Raising Money & Partnerships

Navigate the waters of real estate investing safely with this guide to properly structuring your partnerships and investments.


Mat Sorensen

Mat has been at the forefront of the Self-Directed IRA industry for over a decade. He’s CEO of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company, a partner at KKOS Lawyers, a national speaker, top ranked podcast host, best-selling author of The Self-Directed IRA Handbook (over 25,000 copies sold), and a real estate investor. He has been cited, referenced, or quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Guardian, Yahoo Finance, and Entrepreneur.


So you have found the funding for your real estate investment, now learn from the man who literally wrote the book. He will share how to structure your deal and protect interests legally, morally and ethically for all the parties involved in the transaction. Open your business to the more than 14 trillion dollars currently in retirement accounts that could be used for real estate investing. Attorney and author Matt Sorensen, takes you step by step through the basics of contract law, and how structuring your money and partnerships prior to buying the investment property, are just as important as completing your due diligence and ensuring your exit strategy is viable. Understand the requirements of a binding contract and learn how to create contracts that hold true, stabilize your investments, and generate bigger returns. You will also learn the major “gotcha” clauses commonly used in real estate contracts and the components of a buyer’s and seller’s checklist that will help to keep you and each party safe. Take full advantage of the legal protections and tax advantages before you purchase. Make a plan, get it in writing and get it right the first time.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Introduction: Raising Private Money

    Mat Sorensen, Partner at KKOS Lawyers and author of The Self Directed IRA Handbook, is here to answer your legal questions regarding all aspects of real estate investing.

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    What Is A Contract?

    Mat takes a few minutes to discuss the definition and legal ramifications of a contract.

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      Contract Law 101

      Your instructor gives you a quick overview of an entire year of law school in this 16 minute segment.

    • 5

      What Is Consideration?

      The term "consideration" and it's applications are discussed in depth here.

    • 6

      The Parole Evidence Rule

      Unless a term is in the written contract or offer, it is not enforceable.  Mat explains why.

    • 7

      Requirements And Defenses To A Contract

      Mat discusses some of the possible requirements and defenses of your contract including severability and illegal agreements.

    • 8

      Purchase Contracts And Contingencies From The Buyers Perspective

      Your instructor goes through a purchase contract from the perspective of the buyer.

    • 9

      Purchase Contracts And Contingencies From The Seller's Perspective

      Your instructor goes through a purchase contract from the perspective of the seller.

    • 10

      Contract Clause Scenario: Understanding What's Important To Your Side Of The Contract

      Mat engages the studio audience to go through an exercise to identify the terms and conditions most important to buyers and sellers.

    • 11

      Lease Agreements

      The lease agreement is key to any rental property.  Mat goes through a lease agreement and discusses important points to cover when looking for tenants.

    • 12

      Construction Contracts

      Mat takes a look at construction contracts and helps you understand what type is best for you.

    • 13

      How to Use Options and Assignments To Your Advantage

      When taking on an option or assignment, always be sure to watch out for prohibitive provisions. Mat discusses how to avoid these clauses and change them to your advantage.

    • 14

      Legal Entity Review For Raising Private Money

      Mat discusses the differences between LLC, S-Corp and other types of entities.

    • 15

      Raising Private Money And Security Law

      Security laws are very important when seeking private funding.  Mat walks you through some of the ins and outs of these laws.

    • 16

      The Lender Model

      Your instructor discusses the first of three categories of investment structuring models - The Lender Model.

    • 17

      The Partnership Model

      Mat discusses the Partnership Model of investment structuring.

    • 18

      Joint Ventures And Partnerships

      Joint ventures and partnerships can be complicated.  Mat discusses more on Partnership Models in this segment.

    • 19

      Private Money Fix And Flip Partner Exercise

      Mat takes you through an exercise to help you understand how to establish a strong partnership.

    • 20

      Structuring Services, Expenses, And Sharing Profit And Loss In Private Money Transactions

      Your instructor emphasizes the importance of how an agreement is stated; for instance, who has responsibility and who has the authority.

    • 21

      Private Money: Tax Responsibility, Benefits, And Planning For The Worst

      Mat walks you through some of the details of partnership responsibilities and benefits.

    • 22

      The Investor Model

      The third type of investment model, The Investor Model, is discussed in this segment.

    • 23

      The Investor Model: Typical Syndicator & Offerer Model

      Mat continues discussing The Investor Model by going through some of the required forms.

    • 24

      The Investor Model: Crowd Funding And Real Estate

      Crowd funding is another strategy that can be used to invest in your properties.  Mat discusses how it works here.

    • 25

      Raising Money Scenarios For Private Money

      Your instructor runs through a few different scenarios to see what model may work best for you.

    • 26

      Pitching Your Private Money Investment or Deal

      Mat covers some tips on pitching your opportunity to an investor, such as getting attention, showing the problem and several others.

    • 27

      Marketing And Solicitation Rules For Raising Private Money And Final Questions

      The rules and regulations for finding private funds are covered here.  Mat answers questions and wraps up the class.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.