Your Champion Life - Breaking the Cycle of Mediocrity

Move from your current situation to being a Champion, balanced and living in abundance in your Faith, Family, Fitness and Finances.


Ron Williams

Ron Williams is one of the country’s leading experts on exercise physiology, diet and nutrition, and fat loss. He has experience as a life/fitness coach, college professor, author, pastor and nationally recognized inspirational and motivational speaker. He now empowers the Renatus community to reach their personal goals in faith, family, fitness and finances. As one of the most decorated natural body builders in the world and a Christian pastor, Ron’s inspiring philosophy combines physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


We have a tremendous amount of information in this course about how to develop a business strategy. Learn how to capture that URL and do your research to ensure your product is marketable. Find your niche market and connect with them. This course is a case study; it is going to show you some of the pitfalls, it's going to show you some of the hard times, it's going to show you some of the good times as well. You will take away information that can help you be a better business owner as you proceed down your path. Ron divulges the core of who he is and his experience going from a scarcity thought process to an abundant thought process. It has completely transformed lives and can do the same for you.

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    Overcoming Defeat - Ron's Story

    Instructor Ron Williams introduces himself and shares his background story. Ron started his life with nothing-he did not have a true family and didn’t read until he was 28, and yet, overcame his struggles to lead the lifestyle of a true champion.

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    The Four Mentalities

    Ron introduces and explains each of the four mentalities - Scarcity, Average, Abundant and Champion. Also, Ron invites the audience to consider what mentality they might be so they know where they need to begin in order to eventually reach a champion mentality.

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      Scarcity Vs. Abundant Mentality

      The instructor compares the scarcity and abundant mentality and explains the thoughts and behaviors of both types and how they differ from one another.

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      Comparing Mentalities

      Ron compares three mentalities: scarcity, average and abundant and how people tend to think and behave in each mindset. Also, Ron shares a video testimonial of how the Champion Life program turned a student’s lifestyle, relationships and business around.

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      A Prisoner of Mentality

      - If you feel a desire to grow and flourish, yet you feel trapped in your current situation, you may be a prisoner of your mentality. Ron highlights how it may manifest itself in your life, as well as what steps you can take to begin to get out of that prison.

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      Six Keys to Breaking Free

      In order to break free out your current mentality, there are some things in your life that must change. Ron explains what changes will need to take place and how to begin practicing your new mentality.

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      Program to Lifestyle

      Ron explains the difference between willpower and mindset and how one is more effective for making lasting, positive decisions.

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      Healthy Lifestyle

      The instructor demonstrates how willpower alone will only get you so far, but you must commit to a change in lifestyle in order to truly live a champion life. Also, Ron shares some student testimonials about how changing their lifestyle has transformed their lives forever.

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      A Race to the Mindset Switch

      Ron stresses why it is so important to fully make your mindset switch before your willpower runs out.

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      Mind Makeover and Hormones

      Ron introduces some of the primary hormones and how they control our lives, including adrenaline, cortisol, dopamine and oxytocin.

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      Logic - Reasoning and Addiction

      This segment is about how our brains will rationalize harmful or addictive behaviors through a release of specific hormones inside the brain.

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      Addictive Thoughts

      Ron explains how addictive thoughts and actions originate and when you do something that feeds that addiction, the “feel good” hormones are released inside your brain.

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      Negative Fixed Cycles 10-Step Process

      The instructor discusses what a “fixed cycle” is and how negative thought processes can make us resistant to positive change.

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      Twelve Step Actionable Beliefs Process

      - You want to change, and you have the motivation and willpower to transform your life. But what is the first step to get started? Ron will walk you through how to take the first steps towards a complete life and mindset transformation.

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      The Wall

      The clip highlights some common obstacles, such as fear and doubt, that may prevent you from reaching your goal. Ron will teach you how to identify your obstacles and how to work through them.

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      Govern Your Mind

      Ron teaches the audience how they can re-gain control over their mind and actions so that harmful behaviors do not re-occur.

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      I AM Training Intro

      Ron introduces the concept of “I am”. The words that follow “I am” usually define us and how much we are able visualize our success.

    • 19

      Who Am I Really?

      The instructor encourages the audience to be honest when defining how they view themselves.

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      I Am and Actionable Beliefs

      Ron encourages the audience to believe in themselves and to set up actionable beliefs that help support their goals and aspirations.

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      Who Do You Say You Are?

      The instructor tells those that are struggling to let go of feeling like they are an imposter and embrace who they truly are and wish to be. Also, Ron shares several student testimonials of those who believed in themselves and transformed their lives.

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      The Science of Building Your Body

      Ron provides some examples of different types of athletes and explains how you do not necessarily need to participate in boxing to get a physique like a boxer.

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      Energy Systems

      Ron introduces the four body systems and how you can efficiently fuel each one to get the body type that you desire.

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      Body Transformations

      Ron shows some before and after pictures of some past students and how they used the right energy system to sculpt the body of their dreams.

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      Body Sculpting

      This segment covers how you can use the body blueprint and sculpting systems to visualize and achieve what you want within your own body.

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      Bringing It All Together

      Ron brings together the four systems, body sculpting and the body blueprint and shares student testimonials who used these systems to achieve their dream body.

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      Entrepreneurial Empire Case Study

      Ron shares how he was able to create his empire through various businesses and product lines.

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      Entrepreneurial Empire – Product Innovation & Development

      The instructor tells his own personal story about some of the struggles he went through, including patents and marketing when developing his exercise equipment.

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      Entrepreneurial Empire – Development of the Iron Chest Master

      Ron shares with the audience the many revisions he had to do to his own product, the Iron Chest Master, and how he made it not only profitable, but economical as well.

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      Entrepreneurial Empire – Taking the Iron Chest Master to Market

      Ron tells the audience how he tested the Iron Chest Master, how he found a low-cost manufacturer, and how it is essential that you believe in your own product.

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      Entrepreneurial Empire – The Growth Learning Curve

      Ron talks about what he would have done differently when creating the Iron Chest Master. He also speaks about how he is able to “duplicate himself” through speaking engagements, online programs and by writing books.

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      Pitfalls and Barriers to Your Financial Success

      This segment covers some common pitfalls you might experience when trying to launch a product or start your business: poor quality, being late to market, focusing all resources on one aspect of the product and more.

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      Pitfalls and Barriers to Your Financial Success II

      Ron covers even more pitfalls when starting your business. He also highlights the importance of coaches, mentors and why collaboration is key to building awareness for your product or business.

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      The Character & Mindset of a Champion Business Owner

      Ron lists the qualities you should strive to have as a champion business owner. In addition, he wraps up the class by pointing out similarities between building your body and building a successful business.

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    Take this Post-Assessment to see how much you've learned and which segments you may need to view again.