Deal Of The Decade

How do you find a perfect property? Use creative lead generation methods and strategies to open new doors for yourself and others.


Chris Albin

With an established real estate portfolio of his own, Chris is the owner of over 100 investment properties and manages many more. Chris’ background as a high school English teacher and wrestling coach, as well as service in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, has given him a strong foundation in education. He holds a BA with Teacher Certification from Eastern IL University. He has purchased over 200 properties on a teacher’s salary, and used multiple, creative strategies in doing so.


"Sometimes the best path is a non-traditional one. In Deal of the Decade learners experience numerous strategies for creative lead generation that can assist you in finding and purchasing all types of real estate investment properties. Learners study how to locate properties before they hit the retail market or the MLS by finding deals through probate, eviction, for sale by owner and other public information systems. Current real-life case studies walk learners through the step-by-step process for lead generation through numerous sources. Our master instructor will also help you learn tactical, non-aggressive techniques for approaching your prospects and getting them to entertain offers from you as a potential investor. See the value of being a resource to people as they manage court cases and how to become the go-to problem solver for property owners in your area.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Chris Albin has years of experience and expertise and loves to teach. In this course, he will share  information that he has learned and applied in his real estate deals.

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    Is This House For Sale?

    The expectations for this class are laid out and Chris presents an example of a house he believes is for sale, though it is not listed as such online.

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      A Story For The New Investor

      Chris shares two stories to demonstrate the benefits of learning about houses that will be for sale, but are not yet.

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      Finding A Good Lead

      What sells real estate? You may be surprised to know, it's not location, location, location.

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      Chaos & Mayhem Create Leads

      Financial challenges as a result of divorce, death and job loss are three examples of mayhem that create a good lead.

    • 7

      The Investor Reality Check

      Recognize the resources you will need to be successful, including time and people skills.

    • 8

      Knowing How Every Market Is Local

      What are the differences between local markets and how is probate affected by them?

    • 9

      What Is Probate?

      Know the specific definition, the different types of probate and how probate applies to real estate investors.

    • 10

      Getting Comfortable With The Idea Of Probate

      Chris goes through a list of important points to consider when working with probate.

    • 11

      What Are The Options Or Motivations For Sellers?

      Know the choices available and learn how to make your offer their best option and still make significant profit.

    • 12

      Where Do We Start With Court Case Filings?

      It all begins with the paperwork and notices to creditors. Chris takes a look at petitions for probate.

    • 13

      What Do You Get From The Probate Petition?

      This is the information you need to gather, from the personal representative to the types of property, as well as details from the petition.

    • 14

      What 5 Steps Get Us To The Property First?

      More information gathering suggestions, with Chris walking through the details of the process.

    • 15

      Knowing When To Walk

      Questions from the audience are answered as Chris covers the different situations that will give you the highest rate of success.

    • 16

      Understanding Lead Generation Through Public Records & Online Document Search

      A live demonstration of utilizing the probate court document search options to find what you need.

    • 17

      Finding Out If They Own Property

      A continuation of how to use online resources to find more leads.

    • 18

      Using Tools To Do A Virtual Property Drive-By

      Chris concludes his example, showing how to use the computer to check some of the physical details of a property.

    • 19

      Finding Up-To-Date Info With Public Records

      Heading back to the computer, the class identifies more leads using the online resources, then Chris addresses questions from the audience.

    • 20

      Questions On Contacting Personal Representative

      Stories from his years of experience are used to answer more class member questions.

    • 21

      Looking At The Probate Process In California & The Probate Confirmation Process

      Not every state requires confirmation, but for those that do, this process is carefully explained in this segment.

    • 22

      Contacting The Personal Representative Of The Estate

      Chris offers, word for word, the statements he uses for sending letters and contacting by phone.

    • 23

      Finding Leads Prone To Seller Financing

      The characteristics of a useful lead are laid out, including type of seller and the number of other buyers who know about the lead.

    • 24

      Gaining Leads Through Eviction Courts & Public Records On The Web

      Once again, online resources are employed to access leads, which prompts more questions from the class.

    • 25

      Examining The Eviction Process & Finding Leads

      Terminology, typical situations and the legal processes (which vary by state) are discussed.

    • 26

      Understanding The Motivations Of Why The Seller Wants To Sell His Rental

      There are a few key characteristics, such as an under-educated owner or an owner who spent too much money preparing the house, of owner's wanting to sell.

    • 27

      Getting The Lead By Going To Eviction Court

      Research and information gathering are key to getting a lead through the local eviction courts.

    • 28

      Case Study- Getting The Lead From Sacramento Eviction Court

      Chris guides the class through an actual online search through eviction court websites to find possible leads.

    • 29

      What Information Are We Gathering From Public Record & Other Sources?

      This useful list points out information that must be gathered, based on a property from an eviction case.

    • 30

      Contacting The Owner & Resolving Seller Doubts About Seller Financing

      Chris closes the class after covering more details on seller motivation and seller financing.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

  • 31


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.