Real Estate Foundations

The first step for those new to Renatus, this course offers the best methods for developing your personal real estate investment system.


Whitnie Stark

Though she’s been a part of the Renatus community for more than a decade, Whitnie truly began her career as a real estate investor a little more than 4 years ago when she began a deep dive into her Renatus courses. Over the last 4 years, Whitnie has raised over 5 million dollars in private and hard money and closed more than 39 transactions.


This vital Essentials course includes practical and pertinent information to help you start strong and go far as a real estate investor. It includes key terminology, concepts, market types, and transaction mechanics that every practitioner needs to master. Find the best methods for building your team of professionals, finding and funding properties and analyzing deals. Whitnie also shares the value of relationships and networking. Learn about technology and software used exclusively in the Renatus community and know how to combine these resources with public information to customize your real estate process. Discover benefits to purchasing properties at deep discounts and the hidden positives, challenges and benefits that may come with them. Create your progress plan and your business plan and identify your deepest "why." This class is the starting point for you to make your real estate investment dreams a reality.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Whitnie Stark shares the objectives of the Real Estate Foundations class and the experience she has that qualifies her as an expert in this field.

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    Real Estate Terminology

    To be viewed as a real estate professional, these are the main terms you need to know and understand.

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      Acquisition Strategies

      Many beginning investors have only purchased property through a realtor and the MLS. This segment opens your eyes to the incredible variety of ways you can acquire your investment properties.

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      Exit Strategies

      Whether you decide to sell your property or hold on to it, there are multiple ways you can earn income on your investment.

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      Analyzing the Market

      Finding the right property depends an several different factors and a good investor knows how to analyze the market to determine the current and future value of the property.

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      Finding Motivated Sellers

      Where do you begin your search for a property? If you want the best deal on your transaction, you’ll need to find a motivated seller.

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      Example Motivated Seller Property

      The instructor takes a look at a current listing and the different elements of a property and a property listing that an investor needs to understand.

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      Communicate with Motivated Sellers

      A successful investor will find ways to discretely connect with motivated sellers so that they don’t feel judged or belittled. We are there to offer our services to help them.

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      More Ways to Locate Motivated Sellers

      Whitnie’s favorite way to find motivated sellers isn’t necessarily her most successful. Once you’ve gained experience and built relationships, you’re more likely to have people bring deals to you.

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      Analyze the Deal

      Beyond analyzing the market, each individual property will required it’s own due diligence, or research and analysis, to make sure it will be profitable for you.

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      Comparative Market Analysis Part 1

      Whether you use the MLS, Renatus IOS or a different software, every investor wants comparable property information to determine the value of their potential investment.

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      Comparative Market Analysis Part 2

      The instructor continues with the CMA, looking at the different aspects of each property and the change in value because of the unique features of each one.

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      CMA Questions

      Live studio audience members take a moment to ask questions about CMAs and how to use them to make an informed decision about acquiring the property.

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      Flip Calculations

      The next step in the property evaluation process is the math. Using some example numbers, walk through the calculations to make sure you understand the information they provide.

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      Rental Calculations

      The class continues to examine the numbers, but this time it’s for a rental property rather than a flip. Make sure you thoroughly understand the cost before you buy.

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      Final Calculations-Negotiating and Due Diligence

      This segment covers how to negotiate the price, get your property under contract, and begin your inspections homework to make sure there will be no surprises.

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      Funding Your Property

      No matter what your credit and bank account levels are, you can find different ways to fund your real estate investments and start earning income.

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      Fixing the Property

      Most properties, especially if acquired at a discount, will need a little touching up and some will be major rehab projects. Learn how to do it right so you stay on track and keep within your budget.

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      Build Your Business Pan

      When you invest in real estate, you are an entrepreneur and for your business to be successful, you’ll need to take it seriously. Whitnie shares the most important parts of a business plan.

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      Customize Your Business Plan

      By identifying your priorities and your “Why” you can create a business plan that will grow with you and help you reach your goals.

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      Your Real Estate Investing Team

      Trying to do it all yourself is simply not realistic. Who do you need to work with to keep your investment organization running efficiently?

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      Interviewing Potential Team Members

      The class provides a series of questions for each type of team member you may need. Use these questions to interview potential team members and find the ones that are the best fit.

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      Take-Aways and Final Thoughts

      Class members share their biggest “ah-ha!” moments and Whitnie closes with the inspiring story of Bertha Benz.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

  • 25


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.