Rehabbing Day 1

Increase the value of a property when you use the expertise presented in this class to improve the function and appeal of a home.


Brian Sump

After 16 years as a diesel mechanic and only six months into his real estate investing career with Renatus, Brian Sump told his employer “it’s costing me too much money to keep working for you!” He now has over 100 successful real estate transactions under his belt, including subject-to’s, rehabs, wholesales, short sales, and fix-and-flips.  He has worked his way into the private money lending arena, where his money works for him! Brian now shares his knowledge with as many Renatus students as he can. 


Whether making improvements to an existing property in your portfolio or trying your hand at the Fix and Flip strategy, rehabbing a property is one of the best tools an investor has to manage and protect their investments. Brian Sump, master real estate investor takes you on site through a start to finish rehabbing project. See a residential property first hand as Brian describes how to make sure the product you are creating is the right for one for that market. Know when and how to balance features and functionality, all while protecting your bottom line. Learn firsthand the small details of rehabbing, like finish work and lighting, to large project concepts like landscaping and kitchen design. Mastering these concepts can save you thousands in costs and let your subcontractors know that you are a prepared and knowledgeable investor or owner. From two-tone paint to the color of the flowers in the front garden, learn to create the curb appeal and presence that will maximize your sales price and property valuation without eating away your profits. As you move from the property to the classroom, Brian empowers each student to take concepts and apply them to real life practice in one of Renatus’ most popular courses.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Brian Sump is a product of the Renatus education product.  He was a diesel mechanic and a construction worker when he found Renatus and has used the Renatus education system to build his very successful Real Estate Investment business

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    Are You Ready To Rehab?

    Rehabbing homes can be a great experience for a family or a team, and allows for a variety of experiences.  Some of the qualities of a good rehabber are discussed.

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      Goals For This Class And Terms & Definitions

      Brian introduces the class goals and some definitions you need to know.

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      Terms And Definitions Continued

      Need to know terminology is covered here and in the next few segments.

    • 6

      Terms And Definitions- Chain Of Title - Closing Costs and Closing Statements

      More terminology is taught, especially relating to closing costs and statements.

    • 7

      Terms And Definitions- Comps And CMAs

      What are comps and CMAs? This terminology is explained in detail.

    • 8

      Terms And Definitions- General Contractor - GFCIs And Historical Structures

      Terminology concerned with GFCIs, historical structure and general contractors.

    • 9

      Terms And Definitions- Mechanics Liens And Mobile Homes

      Mechanic liens and mobile homes are discussed.

    • 10

      Terms And Definitions- Seasoning, S-Corps, Subcontractors and Title Insurance

      Brian covers the last of the class terminology.

    • 11

      Introduction To The Subject Property

      Your instructor introduces you to the property which will be the subject of this class.

    • 12

      Rehabbing On-Location 1: Introduction To The Property

      Brian takes you to a home he is working on and discusses what he will be doing to rehab it.

    • 13

      Pitfall Warnings

      Pitfall warning #1 - This is not a get rich quick plan.

    • 14

      Rehabbing On-Location 2: Front Yard - Sidewalk - Irrigation Leak and Potable Water Leak

      Your instructor takes you back to the subject property to go over a few more details.

    • 15

      Pitfall Warnings- Cost Analysis

      Pitfall warning #2 - Make sure you fully analyze the costs before you start.

    • 16

      Rehabbing On-Location 3: Back Yard - Swamp cooler - Hornets -Fence and Post Holes

      Once again, the subject property is visited to look over the back yard and other property features.

    • 17

      Pitfall Warnings- Working With Neighbors And Doing Extensive Research

      Pitfall warning #3 - Neighbors offer potential problems.

    • 18


      Before you start a rehab your property must be inspected properly to be sure there aren't any hidden issues.

    • 19

      Question And Answer

      Brian covers some audience questions.

    • 20

      Rehabbing On-Location: Initial Home Inspection

      Brian walks you through the initial home inspection on location.

    • 21

      Pitfall Warning- Letting The Seller Stay After Closing

      Pifall warning #4 - Don't let the seller stay after you close.

    • 22

      Rehabbing On-Location: Kitchen - Electrical - GFCI And 3-Way Electrical

      Back to the subject property, where Brian shows the old kitchen, discusses electrical, and a few other details.

    • 23

      Electrical Demo

      Brian shows some tools you could use to help determine if the electrical system is working properly.

    • 24

      Rehabbing On-Location: Garage Attic Access

      Your instructor continues the tour of the subject property by taking you into the attic.

    • 25

      Building Code

      Brian walks you through the basics of building code.

    • 26

      25 Rehabbing On-Location: Dining Room

      More details of the subject property are revealed.

    • 27

      Pitfall Warning- Spending Too Much Money On A Rehab

      Pitfall warning #5 - It's really easy to spend too much money on a rehab.  Be sure to check your comps!

    • 28

      Rehabbing On-Location: Family Room And Hallway

      Your instructor continues the tour of the subject property.

    • 29

      Flow Of Traffic And Load Bearing Walls

      Brian discusses load bearing walls and how to determine if they can be moved.

    • 30

      Noisy Floors And Stairs

      When floors and stairs are noisy, they detract from the overall appeal of the home.  Be sure to fix them before you go through the finishes.

    • 31

      Rehabbing On-Location: Bedroom 1

      Back on location, Brian walks us through another room and discusses the main sewer drain.

    • 32


      Brian teaches you the basics of how a plumbing system works.

    • 33

      Adding Vents To Unfinished Rooms

      Your instructor discusses how to properly vent a new area.

    • 34

      Rehabbing On-Location: Laundry Room

      Brian shows you the laundry room of the subject property and discusses what adjustments need to be made.

    • 35

      Add A Bathroom And Avoid Working Backwards

      Adding a bathroom can be a big undertaking.  Brian walks you through some of the possible elements you will need to examine.

    • 36

      Rehabbing On-location: Bedroom 2

      On location - Brian show us a bedroom in the basement and what rehabbing is needed.

    • 37

      Electrical Wiring To Nowhere

      The subject property had some electrical wiring that led nowhere.  This can cause issues and can be a danger.

    • 38

      Rehabbing On-location: Utility Room 1

      In the utility room, Brian discusses the furnace and water heater.

    • 39

      Furnace Replacement And Configuration

      Brian explains how furnaces work and how we can improve them.

    • 40

      Rehabbing On-location: Utility Room 2

      Back on location, Brian talks about electrical wiring in the utility room.

    • 41

      Water Heater Replacement And Configuration

      Brian covers some of the issues you may see if a water heater needs to be replaced.

    • 42

      Pitfall Warning: Doing All The Work Yourself

      Pitfall warning #7 - doing it all yourself is not always the best option.

    • 43

      Rehabbing On-location: Master Bedroom 1

      On location, Brian walks you through the master bedroom.

    • 44

      What Did You See?

      Brian shows you a few small details that can improve the room.

    • 45

      Rehabbing On-location: Master Bathroom

      Back on location, you get a look at the master bathroom.

    • 46

      Clean Or Replace

      What is the best action in an old bathroom? Is replacement a good option?

    • 47

      Rehabbing On-location: Master Bedroom And Hallways

      Continuing the tour of the subject property.

    • 48

      Swamp Coolers

      Swamp coolers operate through recirculating water.  When you take one out, there are several steps that must be taken.

    • 49

      Rehabbing On-location: Alarm System And Inspection Summary

      Brian ends the initial inspection tour exactly where he began.

    • 50

      Question And Answer

      Your instructor covers a few questions and wraps up the day.

    • 51


      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

  • 51


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.