Contract for Deed

Open up a world of possibilities with this strategy, including deal structuring, third-party servicing and investment team building.


Tony Scotty

Tony’s goal is simple: To create success stories, one investor at a time. Frustrated with his W-2 career, he started his own consulting company in 2008 with a passion for helping others succeed and a desire to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs. By sharing his path on investing in real estate, as well as teaching cash flow management for consumers and small businesses, he continues to reach out to help others succeed in getting their first deal done.


Why would you want to use the Contract for Deed strategy to purchase an investment property? This informative course explains how a Contract for Deed purchase can open numerous investment opportunities on properties that previously failed to make investment sense, but now work under new cashflow management and financing. Learn about relevant legislation and the best practices for contract structure to minimize variables and maximize your profits. In this course you will go in-depth on purchase and exit strategies, and funding deal structuring with partner, and third-party servicing agencies. Learn how to find the right property and the right occupant, and assemble a fantastic team that will carry you to a spectacular future.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

  • 2

    Intro and meet the Instructor - Tony Scotty

    Instructor, Tony Scotty, introduces his experience, interests, and philosophies.

  • 3

    Class Expectations and Road Map

    Tony goes over what he will cover in this class, including a short overview of Velocity Banking.

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    • 4

      From Student to Investor- Currency and Real Estate

      The currency of investing - money, time, knowledge, and relationships - is discussed here.

    • 5

      Currency and Real Estate Continued- The Instructor's Why

      We all have a reason for everything we do.  What is your why?

    • 6

      Following a System

      Success is all about systems. Tony introduces some of his systems for success

    • 7

      Flow to Minimize Expenses and Seller Advantages

      The contract for deed strategy has many benefits, such as helping you to minimize expenses.

    • 8

      Buyer Advantages and Disadvantages

      Some of the buyer advantages, such as low settlement costs, are discussed.

    • 9

      Seller Disadvantages

      For the seller, the contract for deed strategy comes with a few disadvantages, such as no depreciation.

    • 10

      Why Cash Flow Strategies and The Passive Income Approach

      Cash flow is king. The best way to get away from working for someone else is to create passive cashflow.

    • 11

      How to Generate That Money

      Tony introduces his map to passive income, starting with creating a funding strategy.

    • 12

      Rental Real Estate And Refining Your System

      When it appears that things are not working out, take a close look at your systems.

    • 13

      Goals, Motivation, Legislation, and Doing it Right

      Tony reminds us how important the right team is.

    • 14

      Dodd Frank Exemptions

      The Dodd Frank exemption is explained.

    • 15

      Contract Structure

      Tony walks you through structuring a contract.

    • 16

      Contract Considerations

    • 17


      Our instructor goes through an amortization schedule to help you to understand how it works.

    • 18

      Contract and Competition

      Tony covers land contracts.

    • 19


      Our instructor walks you through closing the deal.

    • 20


      Tony explains the basics of taxation on contract for deed deals.

    • 21

      Increase Cash Flow Using Velocity Banking

      An overview of Velocity Banking.

    • 22

      Exit Strategies and Reserve

      Some of the possible exit strategies, such as step home, are covered.

    • 23

      The Right Funding and Purchase Considerations

      When considering funding, you should consider monthly payments, down payment, interest rates, and several other factors.

    • 24

      Line of Credit, Loan, ROI, and OPM

      Tony covers different types of funding and how they affect the cash flow.

    • 25

      Return On Investment Calculations

      Our instructor runs some ROI calculations.

    • 26

      Risks and Overcoming Obstacles

      A look at some of the risks and obstacles of investing.

    • 27

      Buy Houses at a Discount

      Tony shares some of his strategies for finding houses at a discount.

    • 28

      The Right Market, Repair Expenses

      What is the right place to create Contract for Deed deals?

    • 29

      Holding Strategies- Rentals

      Buy and hold strategies can create a good cash flow.  Tony examines some of these strategies.

    • 30

      Clean and Consistent Cash Flow and Minimize Fixed and Variable Expenses

      Tony covers how to "clean up" your money for your best cash flow.

    • 31

      Lease Options vs. Contract for Deed

      Some of the differences between lease options and contract for deed are covered, such as loss of tax benefits with a CFD.

    • 32

      Holding Team

      Your CFD holding team may take care of such things as late fees and loan servicing, among others.

    • 33

      Monitoring and Duties

      Monitoring your CFD properties can save you from a lot of headaches later on. Be sure to track your properties well.

    • 34

      Tenant Opportunities

      Instead of problems, Tony likes to call tenant issues "opportunities." Learn about some of those opportunities here.

    • 35

      Home Ownership

      Tony suggests setting tenants up with a 6 month trial lease before setting up a lease option on your properties.  He explains here.

    • 36


      Tony recaps the contract for deed strategy and the Velocity Banking Factor including his "step home" strategy.

    • 37

      Pay Off or Grow

      Tony continues his recap.

    • 38

      Class Recap Question and Answer

      Our instructor answers questions from the studio audience.

    • 39

      What Eats Cash Flow and Going to the Next Level. The final pitch.

      Tony finishes off with a reminder of how you can increase your cash flow through Velocity Banking and how to take your investments to the next level.

    • 40


      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

  • 40


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.