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Transform your mindset, your finances and your future through the informed creation and application of a Self-Directed IRA.


Mat Sorensen

Mat has been at the forefront of the Self-Directed IRA industry for over a decade. He’s CEO of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company, a partner at KKOS Lawyers, a national speaker, top ranked podcast host, best-selling author of The Self-Directed IRA Handbook (over 25,000 copies sold), and a real estate investor. He has been cited, referenced, or quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Guardian, Yahoo Finance, and Entrepreneur.


Do you have a retirement account, or know someone who does? This crucial Essentials course helps learners maximize their access to potential investments by taking advantage of the seemingly limitless amount of investment funds available through retirement accounts. But you need to be aware of the specific preparation and planning necessary to access the funds the legally and ethically. Attorney and Author, Matt Sorensen, goes step by step through the process of how investors can convert their own retirement accounts to self-direct and invest in real estate! Multiple types of retirement plans are covered in the course, as well rules and policies; do and don’ts that all investors should know when dealing with retirement funds. Learn the difference between what you hear from people on the street and what investors can really do with retirement funds. Know how to address the various legal concerns and where to turn for professional assistance when needed. A vigorous discussion of various retirement plan products rounds out a day full of case studies and lively discussion. Discover the true potential of self-directing your retirement plans and be prepared to start working to secure that luxurious future!

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    Instructor Introduction

    Bob Snyder introduces the class instructor, Mat Sorensen. Mat has been a lawyer since 2006 and also is a financial planner where he helps clients set up their self-directed IRA and 401(k). Mat is also the author of the Self Directed IRA Handbook, which is used by many other firms in the industry as a reference and to train employees.

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    Course Expectations

    Mat tells the audience what they should expect to learn from this course about self directed IRAs. In addition, there are over $30 trillion in IRA funds for you to utilize when funding a real estate project or investment.

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      Invest in What You Know

      The instructor shares some examples of well-known investors who invested their IRA into the business that they knew and later became tremendously successful through these management and investment strategies.

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      Mega IRAs

      Mat defines a mega IRA, explains why mega IRAs are so common and how they are usually controlled and managed.

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      Account Types

      The instructor compares the two main account types: traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. He explains why one might be beneficial now for tax savings, and why the other has tax advantages in the future.

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      Real Estate Investing Process and SDRP

      The instructor highlights some of the uses for a self-directed IRA. These include owning rental property, or becoming a private money lender for other types of transactions.

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      SDRP II

      Mat shares a personal story and explains that in order to buy real estate, they must make sure that their IRA is self-directed, rather than it being controlled by a large IRA custodian company.

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      Getting to Self-Directed

      This segment covers a few of the issues students might run into when transferring their employer IRA into a self-directed IRA and how to work around them.

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      Account Transfer Options

      Learn the various way that your money can be transferred into a self-directed IRA and what investments you cannot purchase with an IRA.

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      Prohibited Transactions

      Mat takes a deep dive into the prohibited transaction rule and what types of deals and individuals your IRA cannot associate with.

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      Prohibited Transactions II

      This segment provides additional information about prohibited transactions for your IRA, as well as one type of transaction that seems like a prohibited transaction, but really isn’t.

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      Mat will show students how to use their IRA to get loans to purchase real estate or other types of investments. Also, he discusses UDFI tax, and why students should be mindful of it when investing with their IRA.

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      Prohibited Transactions III

      This clip highlights some other types of prohibited transactions that have more complex their rules and regulations. These include: step transactions and self-dealing transactions.

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      Question, Answer, and Statute of Limitations

      Mat answers some questions from the audience concerning how an annuity might work with an IRA and the different levels of tax brackets. He also covers the statute of limitations surrounding past prohibited transactions.

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      Unrelated Business Income Tax

      This segment is all about unrelated business income tax, or UBIT tax. Mat will describe what it is, the rates associated with this tax, and how it is possible to avoid it as a real estate investor.

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      IRA LLC

      Mat shows the class why an IRA LLC might be more advantageous for those who wish to do deals with their IRA. However, he warns the class that, like any other self-directed LLC, there are certain rules and regulations that you must follow.

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      IRA LLC II

      The multi-member LLC will allow you to invest with what otherwise would be disqualified persons and pool money together into one large, multi-member IRA LLC to make even greater investments.

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      Mat highlights additional points answers a few questions from the audience, including one question about transferring funds into an IRA under the CARES Act.

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      Solo 401K Plans

      The instructor covers the solo 401(k), which is beneficial to business owners who do not have any other employees. Mat explains how they can help you save money on taxes and why they are so unique.

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      Solo 401K Plans II

      This segment expands on the solo 401(k) and how it works, and discusses some drawbacks that investors should consider before using a solo 401(k).

    • 22

      Question and Answer

      Mat answers questions concerning lawsuits and your 401(k) assets, S-corps owning rental property, and additional questions about opening a solo 401(k).

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      Solo 401K Vs IRA

      Mat compares both the solo 401(k) and the IRA. He outlines which one would be a better fit depending on what you are planning to invest with it and answers an audience question about opening a 401(k) for a child.

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      Scenario 1 Buying a Rental

      The instructor presents the audience with a hypothetical investing scenario where the audience is tasked with buying a rental. Mat later walks them through the process of what would happen if that scenario actually took place.

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      Scenario 2 Funding a Flip

      The audience is challenged with a scenario where a friend needs $100,000 to fund a rehab, and they respond with how they might tackle this situation.

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      Scenario 3 Apartment Acquisition

      For this scenario, the audience determines how to purchase a cash-flowing apartment complex with a mixture of family IRAs and personal cash.

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      Question and Answer

      Mat tackles questions from the audience about the number of people that can be in a multi-member LLC, how to do a multi-member LLC deal quickly, and if a business partner would be considered a disqualified person to invest with.

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      Question and Answer II

      In the segment, the class asks Mat about a multi-member LLC, the CARES act, and how to avoid UDFI tax.

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      Question and Answer III

      Mat dives deeper into the technicalities of having an IRA versus a solo 401(k) and helps a few audience members determine which might be best for them.

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      Final Questions and Thoughts

      Mat wraps up the course by offering students an exclusive promo code to use on the Directed IRA website and answers some final questions from the live audience.

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      Take this Post-Assessment to determine which topics you may need to review.

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    Take this Post-Assessment to determine which topics you may need to review.