Multi-Family Fix & Flip

Find your investing niche and learn proven techniques to acquiring, updating and selling a multi-family investment property.


Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor has been involved in commercial real estate since 2006. He has flipped over $52 million dollars of apartments, raised over $1 million from private investors, and has authored several real estate books. Nathan is also a real estate consultant and life coach, having worked with thousands of individuals across the US on real estate investing and work-life balance. Nathan is an entrepreneur, businessman, speaker, business consultant, life coach, adjunct professor, and founder of Handling Life.


Whether you are looking for passive income for the long term or a one-time massive payday, you need to learn how to flip Multi-Family housing projects, just like you flip single family homes. Real estate investor, author and speaker, Nathan Tabor has done it all when it comes to Multi-Family Housing. Nathan shares all he has learned about investing and how you can make your real estate journey a great one. Learn what type of property fits your business needs and portfolio, and find your niche in the real estate world. Nathan covers the pros and cons of various multi-family property types and the best ways to locate them. (Hint: networking!) Learn the property classifications from A-D and the guidelines on evaluating deals, establishing value and nailing the negotiations. Nathan also presents material to help you determine whether you should utilize a broker or represent yourself, how to draft a written offer, and the steps you shouldn’t miss when conducting due diligence. Renovations are the necessary “fix” in a Fix and Flip property, so learn how to bid them right the first time. Use Nathan’s information to generate high return on your investment. Funding will be covered in depth, including private money and loan terms, giving you the knowledge you need to “Flip” that property and fill your bank account.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Introduction and about the Instructor Nathan Tabor

    Nathan Tabor has over $52,000,000 in multi-family Fix & Flip experience.  He is here to teach some of the processes that deliver the best results.

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    Defining your Niche and Finding Properties

    When defining your niche, you will need to ask yourself a few questions beginning with "What do I want to achieve?"

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      Capitalization Rate AKA Cap Rate

      The CAP rate is defined, dissected, and discussed.

    • 5

      Cap Rate Question and Answer

      Q&A regarding the CAP rate.

    • 6

      Cap Rate Calculations

      Nathan takes you through a quick CAP rate calculation.

    • 7

      The Art of Negotiating- Building Relationships and Making Strong Offers

      The end goal of negotiating is to make money.  Nathan discusses some tips on doing it well.

    • 8

      Due Diligence

      Due diligence is critical to your investing success.  Nathan walks you through the steps that must be taken.

    • 9

      Due Diligence Continued- Rent Roll, Work Orders, and Housing Complaints

      Nathan continues to walk you through due diligence discussing rent roll, work orders, and housing complaints.

    • 10

      Due Diligence Continued- Signage, State, Local, and Environmental Issues

      Nathan takes you further into due diligence discussing signage, state, local, and environmental issues.

    • 11

      Due Diligence Continued- Legal Title

      Legal title is discussed in part 4 of due diligence.

    • 12

      Due Diligence Continued-Structural Compliance and Market

      Nathan walks you through structural compliance and market due diligence.

    • 13

      Due Diligence Continued- Insurance

      Insurance due diligence is discussed in this section.

    • 14

      Due Diligence Continued-Request Loss Runs

      Due diligence and request loss runs are discussed here.

    • 15

      Due Diligence Continued-Pests

      Pests are covered in this last section of due diligence.

    • 16

      Maintenance Reserves

      Maintenance reserves are set aside to cover regular maintenance and unplanned maintenance that must be taken care of on your property.

    • 17


      Nathan runs through a list of possible renovations and how you would begin them.

    • 18

      Renovations Worksheet

      Your instructor provides you with a renovation worksheet to get you started.

    • 19

      Mail Services and Storage

      Nathan discusses some less common renovations that you should watch out for.

    • 20

      Purchasing Materials

      Your instructor discusses developing relationships with those you purchase from.

    • 21

      Hiring a Contractor

      Nathan gives some tips on hiring a contractor, such as completion clauses with attached fines.

    • 22

      Contractors Continued- Fixed Cost Vs. Cost Plus

      Nathan discusses the two most common contractor contracts - fixed cost and cost plus.

    • 23

      Financing the Deal

      Your instructor lists the types of documentation required to finance a deal, such as tax returns and verification of funds.

    • 24

      Working with Partners

      The number one rule of working with partners is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do anything without getting it in writing.

    • 25

      Financing Options, Promissory Note, and Loan Terms

      Nathan discusses several financing options including traditional and non-traditional sources.

    • 26

      Recourse Vs. Non-recourse and Construction Loans

      Be very aware of the type of loan you are getting: recourse or non-recourse.

    • 27

      The Day of Closing

      The most important rule of closing day is be patient.

    • 28

      Managing Your Property

      Managing the property properly between closing and flip is critical.

    • 29


      Be sure that you keep solid records and have plenty of documentation before beginning eviction proceedings.

    • 30

      How to Sell

      When you are ready to sell, you can use the same network that you used to make the purchase.

    • 31

      Making it Successful and Important Points

      Nathan shares a few success tips, such as dealing with and accepting failure.

    • 32

      Question and Answer

      Q&A with Nathan and the studio audience.

    • 33

      Small Unit Numbers Calculation

      Nathan runs some numbers for you to see how a smaller deal might pan out.

    • 34

      Mindset and Motivation

      Nathan talks about goal setting and finding your personal success.

    • 35

      In Class Assignment- Following a Process

      Your instructor walks you through a process to develop a plan and move forward.

    • 36

      Seven Points for Success

      Nathan brings you 7 points for greater success in any business.

    • 37

      Question and Answer

      Final Q&A session with the live studio audience and Nathan wraps up the class.

    • 38


      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

  • 38


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.