Velocity Banking

Take control of your finances in surprising ways, when you rapidly reduce debt with this life-changing technique.


Christian George

Christian George is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. Having been a licensed real estate agent for over 22 years and a licensed escrow officer for over 14 years, Christian is intimately familiar with every part of a real estate transaction from front to back.  Christian is currently the Content Director and an Instructor for Renatus as he continues to grow his personal portfolio. He loves sharing with students how to research a property, build a plan and strategy, and then close the deal. 


“CASHFLOW is King” Everyone can use more cashflow. Learn how to immediately improve your cashflow by utilizing existing banking tools and changing the flow of money in your life. Change your financial life and retire debt 4 to 5 times more quickly without increasing your income and without going on the “Beans and Rice” diet. The Renatus Home Team teaches investors how to use lines of credit instead of traditional loans to quickly retire any type of debt you have and give you true financial freedom. Learn how many community members have become completely debt free and paid off existing 30-year mortgages is less than ten years! Gain understanding into the tools banks, credit card companies and other lending institutions use to keep consumers tied up in monthly payments for years and even decades. Know how you can avoid them when possible and use them to your advantage when its right for you. Struggling with bad credit or no cashflow? No problem. Learn how to budget now and find existing cashflow quickly in your own life, then use existing banking tools you may already have to start the Velocity Banking Process and take back control of your Cashflow. The wealthy pay less in interest and maximize the power that each dollar contributes to their personal wealth. Now it’s your turn. Using our proprietary debt reduction calculator learn how quickly you can retire your debt and reach that life of wealth and prosperity. Once you have mastered Velocity Banking, your goal can be to increase your financial freedom, invest in more real estate and build wealth for generations to come.

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    Check out how much you know and what you still need to learn.

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    Velocity Banking Introduction

    Bob Snyder shares the history of his experience with Velocity Banking and the path that has led to this class being offered to Renatus community members.

  • 3

    Velocity Banking Benefits

    Rapid debt reduction, increase in monthly cash flow and increase in principle paid on loans are a few of the benefits discussed.

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      Why Don't More People Do This and How We Did It

      Dispel doubts about the reality of velocity banking when Bob explains the reasons this strategy is not more widely known and the process he implemented in creating this course.

    • 5

      Velocity Banking Christian George Personal Experience and Background

      Christian's business experience prepared him  to make the most of his lines of credit, leading to a surprisingly profitable use of velocity banking.

    • 6

      Key Goals

      The goals of this course are illuminated, such as personal financial security, paying less money in interest and investing in real estate.

    • 7

      What is Velocity Banking?

      The use of tools, available to us all, that can help meet key goals, are introduced.

    • 8

      Tax Deductions

      Learn how Velocity Banking can help you avoid paying more taxes than necessary and make the most of the money you earn.

    • 9

      Math and Interest

      Understanding the numbers can help you make the decisions that are best suited to your situation.

    • 10

      The Average Retirement and Budget Plan

      The typical retirement plan is examined, revealing its limitations and pitfalls.

    • 11

      Monthly Budget

      The importance and function of a budget is covered, along with elements like emergency reserve and cash flow drain identification.

    • 12

      Definitions and Sample Budget

      An explanation of basic terms and financial processes that learners need to know to move forward with velocity banking

    • 13

      Immediate Financial Goals

      A sample budget is used to discuss and create a plan of attack for your personal situation.

    • 14

      Reserve Types

      Use your analytical skills and the information in this segment to determine what type and amount of reserve is right for you.

    • 15

      Tools and Banking Basics

      Credit cards, lines of credit and three other velocity banking tools are introduced and defined.

    • 16

      Amortized Loans

      Complex equations used in calculating amortized loans are explained and clarified to better demonstrate the differences between lines and loans.

    • 17

      Lines Vs. Loans and Types of Credit

      The comparison of lines and loans continues, with real numbers used to lend validity and proof to Velocity Banking.

    • 18

      What to Ask When Looking for a Line of Credit

      Christian presents a useful list of questions, which will help you know what to expect and accept when applying for a line of credit.

    • 19

      Question and Answer

      The concerns of class members are addressed, including issues of choosing which order one should use to pay off lines and a comparison of the benefits of business vs. HELOC accounts.

    • 20

      Loan Amortization Calculators

      Christian demonstrates the use of the Excel program's available amortization calculators.

    • 21

      Cashflow Example

      Use the chunking method to visually display the progress of Velocity Banking over the course of time.

    • 22

      Cashflow Example Continued

      Questions from the audience are answered through use of the cashflow example.

    • 23

      Example Payment Clarification

      Christian continues to address questions from the class and goes into more detail about the Velocity Banking process and how it works.

    • 24

      Example 2

      This example explains what to do when there is no credit to begin with.

    • 25

      Example 3

      An example is shared which examines how the home equity line of credit is used in Velocity Banking.

    • 26

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Common concerns are addressed, such as negative monthly cash flow, and what happens when the bank freezes the line of credit or cancels your card.

    • 27

      2 Ways to Generate Wealth

      Christian presents a comparison of the two different methods of generating wealth, and issues a challenge to the class to take immediate action.

    • 28

      Calculator Randall Cloud Intro and Expectations

      The Velocity Banking Excel Calculator is introduced as well as the outline for the next several segments of the class.

    • 29

      Scenario 1 and Variable Interest Rates

      Randall applies his years of experience with velocity banking to share an example of how it was applied in a real life scenario.

    • 30

      Scenario 1 The Break Even Point and Amortized Schedule

      What is the break-even interest point? This is first important question applicable to this example.

    • 31

      Chunking and Deferment

      Randall shows the options available to someone with no mortgage, but a large amount of educational loans.

    • 32

      Scenario 3

      This scenario addresses a situation with multiple debts to pay off.

    • 33

      Scenario 3 Question and Answer

      Randall addresses audience questions and answers them with his third example.

    • 34

      Scenario 4

      This scenario presents information on the average american budget with car and home loan, to demonstrate an important point.

    • 35

      Scenario 4 continued

      An event attendee is invited to share his personal experience regarding the benefits of Velocity Banking.

    • 36

      The First Month

      This segment addresses the specific situations of class members and walks them through the first month of applying Velocity Banking.

    • 37

      Personal Numbers and Story

      Randall's personal journey with Velocity Banking includes running various scenarios and making decisions about the future.

    • 38

      Motivational Video and Final Thoughts

      The application of a brief video leads to the challenge from Randall to apply what has been learned in this course.

    • 39


      See how much you have learned and find out if there are any topics you need to revisit.

  • 39


    See how much you have learned and find out if there are any topics you need to revisit.