Learn the tips, methods and details necessary to present a financial solution that benefits each party involved in a foreclosure.


Gavin McCaleb

Gavin McCaleb is a real estate investor, trainer, and licensed broker in Idaho. With over 16 years of experience Gavin has participated in hundreds of transactions including single family, multi-family, and commercial. He has developed and taught real estate courses on many subjects ranging from Short Sales, Foreclosures, Tax Sales, Property Management, Lease Option and Subject-To Purchases. He has also been an investment coach for over 14 years; working one-on-one with new investors to help them through their first transactions. 


Rockstar real estate coach and investor, Gavin McCaleb, teaches multiple strategies for finding foreclosures, and understanding the timelines for the entire process. You will learn insider tips for working with sellers in pre-foreclosure and those who are nearing an auction date and gaining access to potential investment properties before they hit the market. Gavin teaches problem solving techniques you can share with sellers, demonstrating options they have when in foreclosure and learn how to position yourself as an investor resource that may help them solve some of their challenges.  You will also compare the benefits of getting funded through institutional banks versus private lenders and how to create and maintain active property lists. Due diligence and deal analysis will be covered in depth, so you truly know how to make the right decisions when it comes to foreclosure properties and how to make the market work for you!

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

  • 2

    Introduction & Getting To Know Gavin McCaleb

    Gavin begins the class by addressing the "elephant in the room" and then shares some of his personal experience and goals as a coach for Renatus.

  • 3

    Foreclosures Class Objectives & Outline

    The objectives of the class include basic a understanding of the foreclosure process, finding sources of funding, and understanding the banks' internal processes.

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      Pivotal Moments In The Life Of An Investor

      How is a car wash like real estate investment education? Gavin shares how he began and shares this analogy with the class.

    • 5

      Pre-Assessment Review

      How is a car wash like real estate investment education? Gavin shares how he began and shares this analogy with the class.

    • 6

      What is Foreclosure?

      The foundational information you need to utilize foreclosures in real estate investments is covered here.

    • 7

      Title Encumbrances & Order Of Priority

      Title encumbrances are defined and explained and the order of priority is clearly laid out. Gavin then answers a question introducing the topic of mechanic liens.

    • 8

      Mechanics Liens Vs. Property Liens

      Different types of liens and their interactions are discussed.

    • 9

      Foreclosure Timeline

      All the steps of the foreclosure are clarified, from notice of default to post-auction results.

    • 10

      After The Foreclosure & The Redemption Period

      Gavin addresses concerns about what claims can be made after the auction.

    • 11


      Different types of auctions, such as online and live, are introduced and Gavin uses an example from his experience to reinforce the information.

    • 12

      REO's (Real Estate Owned)

      An explanation of REO's is given, and questions from the audience addressed.

    • 13

      Searching For Your Market's Foreclosure Laws

      A live computer demonstration guides the class through the actions Gavin takes when searching for foreclosure laws.

    • 14

      Finding Foreclosures

      Find out why the key to the sale is the motivation level of the seller and how you can use that information to find the right deal.

    • 15

      Finding Foreclosure Lists Online

      Another live computer demonstration shows the process of finding foreclosures using the internet.

    • 16

      Contacting Foreclosures-Direct Mail

      Gavin shares a list of possible methods for contacting homeowners and dives into how to implement the first option.

    • 17

      Contacting Foreclosures-Phone & Door Contacting

      Continuing down the list of ways to contact homeowners, phone and door approaches are discussed.

    • 18

      Contacting Foreclosures- Bird Dogs, Property Finders, & When To Contact

      When and how to employ a third party as a property finder.

    • 19

      Using The Seller Info Sheet To Guide Contact Conversations

      What is the magic phrase to open communication with a possible seller?

    • 20

      Setting Up Response Times After The Initial Meeting (Making Sure You Have Enough Due Diligence Time)

      What to do with your time and who to talk to when you are analyzing the property.

    • 21

      Running Your Numbers & What To Do After The Initial Walk-through

      Gavin crunches some numbers with the class and brings up things to consider about this deal.

    • 22

      Preparation For Your Meeting With The Homeowner & The Property Walk-Through

      Another helpful list is presented, including what to do before and during a meeting with the homeowner.

    • 23

      The 8 Options When Facing Foreclosure

      Knowing these options can improve your communication with the seller.

    • 24

      The Closing Conversation With The Potential Seller

      Which questions should you ask to lead up to full commitment?

    • 25

      How To Finance Your Foreclosure Deals

      Gavin discusses your funding options as an investor so you can make the deal happen.

    • 26

      Finding Private & Hard Money Lenders To Fund Your Foreclosure Purchase

      An online demonstration is presented to reinforce information about finding financing.

    • 27

      Working With The Banks In The Foreclosure Process

      Know how they function, whether you are dealing with a short sale, loan modification or foreclosure.

    • 28

      Post-Assessment Review

      Questions from the post-assessment are answered, with explanations from Gavin.

    • 29

      Pro Tips To Foreclosure Investing

      Eight final tips for utilizing foreclosures in your real estate investing.

    • 30


      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

  • 30


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.