Real Estate Foundations

The smart step for those new to Renatus, this course offers the best methods for developing a solid real estate investment system.



Hugh Zaretsky has successfully taught and trained over 10,000 real estate investors to complete profitable real estate transactions by investing in single family, multi-family and commercial properties. He has been training investors/students for 12+ years. Hugh is a published author and has co-authored books with Bob Snyder and many of his successful students. Hugh also taught and trained licensed attorneys, real estate agents/brokers and mortgage brokers to think like real estate investors as a Continuing Education Instructor.


"This vital Essentials course includes practical and pertinent information to get you started as a real estate investor. It includes key terminology, concepts, market types, and transaction mechanics that every practitioner needs to master. Find the best methods for building your team of professionals, identifying uncommon leads and analyzing deals. Hugh also shares the value of creating systems that can be duplicated and automated to allow investors to evaluate more properties and get into more deals. Walk through technology and software used exclusively in the Renatus community and know how to combine these resources with public information to build a real estate machine. Discover benefits to purchasing properties at deep discounts and the hidden positives, challenges and benefits that may come with them. Acquire the skill of leveraging people, time and financial resources to make your real estate investment dreams a reality.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Instructor Introduction

    With the proper knowledge, you reduce your risks and increase the possibility of the most favorable outcome.  Seasoned investor and long time Renatus instructor, Hugh Zaretsky, is here to help you learn the basic foundations of real estate investing.

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    Instructor Background

    Hugh started out in the corporate world and saw the devastation of 9/11 first hand, which changed his heart and caused him to re-think his life.

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      Class Introduction and 8 Financial Assumptions

      Hugh challenges your thinking, asks you to set some goals, and asks you to adopt a new philosophy.

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      Financial Assumptions Continued

      Hugh continues to challenge the 8 financial assumptions and change the way you think.

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      Why Real Estate and a Reality Check

      Why do you want to become a real estate investor or grow a real estate business?  Find your WHY and you will find your success.

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      Goal Setting and Being a Problem Solver

      Hugh helps to define 7 objectives of goal setting and suggests that you should put them all on paper.

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      Ready, Fire, Aim

      In this segment, Hugh again challenges our thinking by introducing a new way of thinking- Ready, Fire, Aim.

    • 9

      Pillars of Investing and Key Terms

      From ROI to cash flow and appreciation, Hugh walks you through some basic terminology that will help you get started.

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      Key Terms Continued

      Key real estate terms, from REO to BPO to FMV, will help you talk the talk, and create trust and better relationships with lenders and others in the real estate business.

    • 11

      Talk Like an Investor Exercise

      Can you talk like an investor?  Do you know what all of these terms and abbreviations mean?

    • 12

      Starting Your Business

      Learn to organize your business, protect yourself, get tax deductions, and get paid.

    • 13

      The Market

      Hugh introduces you to national trends, local trends, some of the best opportunities available to profit from current trends, and how to build your team.

    • 14

      Know Your Local Market

      Different property types, average days on market, and selling patterns are a few of the subjects covered as Hugh discusses your local market.

    • 15

      Best Opportunities and Building Your Team

      Hugh goes over some of the key questions to ask to find the right people for your team and the best opportunities available in the marketplace today.

    • 16

      Building Your Team Continued - Inspectors

      Having the right people on your team can make or break your business.  How can having an inspector on your team benefit you?

    • 17

      Finding Leads

      Leads can come from many different sources.  Hugh introduces a long list of possible lead sources and the steps of a real estate deal.

    • 18

      Key Words Exercise

      What are 18 key words that indicate a motivated buyer?  Hugh introduces the list.

    • 19

      Key Words Exercise Continued

      Hugh takes you through several lists of websites and other resources where you can find properties for sale.

    • 20

      Common and Uncommon Sources

      Where else can you find properties for sale?  More resources listed here.

    • 21

      Renatus IOS

      Hugh runs you through the basics the incredible Renatus IOS tool available to ALL Renatus education holders.

    • 22

      Organize Your Business and Recap

      Hugh takes you on a trip further into IOS and shows you how you can manage your entire investing business with this great tool.

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      Real Estate Strategies

      Now that we have found the deal, how do we analyze it and make a profit?

    • 24

      Real Estate Strategy Exercise and Passive VS. Active Investing

      As Hugh goes through the most common investment strategies, he shows you what is takes to get started and discusses the time and financial investment for each.

    • 25

      Analyze the Deals

      Hugh demonstrates the deal analysis functions in Renatus IOS on one of his real life deals.

    • 26

      ARV Exercise

      Your instructor walks you through an ARV exercise to fully demonstrate the process to find your after repair value.

    • 27


      Hugh shows you how to determine the value of your property based on comparable properties in the area.

    • 28

      CMA Questions and Quick Buy and Hold Analysis

      Hugh explains the details of the CMA, answers questions, and discusses how to analyze a property to buy and hold.

    • 29

      Pillars of Investing and Key Terms Buy and Hold Analysis Exercise

      Hugh introduces the pillars of investing, continues his property analysis and teaches you how to determine if your property is a good buy & hold candidate.

    • 30

      Conventional VS. Hard Money

      While conventional loans may have a lower interest rate, a hard money lender may have a better approach for your current situation.  Hugh helps you to determine which is best for you.

    • 31

      Conventional VS. Hard Money Exercise and Other Ways to Finance

      Conventional and hard money loans are not your only options.  Hugh walks you through an exercise comparing conventional to hard money lending, then he discusses other options available.

    • 32

      Making Offers

      Now that we have found the deal, know how to analyze it,and where to get funding, let's make an offer.

    • 33

      Seller Types Exercise and Make the Offer Summary

      The type of seller will determine how you will pay for your property.  Hugh discusses what type of offer you should make to the different seller types.

    • 34

      Escape Clauses

      When you make your offer, be sure that you include one or more escape clauses to protect yourself, just in case.

    • 35

      Close and Escrow

      Our instructor takes us through the process of closing and escrow.

    • 36

      Take Action and Get Started - Common Pitfalls and Excuses

      What is holding you back?  Hugh discusses pitfalls and excuses, and how to overcome them.  He then introduces an action plan to get you started.

    • 37

      Take Action and Get Started - Fear

      Overcome analysis paralysis -  the fear of getting started.

    • 38

      To Do's, Reminders, and Choosing Success

      Hugh wraps up the class with a to do list, simple reminders, and a challenge to choose success.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.