Integrated Business Growth & Development

Embrace entrepreneurship and make the most of your business, from the first idea, through business design, marketing, and growth.


Mark Kohler

Mark is an Attorney, CPA, National speaker, Radio Show host, and Best Selling Author. His newest book is titled: The Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom – What Wall Street Isn’t Telling You. Mark also publishes an E-newsletter, is a contributor and Blogger for Mark practices as a senior partner at the law firm Kyler Kohler Ostermiller & Sorenson, LLP¸ and is  a senior and founding partner in the accounting firm Kohler & Eyre, CPAs, LLC. 


This course is unique to the PROFITS curriculum, building on the three plans that a business owner should be using on a regular basis. The business plan is a vital step in putting together a new business, product, or service as part of a successful business owner. The byproduct of that is a marketing plan and a strategic plan. Those two tools are what can help you execute and integrate all the pieces and parts of a successful business. The majority of the class is bringing it all together in an integrated system. The strategic plan involves executing daily, weekly and monthly tasks that don’t put too much pressure on your business too early on in the process. Your business needs a chance to grow and mature and be ready for you so that it can give you the salary and the compensation you deserve without suffocating the business and strangling it early on. Entrepreneurship is incredible. It's an opportunity for growth. This course will help protect you and your business against the uncertainties of life in the future, as you reach for your potential.

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    Class Introduction

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    Instructor Introduction and Class Expectations

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    • 4

      The Business Plan

    • 5

      Business Plan Question and Answer

    • 6

      Sections of a Business Plan

    • 7

      Sections of a Business Plan Continued

    • 8

      Business Plan Question and Answer II

    • 9

      Your Product and Service Mix

    • 10

      Financial Analysis

    • 11

      Analysis Scenario

    • 12

      Analysis Scenario Continued

    • 13

      Create Your Sales Projection

    • 14

      Product-Service Mix II

    • 15

      Product-Service Mix III

    • 16

      Raising Capital

    • 17

      Investing in Yourself

    • 18

      The Strategic Plan

    • 19

      The Ten-Year Plan

    • 20

      Stepping Back

    • 21

      Sections of The Strategic Plan

    • 22

      Tracking the Business

    • 23

      Three Key Reports

    • 24

      Profit or Loss, Balance, and Projection

    • 25

      Phantom Income

    • 26

      Stay Focused on the Why

    • 27

      The Marketing Plan Introduction

    • 28

      TOMA and the Marketing Funnel

    • 29

      Categories for Your Plan

    • 30

      Action Items and Marketing Support

    • 31

      Integrated Marketing Matrix

    • 32

      Integrated Marketing Matrix II

    • 33

      Integrated Marketing Matrix III

    • 34

      Integrated Marketing Matrix IV

    • 35

      Integrated Marketing Matrix V

    • 36

      Integrated Marketing Matrix VI

    • 37

      Helpful Anecdotes-

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    • 39

      Podcasting II

    • 40

      Using the Power of Video

    • 41

      Deploying Profits

    • 42

      Financial Landscape

    • 43

      The True Value of Your Business

    • 44

      Selling Your Business

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  • 45


    Take this quiz to see how much you've learned and which parts you need to watch again.