Seller Financed Notes Day 1

Learn the secret to generating income through a property, without owning it, employing this surprisingly successful strategy.


Jeffrey Armstrong

Jeff is a recognized and requested speaker on seller-financed notes, marketing, motivation and inspiration at industry conventions, conferences and events nationwide. His enthusiastic and encouraging style as well as his step by step approach has made him top rated in the industry and one of the most sought after note professionals in the country. With Jeff’s knowledge and experience, he is able to assist note holders in obtaining the best options available to them.


"What is a seller-financed note? This 2-Day course immerses investors in the unique and highly profitable market of buying, selling and brokering private notes. Learn how to diversify your investment portfolio and generate substantial passive income, while avoiding many of the headaches and pressures of investment property ownership. Securing your investment property, Jeff Armstrong takes you step by step through the process of creating a Seller-Financed Notes Business. Go in-depth on lead generation and management, talk details about how to calculate each note’s potential return on investment, and how to determine if you should portfolio the potential loan or broker it. Let Jeff walk you through his 7-step process and teach you the advantages and disadvantages to note terms and pricing options. One of the largest note buyers in the country, Jeff Armstrong shares his insider secrets about building a successful note business and teaches the entire seller-financed note process, from start to lucrative finish.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Introduction and Class Expectations

    Jeff Armstrong has been a full time note broker and investor since 1991 and has closed over 2000 note transactions.  He is also an author, speaker, and instructor in the industry as well as a Master Buyer/Broker.  He is here to share all of his expertise and teach you how to invest in notes.

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    Today's Market

    The note business is gaining momentum and more notes are being created than ever before.

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      The Basics

      Getting started in seller-financed notes is simple - all you really need is a phone, a computer, and some knowledge.

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      The Basics Continued

      Jeff goes over a couple of examples of what you can expect in note investing.

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      Pros and Cons

      One of the advantages of seller financing is that it can help to sell difficult properties.  Jeff discusses other pros and cons.

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      Note Business Myths

      Jeff offers some myth busting and helps you to understand the business a little better.

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      Step 1- Marketing Methods

      The first step to start working in notes is to locate note holders.  Jeff helps you learn how to begin marketing for note holders.

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      Marketing Methods- Direct Mail

      Jeff discusses the pros and cons of direct mail marketing.

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      Marketing Methods- Ads and Signs

      Jeff discusses the benefits and drawbacks of ads and signage.

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      Marketing Methods- Networking and Referrals

      Jeff discusses the ins and outs of networking and referrals.

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      Breakout Session- Marketing Plan and Tactics

      Your instructor walks you through a questionnaire and challenges you to create a marketing plan.

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      Like any other business, the note business takes work.  Manage your expectations accordingly.

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      Jeff takes us through his history and explains where his inspiration came from.

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      Background Continued

      More of Jeff's back story.

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      Step 2- Compile Information

      Step #2 is to compile information on your deal.  Jeff shares a form that he uses to organize data.

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      Breakout Session- Compile Information

      Jeff asks you to compile the property information form and answers questions.

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      Step 3- Verify Information

      Step #3 is verifying the information. Jeff walks you through loan to value and other financial verifications.

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      Calculator Basics

      Jeff walks you through calculating payments, loan to value and other important numbers.

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      Practice Examples

      Jeff provides some examples of note deals and walks you through calculations.

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      Practice Examples Continued

      Jeff continues his examples of note deals and calculations.

    • 22

      Real Deals

      Jeff shows information on a deal he actually completed.

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      Real Deals 2

      Jeff shows information on another deal he completed.

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      Real Deals 3

      Jeff shows information on a deal he completed, solidifying the process for the audience.

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      What have we Covered

      Your instructor gives and overview of what has been covered and what is to come.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.