The Dunn Deal Formula

Solidify your success when you know the best ways to contact the right people and use multiple media platforms to expand your reach.


Troy Dunn

Known to millions of TV fans as simply, 'The Locator', Troy has starred in three network primetime TV shows, made hundreds of national TV guest appearances, and is in production on a new TV series now. His TV shows are now seen in over 40 countries worldwide, and it is believed over 1 billion people have watched his hit shows! Troy has authored several best-selling books, and given hundreds of keynote speeches around the world. He has been interviewed by Barbara Walters, Oprah, and Dr. Phil, and is a contributor on Fox News, CNN and CNBC.


When marketing your business, people have to be told, they have to be shown. They have to experience it, see it, hear it, and feel it. Troy explains how to do that efficiently through the media, including television, internet, social media, books, seminars, blogging, and podcasting. He reveals exactly how to get on national and local media, He goes through all the details, to make sure that your organization is plugged in properly, from interview training, to preparing for what happens after you're in the media, and the tsunami of people who come running to your website, your social media, or your phone. He walks through, step by step, how he was able to become a best-selling author. These tools allowed him to go from having no experience in the world of television, to getting three primetime network television shows. These tools enabled him to sit down and be interviewed by Oprah and Barbara Walters, Dan Rather and Dr. Phil. It's because of the Dunn Deal Formula. It allows organizations to accelerate in a rapid way, their brand, their business, their message, the good work they're trying to do. Let Troy share with you 30 years of national media experiences, let him share with you the tips and the strategies for getting you, your product, and your company from where you are now, to a household brand. It'll be a system of success that you will use for the rest of your life.

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    Find out how much you already know and what you're going to learn in this course.

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    The Birth of the Formula

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      Birth of the Formula II

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      Birth of the Formula III

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      Creating Rich Content

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      Two Awkward Truths

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      The Great Lie

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      Content and Awareness

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      The Truth About Advertising

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      What is Content?

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      Content and Commerce

    • 13

      Bad Content

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      Gold Content

    • 15

      The First Commandment of Content

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      The Second Commandment of Content

    • 17

      What or Who's Story Do I Tell?

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      The Third Commandment of Content

    • 19

      Can You Describe Your Brand Voice?

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      The Remora Technique

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      Now Vs. Then

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      The GBA Technique

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      The Pitch

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      The Plug

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      The Plug II

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      Interview Training

    • 30

      Interview Training Don'ts

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      Interview Training Don'ts II

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      Publishing and Speaking

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      Podcasting and Blogging

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      Public Relations

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      Public Relations II and Recap

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      See what you've learned from this course and what you still need to work on.

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    See what you've learned from this course and what you still need to work on.