Add strength and validity to a transaction when you conquer the templates, checklists, instructions, and agreements of contracts.


Nicole Call

Nicole Call is an experienced attorney and real estate investor who loves to share her knowledge. She has worked on hundreds of contract cases throughout her legal career and bought her first rental in her early 20s. She has also helped Utah to develop an historic $100 Million public-private partnership called Falcon Hill. She is always excited to share with you the best practices on contracts, tenant selection and using the law for your investing success.


Contracts are the most important resource in an investor’s tool-kit. They will make or break your deals, directly determine your profit or loss, and ensure that each party gets what they bargained for. Attorney, educator, and speaker, Nicole Call, helps you understand the power behind each clause in the Real Estate Purchase Contract. Nicole begins with basics, such as: What are contracts? Where can I find good contract templates? Why and when do I use specific forms in my real estate investing? Gain access to contract checklists and REPC instructions while learning about contract addenda, ancillary contracts and rental/lease agreements. Know when you may need additional legal counsel to protect your interests and get the deal done. Review the nitty gritty details of how best to complete these important documents and empower yourself with the tools to get the deal done fast and right, the first time. This course will have you negotiating better deals, faster closes and more investment transactions for your real estate portfolio.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Instructor Introduction

    Instructor Nicole Call introduces herself, covers some important disclosures and introduces the course topic that students will learn about: Contracts.

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    About You

    Nicole takes a few minutes to get to know some participants of the live class where they share where they are from, in addition to their real estate experience and the amount of time they have invested with Renatus.

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      Keys to Success and Learning

      A few of the topics that will be covered in today’s class: the fundamentals of creating, reading, and negotiating the terms of various contracts. The instructor invites the audience to participate in a unique 30-day contract challenge.

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      Contracts to Expect

      In this segment, students are briefed on what types of contracts they can expect to learn about and how the information that they learn will help them in all parts on the nation, not just their state.

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      Contract Terms and Elements

      Every real estate contract consists of the same things. Offer, acceptance, terms, and capacity are just some of the qualities that every contract must possess.

    • 7

      Enforceable Contracts

      Learn which elements of a contract must be present to make it enforceable, and be able to examine your own contract to determine if the deal is right for you.

    • 8

      Elements of a Contract

      What types of information are found in each and every real estate contract? The instructor also gives a few tips for negotiating.

    • 9

      How and Where to Find Contracts

      Learn which legal websites offer free contract forms for the public to use. Customize your form to fit your exact needs.

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      Agreement Searching

      In this clip, learn how to can better search for legal forms online and use online databases like Westlaw and LexisNexis.

    • 11

      Sample Purchase Contracts

      Having a variety of sample purchase contracts in your personal library can help you produce contracts for any situation.

    • 12

      The REPC and Translations

      Nicole provides a little background about the REPC (real estate purchase contract) and answers a question about how to properly translate your contracts into a different language in a legal and ethical way.

    • 13

      REPC and Not Applicable

      Learn how to properly mark portions of contracts “not applicable” and understand how important it is that both you and the other party have updated legal addresses.

    • 14

      Due Diligence

      Nicole introduces the due diligence process for contracting and what students should expect to learn in the upcoming segments.

    • 15

      Agreements Case Study

      The class discusses the unfortunate outcome of a real individual who did not do his due diligence when entering a contract and paid the price.

    • 16

      Agreements Case Study II

      Nicole shares another case study demonstrating how important written contracts are, and when engaging in long-term contracts, it is crucial to maintain the relationship.

    • 17

      Verify Material Terms

      Know how you can verify information on a contract to ensure that it is accurate, saving you time, money, and headache later.

    • 18

      Boilerplate Clauses

      This segment demonstrates how boilerplate clauses can contain different types of information about your deal, rather than just standard boilerplate information.

    • 19

      Real Estate Investor Q and A

      Nicole addresses some of the most common legal questions that real estate investors have across the country.

    • 20

      Real Estate Investor Q and A II

      Christian and Nicole tackle questions about force majeures, rising tax rates, and the proper procedure of evicting tenants.

    • 21

      REPC Audience Share

      The live class shares what changes they have made to their sample real estate purchase contract and how they plan to negotiate their requests with the buyer or seller.

    • 22

      REPC Deep Dive I

      Nicole reminds students what constitutes an enforceable contract and examines a sample real estate purchase contract.

    • 23

      Offer and Counter Offer

      This segment breaks down the process of negotiating a counteroffer and how it changes the terms of your contract.

    • 24

      REPC Deep Dive II

      Nicole answers an audience question about an unhelpful agent, and how the buyer’s earnest money might be handled in a particular situation.

    • 25

      REPC Deep Dive III

      This segment covers the Time is of the Essence Clause that is found in every contract. This clause is designed to guide both parties throughout the transaction by dictating the pace and timeline of the deal.

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      REPC Deep Dive IV

      The instructor shares her personal stories about included and excluded property. Everyone needs to be aware of what items are included with the sale of the property and what is not.

    • 27

      REPC Deep Dive V

      In this segment, students will learn about how to request and document miscellaneous items on the real estate contract.

    • 28

      REPC Deep Dive VI

      Nicole continues examining the real estate purchase contract and answers a question about amending the contract to allow the buyer to pay with cryptocurrency.

    • 29

      REPC Deep Dive VII-

      Nicole talks deadlines inside the real estate purchase contract. It is important to set and stick to dates that work for both parties.

    • 30

      REPC Deep Dive VIII

      Students are reminded to check for certain clauses or statements on their real estate purchase contract. These include: HOA fees, a clear title, rental deposits and pre-paid rents.

    • 31

      REPC Deep Dive IX

      The class learns about HOA fees, environmental cleanup responsibility, and how a CC&R can impact your bottom line.

    • 32

      REPC- Buyers Conditions

      Nicole highlights buyer’s conditions and explains how these conditions can help protect the buyer, but why some buyers might be fearful to use them.

    • 33

      REPC- Appraisal Conditions

      In this clip, the class learns about the various clauses that can help protect both the seller and the buyer. Nicole reminds the class that adding or removing clauses to the contract can be a powerful negotiation tool.

    • 34

      REPC Walk-through

      Learn how disputes might be settled in a standard deal, and what the mediation and lawsuit process can be like for you as an investor.

    • 35

      REPC- Default

    • 36

      REPC- Insurance and Risk of Loss

      Nicole explains how insurance responsibility is transferred from the seller to the buyer. Students also will learn about risk of loss, and finally, signing and dating the REPC.

    • 37

      Resources & Recap

      Our instructor leaves the audience with some essential resources for creating and reading contracts and unveils the 30-day challenge.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.