Creative Acquisitions

Empower yourself to use less typical means of acquiring investments, that are fully legal, realistic and profitable.


Chris Albin

With an established real estate portfolio of his own, Chris is the owner of over 100 investment properties and manages many more. Chris’ background as a high school English teacher and wrestling coach, as well as service in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, has given him a strong foundation in education. He holds a BA with Teacher Certification from Eastern IL University. He has purchased over 200 properties on a teacher’s salary, and used multiple, creative strategies in doing so.


You will be inspired by these creative techniques and strategies for acquiring and gaining control of investment properties. Basic investment skills, control terminology and understanding potential seller motivations, will provide a solid foundation for purchasing properties once they are found. Strategies include equity sharing, options, contracts for deed, seller financing, mortgages, and more. Using case studies, learners gain an understanding of step-by-step techniques for buying and controlling properties without having to qualify for bank financing. You will leave this class with a knowledge of which investments would be best funded through retirement accounts, cash accounts, stock accounts, life insurance plans, margin accounts, and others. We will also train investors how to best utilize financial and social resources, as well as time, imagination, networking, and non-traditional assets to successfully acquire investment properties.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Former high school teacher and seasoned real estate investor, Chris Albin, knows real estate inside and out. Learn from one of the best in the business.

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    Class Outline

    This course covers several different creative strategies for investing in properties and the benefits of using those strategies with increasing levels of ownership. He presents real-life examples and stories that will help the techniques stick with you.

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      Real Life Examples & Case Studies

      Chris goes through some of his own deals, including one that he is currently working on, to show you how these techniques work in real life.

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      Finding The Right Tool For The Challenge - The Investor Reality Check

      Chris discusses how you can most effectively leverage your time, money, and knowledge for the best possible outcome.

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      Student Challenge Case #1

      You will walk through a real deal, from information collection to making the offer.  This exercise challenges you to creatively analyze the deal to reach the best outcome.

    • 7

      The Equity Sharing Strategy

      Overview of what's to come, discussion of equity, and the term "Equity Sharing." Learn how you can benefit from this strategy.

    • 8

      The Equity Sharing Agreement & Process

      Equity Sharing is most common in commercial real estate. Chris shows you the process and lays out the details on how to secure an equity sharing position.

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      The Equity Sharing Class Illustration

      In the style of a high school teacher, this clip demonstrates visually, what the equity sharing agreement looks like in real life.

    • 10

      Equity Sharing Question & Answer

      Our instructor answers specific audience questions, such as the proper way to set up an equity sharing agreement.

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      Student Challenge Case #2

      After giving you a list of details about a potential property, Chris answers a series of questions and challenges you to find the most creative way to invest in this property.

    • 12

      Student Solutions & Class Discussion On Challenge Case #2

      Our audience presents possible creative strategies to purchase the challenge case. Chris explains the pros and cons of the different solutions.

    • 13

      The Master Lease Strategy

      With a master lease strategy, you may have the opportunity to use your entire payment as a tax write off.  Chris explains how this strategy can work for you.

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      The Master Lease Illustration

      Using audience members and visual aids, this clip demonstrates what the master lease strategy looks like in real life.

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      The Option Strategy

      An option gives you the right (not the obligation) to buy or sell property on or before a specific date, at an established price.  Chris describes how a buyer would set up an option on any deal and why it can be a good strategy for you.

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      The Option Illustration

      With the help of audience members and visual aids, this clip demonstrates what the option strategy looks like in real life.

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      Language & Parties To Contracts & Challenge #2

      Chris defines some of the most common terminology in a real estate deal, such as grantor and grantee, and demonstrates how they are used.  He then covers how challenge #2, his real life deal, panned out for him.

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      The Lease-Option Strategy

      The lease option strategy, a sub strategy of the "option" strategy, is a great way to get into a property where the buyer has the opportunity to provide a solution for the seller with lower risk for either party.

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      Student Challenge #3

      After previewing some property details and asking 5 questions, the studio audience has the opportunity to analyze and propose an offer for another deal.

    • 20

      Student Solutions & Class Discussion On Challenge #3

      In this class discussion, students present possible creative strategies to purchase the challenge case.  Chris explains the ups and downs of the different solutions.

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      Agreements For Deed Strategy (Land Contract, Installment Contract, Contract for Deed)

      Chris explains the various agreement for deed strategies, including a down payment and regular payments, a contract that "clouds" the title, and many benefits to both buyer and seller.

    • 22

      The Agreement For Deed Illustration

      With the help of the studio audience, Chris illustrates visually how the agreement for deed strategy works.

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      Student Challenge #4

      Chris walks you through a real deal, from information collection to making the offer, in an exercise that will challenge you to creatively analyze the deal to reach the best outcome.

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      The Seller Carry-Back Mortgage Strategy

      This segment gives you a run down of the seller carry back mortgage, where there is no borrowing or actual loaning of money, only a "loan" of equity.  Chris also answers audience questions.

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      The Subject-to Acquisition Strategy

      Our instructor teaches how you can take a title to a property simply by virtue of a deed, but not be personally liable for the note or encumbrance because you did not personally sign it.

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      The "Due On Sale" Clause

      What  is a "due on sale" clause and how can it be a red flag?

    • 27

      The Subject-to Acquisition Illustration With Student Q & A

      With the help of the studio audience, Chris once again illustrates visually how the subject-to acquisition strategy works.

    • 28

      Example Of Subject-to Transition

      Chris goes through details of some subject-to transactions to demonstrate how it works and what is possible.

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      Student Challenge #5

      Real life case challenge #5 will challenge you to creatively analyze the deal to reach the best outcome.

    • 30

      Strategy Combinations For Success In Investing

      Chris shows how to combine the different strategies he has talked about, in order to create the best deal for you. What is the best tool to use to respond to your current problem?

    • 31

      Retirement Account Strategies

      Learn how you can use your retirement accounts, such as 401K, or those of others, to invest in real estate.

    • 32

      Money From Private Lenders, Note & Mortgage Subordination

      Chris discusses private lenders, notes, and mortgage subordination - What , Why and How?

    • 33

      Hard Money Loans & Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

      What exactly is "hard money" and how can the real estate investor benefit from it?  Chris answers this and other similar questions here.

    • 34

      Class Review Of Challenge #1

      Chris takes you back to challenge #1, and reviews exactly how he used a combination of creative strategies to profit from this transaction.

    • 35

      Homework & Challenging The Young Investor

      Chris closes out the class with another of his stories.  He challenges you to find properties and make offer, after offer using these creative strategies until you find the success you seek.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.