    • 21

      Ask Filtering Questions for Your Customer

      What questions can you ask yourself to better understand your customer’s specific needs? J shares some examples of certain customer types and what they might prefer to see in your unit.

    • 22

      Equipment, Installation, and Design

      An in-depth view of what is needed to set up your unit, including utilities and Internet access.

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      J share some insights with the audience on how to properly set up your utilities so that they remain hassle-free.

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      There are some things in your kitchen that you may not think twice about using. The instructor reminds the audience to include specific items that are often overlooked.

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      Paying for TV service in every property you manage can get expensive. J shows the audience a TV service alternative that is inexpensive and easy to use.

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      Noise Monitoring and Security

      Not all security systems are created equal. Some are cumbersome and difficult to use compared to others on the market. J shares what security service he recommends.

    • 27

      Noise Monitoring and Security Continued

      An even deeper look into security systems and how they are absolutely mandatory in the short term rental business.

    • 28

      Security and Emergency

      J shares with the audience why security systems are needed in all of your units.

    • 29

      Security Question and Answer

      The instructor answers some audience questions about security systems.

    • 30

      Living Room

      J and his wife Poppy discuss some items that you might want to put in your living room for the convenience of your guests.

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      Depending on your customer, there are certain items you may want to include in your bedroom as well. This segment covers what size bed you will want, as well as other amenities that are convenient for your guests.

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      Convertibles, Dining, and Bathroom

      This segment covers convertible furniture, as well as what you should have in your dining room and bathroom.

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      Closets and Patio

      J highlights what should be in each one of your closets. In addition, he discusses how to make your patio an asset to your property.

    • 34

      Parking, Amenities, and Testing Your Unit

      The instructor tells the audience the best way to handle parking on your property. Also, he stresses the importance of testing your unit before going live with your listing.

    • 35

      Storage and Supplies

      What are some things you should keep on hand for your guests? This segment covers all you need to know about what items are commonly needed or replaced.

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      See how much you have learned from this course.

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    See how much you have learned from this course.