Rehabbing Day 2

Increase the value of a property when you use the expertise presented in this class to improve the function and appeal of a home.


Brian Sump

After 16 years as a diesel mechanic and only six months into his real estate investing career with Renatus, Brian Sump told his employer “it’s costing me too much money to keep working for you!” He now has over 100 successful real estate transactions under his belt, including subject-to’s, rehabs, wholesales, short sales, and fix-and-flips.  He has worked his way into the private money lending arena, where his money works for him! Brian now shares his knowledge with as many Renatus students as he can. 


Whether making improvements to an existing property in your portfolio or trying your hand at the Fix and Flip strategy, rehabbing a property is one of the best tools an investor has to manage and protect their investments. Brian Sump, master real estate investor takes you on site through a start to finish rehabbing project. See a residential property first hand as Brian describes how to make sure the product you are creating is the right for one for that market. Know when and how to balance features and functionality, all while protecting your bottom line. Learn firsthand the small details of rehabbing, like finish work and lighting, to large project concepts like landscaping and kitchen design. Mastering these concepts can save you thousands in costs and let your subcontractors know that you are a prepared and knowledgeable investor or owner. From two-tone paint to the color of the flowers in the front garden, learn to create the curb appeal and presence that will maximize your sales price and property valuation without eating away your profits. As you move from the property to the classroom, Brian empowers each student to take concepts and apply them to real life practice in one of Renatus’ most popular courses.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Class Agenda And Pitfall Warning-Insufficient Cash Flow

    Introduction of the day ahead and Pitfall warning #8: Watch out for insufficient cash flow.

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    Rehab On-Site: Front Yard

    Brian takes you back out to the subject property to show you the progress so far.

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      Dealing With Municipalities

      Your instructor discusses how you can deal effectively with municipalities.

    • 5

      Rehabbing On-Location: Entryway

      On location again - Brian discusses some changes that have been made.

    • 6

      Pitfall Warning- Neglecting To Secure A Property

      Pitfall warning #9 - Be sure to always secure your property.

    • 7

      Rehabbing On-location: Kitchen

      Brian takes you to the kitchen in the subject property and discusses some alterations made in this room.

    • 8

      Pitfall Warning- Failure To Understand Your Target Market

      Pitfall warning #10 - Be sure to look at the surrounding market to find out what is selling in the area.

    • 9

      Rehabbing On-Location: Stairs And Bedroom

      Your instructor takes you back to the subject property to discuss squeaky stairs and other issues.

    • 10

      Why Did We Do That?

      Brian explains the different actions he took on the subject property to make it more marketable.

    • 11

      Rehabbing On-Location: Family Room

      Again at the subject property, Brian goes over some of the  issues he found when he began renovations, and how the issues were resolved.

    • 12

      Working Out Of One Room

      Brian advises you to choose a room in the rehab house to set everything up and work out of just one room.

    • 13

      Rehabbing On-Location: Bedroom

      Your instructor takes you back to the subject property to discuss some changes made to one of the bedrooms to improve flow and aesthetics.

    • 14

      When To Use A Professional

      Brian is back on stage to discuss when it is appropriate to use a professional in your rehabs.

    • 15

      Rehabbing On-Location: Laundry Room

      At the subject property, Brian discusses the laundry room and a few improvements made there.

    • 16

      Leveling Floors

      Brian answers questions regarding leveling floors.

    • 17

      Rehabbing On-Location: Kitchen

      The kitchen in the subject property needed a number of improvements.  Brian discusses how he does some of his finishes.

    • 18

      Taping Knives And When To Use A Professional Continued

      The discussion of when to use a professional continues.

    • 19

      Rehabbing On-Location: Back Yard

      Brian takes you to the subject property again and explains the changes that they have started on the backyard.

    • 20

      Slope And Water Drainage

      Back in the studio, Brian discusses the importance of slope and water drainage.

    • 21

      Rehabbing On-Location: Front Yard

      The improvements in the front yard on the subject property have begun.

    • 22

      Landscaping And Labor Costs

      Brian talks about keeping landscaping simple and hiring inexpensive labor for your yard work.

    • 23

      Rehabbing On-Location: Entry Way

      On location, Brian's team is getting color on the walls.

    • 24


      Your instructor offers suggestions regarding painting your rehab.

    • 25

      Rehabbing On-Location: Family Room, Bedroom And Hallway

      The subject property is coming together.  Brian shows you how far his team has come.

    • 26

      Pitfall Warning- Paying A Contractor Before Work Is Done

      Pitfall warning #11 - Brian warns to never pay a contractor the full amount until the job is complete.

    • 27

      Rehabbing On-Location: Back Yard And Kitchen

      Brian offers some security tips and walks you around to see the progress on the back yard and kitchen.

    • 28

      Priority Timeline

      Brian provides a suggested timeline for your rehab.

    • 29

      Priority Timeline Continued

      Brian continues to discuss a suggested timeline for your rehab.

    • 30

      Rehabbing On-Location: Bedrooms

      On location at the subject property, Brian shows off the renovations in the bedrooms.

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      When it comes to inspections, make sure you hire a qualified professional.

    • 32

      Inspections- Exterior Electrical And Plumbimg

      Brian continues his discussion on inspections with information related to your exterior, electrical, and plumbing.

    • 33

      Inspections- Foundations, Windows And Scary Substances

      Your instructor talks about inspections of foundations, windows, and possible scary substances.

    • 34

      Pitfall Warning- Hidden Damage

      Pitfall warning #12 - Be sure to do all necessary inspections to find any hidden problems.

    • 35

      Rehabbing On-Location: Front Yard And Kitchen

      On location, Brian shows off the finished front yard, entry, and kitchen.

    • 36

      Pitfall Warning- Neglecting The Sizzle Features

      Pitfall warning #13 - Don't forget to add upgraded features appropriate to your property.

    • 37

      Rehabbing On-Location: Dining Room

      Brian continues to show off the finished home, focusing on the dining room.

    • 38

      Make It Shine

      Brian discusses a few tricks of the trade to make the rehab look even better.

    • 39

      Rehabbing On-Location: Family Room

      The finished family room is explored.

    • 40

      Pitfall Warning- Exit Strategy

      Pitfall warning #14 - Do you have more than one exit strategy?

    • 41

      Pitfall Warning- Ignoring Final Inspection

      Pitfall warning #15 - Be sure to create a final punch list and cover everything with your contractor before giving them final payment.

    • 42

      Rehabbing On-Location: Hallway And Bedroom

      What a difference a little rehab can make!  Brian shows you the changes made in the hallways and master bedroom.

    • 43

      Pitfall Warning- Failure To Maintain Property After Rehab

      Pitfall warning #16 - Remember, so long as you own the property, you will need to maintain it.

    • 44

      Rehabbing On-Location: Bedroom Final, Utility Room And Garage

      Back on location, Brian shows you a few more upgrades.

    • 45

      Pitfall Warning- Staging Problems

      Pitfall warning #17 - Be careful not to over-stage your property as it can cause potential buyers to have a hard time "seeing themselves" there.

    • 46

      Rehabbing On-Location: Bathroom Final

      Brian takes you back to the subject property for a final look at the finished master bathroom.

    • 47

      Rehabbing On-Location: Hall Bathroom, Bedroom, Stairs And Backyard Final

      A final look at the remodeled hall, bathroom and back yard.

    • 48

      Pitfall Warning- Selling To The Wrong People

      Pitfall warning #18 - The highest offer isn't always the best offer.  Be sure all of the terms work for you.

    • 49

      Bringing It All Together

      Brian presents 13 items to be sure to take care of in your rehabs.

    • 50

      Four Steps For Profit

      Your instructor offers 4 steps to ensure the best profit potential.

    • 51

      Getting Started And Testimonial

      Brian wraps up with suggestions to help you get started and move forward.

    • 52


      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

  • 52


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.