Wealth Acceleration Day 2

Financial options and economic independence can become your reality when you apply the five P's of Wealth Architecture.


Garrett Gunderson

As an entrepreneur, financial advocate, the founder of Wealth Factory and author of the NY Times bestselling book Killing Sacred Cows, Garrett has dedicated his career to making personal finance for entrepreneurs simple, immediately actionable and even enjoyable. He has appeared on the television shows ABC’s Good Money, Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox, CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, First Business as well as hundreds of radio interviews, podcasts, and newspaper articles—and his firm was named to the Inc 500.


Participate in the Wealth Factory’s® signature workshop where New York Times Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Wealth Coach, Garrett Gunderson, teaches you how to find financial independence and create sustainable wealth and freedom. Using the 5-steps of Wealth Architecture© Garrett walks you through an evaluation of your existing finances and teaches some finance fundamentals that can help everyone quickly achieve greater cashflow and financial security. Deep dive into discussions on insurance, estate planning, legacy planning, time value of money, diversification vs. specialization and so much more. Discover your financial blind spots, recover cash, and strategically engineer your family’s wealth for generations to come. When you apply these tools to accelerate investment income, scale business revenue and map out your financial blueprint, you are well on your way to a wealthier and more productive life!

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    Introduction & Recap Of Financial Awareness

    Garrett recaps the education covered in Financial Awareness - where you need to begin before taking in the Wealth Acceleration education.

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    Concept To Framework, Win Then Play

    "Win, then play" is the concept of creating framework, presenting your idea, then creating content after your idea is accepted.  True Wealth Series is presented.

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      Norm Westervelt & Building A Healthy Financial Baseline

      Garrett introduces Norm Westervelt who discusses his background and role with the Wealth Factory.

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      Norm Westervelt & My Story In Real Estate Development

      Norm continues his personal introduction and shares his personal story in real estate investing.

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      Creating A Healthy Financial Baseline

      Norm discusses the need to establish a healthy financial baseline.

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      Building The Proper Infrastructure & Foundation

      As wealth increases, so does our spending, so establishing the proper infrastructure and foundation is essential.

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      Your Financial Team Of Professionals

      The 5 pillars to create your team of financial professionals are discussed.

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      What Makes Up Your Financial Blueprint?

      What is a financial blueprint and how can implementing this blueprint help you?

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      Cash Flow Optimization & Your Investor DNA

      To optimize your cash flow, you should evaluate and determine your investor DNA.

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      Investor Scorecard

      The Wealth Factory presents their investor scorecard to help you evaluate your investments better.

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      Cash Flow Optimization

      Learn how to optimize your personal cash flow.

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      Cash Flow Index

      Your cash flow index determines your loan efficiency.  Norm discusses your personal cash flow index here.

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      Investment Cash Flow Index

      How can you determine cash flow index for your business? Find out in this segment.

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      Financial Scorecard & Expense Identification

      How does your financial scorecard look?  Learn to identify your expenses by category.

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      Leverage Your Cash Flow Index & Cash Flow Optimization Strategies

      Increasing your cash flow can help increase credit score, pay down expenses, and improve your lifestyle. Learn more cash flow optimizing strategies here.

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      Economic Independence & Your Freedom Bar Number

      Economic independence is the investment income that can cover your basic monthly expenses.  What is your number?

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      Student Takeaways

      Our studio audience discusses some of their takeaways from the classes so far.

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      Recap Of Financial Awareness & Wealth Acceleration

      Garrett recaps the 5 P's and other aspects of Financial Awareness and Wealth Acceleration so far.

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      Finding Your Investor DNA

      Find your investor DNA by exploring your values, competencies, drivers, and focus.

    • 21

      Finding Core Competencies

      Garrett teaches you how to discover your core competencies.

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      Finding Core Drivers

      What are your core drivers and how do they affect your decisions?

    • 23

      Finding Core Focus

      Learn how to discover your core focus and apply it as you plan your future.

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      Determining Which Investments To Keep Or Eliminate

      Garrett teaches you how to determine which investments are good for you.

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      Finding The Key Components To Your Success Formula

      What does success mean to you? Garrett helps you examine the components that build your success formula.

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      Creating Your Not-Doing List

      Your time is precious. Learn how to determine what items should, or should not, stay on your to-do list.

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      The Scarcity Mentality & Quality Of Life Quotient

      Replace your scarcity mentality with an abundance mindset to improve the quality of your life.

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      Layers Of Perspective Change

      Garrett explains how gaining perspective in your life will help you gain control.

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      Asking Yourself The Questions To Create Your Quality Of Life Quotient

      What questions do you need to ask and explore, in order to improve your quality of life?

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      What Would Change Your Life & The Abundance Index

      Introduction of the abundance index. How can I deliver for others?

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      Interview With Dr. Patrick Gentempo & The Philosophy Formula

      Garrett introduces the philosophy formula and shares some insights on the education he has presented.

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      The Insider's Advantage Panel

      A panel of Garrett's clients discusses their successes, as a result of applying the principles taught in this class.

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      Getting Rid Of The Obstacles

      Don't let obstacles keep you from your desired destination.  Garret shares how to get rid of them.

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      Wealth Acceleration Recap

      A recap of the information provided to you in Wealth Acceleration and a challenge to implement this information to improve your future.

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