Home Inspections

Know what to expect, what to look for and what to do when you have unforeseen challenges during a property inspection.


Jason Andrus

Jason is an entrepreneur, top-producing salesman, real estate investor, property inspector, small business consultant, motivational speaker, radio host, property manager, family man, lover of all-things Idaho, popcorn, and sushi. Jason has been involved in small business and salesmanship since a youth in his family's trucking company and coal and grain delivery business. Professionally, he has been a top-producer in sales in many real estate related industries, from mortgage loan origination to real estate investing education. He has been buying and selling real estate for his own investment purposes for over 15 years and been involved in well over 1000 inspections and more than 100 real estate transactions--most of which were profitable! Surviving the shut down of the mortgage lending industry and the impact of the economy on the real estate market, he has come out leaner but not meaner. He uses his experience, education, and empathy to coach individuals to be smarter with their real estate investments, small business strategies. Jason uses awareness of his business cycle to maximize time with his family, serving with the youth at church, and coaching T-ball—keeping the priorities of small business ownership in check. He is beyond proud of his growing and busy family of 4 and his bride, and business partner, of 18 years.


Do you need a property inspection to be an informed buyer and a confident investor? Jason Andrus goes through the process from roof to foundation, so you can walk a property knowing some of the red flags and warning signs that signal a serious problem. Learn what makes a great inspector and how to find a reliable one that will do their best work for you. Along with explanatory visual images and the ultimate home inspection checklist, Jason gives us understanding in how to use the inspection results as leverage when negotiating a property price or terms. Secure your position as an informed buyer or seller when you know how to read an inspection report and what those results can mean for you and the real estate strategy you choose. When you see the whole picture and have all the information about a potential property, you have all the tools to make the best financial decisions as a successful real estate investor.

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    Take this quick pre-assessment to find out how much you already know and what you'll be learning about.

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    Instructor Introduction

    Jason Andrus is a highly experienced and informed home inspector who also invests in real estate and is excited to share his knowledge with the Renatus community.

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    Inspection General Information

    How do you choose a great home inspector and do you really need one? Jason addresses these questions and explains why this class will improve your property purchasing process.

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      The Seller's Checklist

      Two checklists are presented, one for the seller and one that the Inspector uses to examine and analyze the property.

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      The first area of the property to inspect is the grounds. Learn what to look for with photos and examples of common problems.

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      Exterior and Foundation

      From siding to foundations, know what the red flags are that may indicate a larger issue with the home.

    • 7

      Crawl Space

      Do you really need to crawl in there? Jason shares a humorous personal experience to highlight the important steps involved in examining crawl spaces.

    • 8

      Crawl Space - Floor Substructure

      The discussion of crawl spaces continues with an examination of sagging floor substructure and mold.

    • 9

      Crawl Space- Floor Insulation, Barriers, and Ventilation

      What is a vapor barrier and how important is it to protect the property from water damage?

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      Learn the regulations for basement entrances, stair handrails and guardrails, and support beams.

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      Understand the most important purpose of the roof, what to do when you encounter common issues and what warning signs you may find.

    • 12

      Roof - Questions, examples, and skylights

      Jason addresses questions from the live class with examples and moves on to talk about flashings and shingles.

    • 13

      The Property as a Whole

      What is the importance of examining a house from a distance? Our instructor shares what he looks for from a broad exterior perspective.

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      The discussion of roofs continues with shingles, rain gutters and ways to avoid water damage.

    • 15

      Attic and Roof Structure

      What is the relationship between the attic and the roof? These two components are intertwined and consistently affect each other.

    • 16

      Attic and Roof Structure Continued

      Ice and mold are two of the most destructive forces in attics. Jason also talks about different truss systems and the importance of locating the source of moisture.

    • 17

      Roof and Structure Question and Answer

      Class questions about roof and attic ventilation are addressed, as well as improving the current support structure.

    • 18

      Attic and Roof Insulation and Vapor Retarder

      Learn how to measure the quality of your insulation and the best way to increase electrical efficiency with LED can lights.

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      Garage and Carport

      Know the importance of firewalls and firedoors in garages and other safety issues for garages and carports.

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      Garage Floor

      Uneven floors may leave gaps and may indicate a more challenging situation. Jason also discusses the fire-resistant property of sheetrock and where it may be useful.

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      Jason shares why electrical is the number one cause of problems he calls out in home inspections and addresses the importance of getting electrical work done correctly.

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      Electrical- Wiring

      After finishing up a discussion of electrical panels, Jason shares some personal experiences and examples of dangerous wiring methods.

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      Electrical- Lighting

      Why is lighting so important? Learn about how it can affect the senses and buyer's desire to purchase, as well as the obvious safety and utility purposes.

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      Exterior Lighting

      In addition to electrical lighting, Jason covers exterior electrical outlets and smoke and CO alarms.

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      Water can do so much damage. It is worth taking the time to ensure plumbing is done correctly, from the main line to shut-off valves.

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      Plumbing- Supply Lines and Drain and Waste

      When is it worth spending the money to have a professional come scope the plumbing line? Jason explains and starts to discuss venting.

    • 27

      Plumbing- Sump Pumps and Fuel Systems

      Know when and why you need to use have a functional sump pump, and know what common concerns you can identify with fuel systems.

    • 28

      Water Heater

      From corrosion to exhaust vents, Jason covers the information you need to know about if and when it will need to be replaced.

    • 29

      Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

      HVAC systems can be complicated. Jason shares how he decides when to involve an HVAC professional and displays several examples from units he's inspected.

    • 30

      Fireplaces, and Stoves

      Whether you are purchasing to flip or to hold the property long-term, learn what you need to know regarding fireplaces and stoves, especially if there will be renters involved.

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      Chimneys and Flues

      What are the common challenges with chimneys and flues? Jason explains the issues he often encounters and how he would handle them.

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      This room is key to profitability in a house. Understand what features you need to take a close look at and what steps Jason takes to make sure he catches everything there is to know about the kitchen.

    • 33

      Bathrooms, Laundry, and Sinks

      From water drainage to caulking and windows to ventilation, Jason shares visual examples and explains what to watch out for.

    • 34

      Interior Doors and Windows

      Doors and windows can be a signal of a bigger underlying problem. Know what to look for to discover them.

    • 35

      Walls Ceilings and Fixtures

      What are the warning signs to look for and what legally needs to be disclosed if you're the seller?

    • 36

      Wood Destroying Organisms

      Jason explains the signs that these pests have invaded a home and what steps should be taken to eliminate each one.

    • 37

      Inspector Verification Question and Answer

      You want to make sure your home inspection is done accurately and the information in the report is inclusive, so Jason explains what you can to do verify the inspector's authority.

    • 38

      Post Inspection

      Know when you need to involve another professional and what Jason does to ensure repairs are done correctly. Then he finishes the class with a personal raccoon experience.

    • 39

      Onsite - Exterior Inspection

      Jason begins his inspection of a real home, guiding the viewer around the exterior of the property and sharing what he notices.

    • 40

      Onsite - Interior Inspection Part 1 - Front Room, Utility Closet and Bath

      Let's take a look at the carpet, heating system, water heater and electrical outlets. Our instructor opens and closes doors and windows and then Jason shares some tips for examining the bathroom.

    • 41

      Onsite - Interior Inspection Part 2 - Bedroom, Laundry, Electrical and Crawl Space

      What are some things you can look for upstairs that will give you a hint of what to check in the basement? This segments also covers the crawl space and electrical center of the home.

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      Onsite - Roofs

      Jason discusses the membrane roof on this property and then takes us to another home to inspect a shingle roof.

    • 43

      Onsite - Garage And Attics And Siding

      The concept of a firewall plays an important part in the inspection of the garage. Jason explains what needs to be done for this property to pass.

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      Onsite - Basements and Final Thoughts

      From plumbing to electrical and cracks in the cement floor, know what is a concern and what is acceptable.

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      Take this assessment to see how much you've learned and if there are any segments you need to re-watch.

  • 45


    Take this assessment to see how much you've learned and if there are any segments you need to re-watch.