Commercial Real Estate Procedures

Make the most of your transaction when you know the purchase procedure, research and details required to close a commercial deal.


Christian George

Christian George is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. Having been a licensed real estate agent for over 22 years and a licensed escrow officer for over 14 years, Christian is intimately familiar with every part of a real estate transaction from front to back.  Christian is currently the Content Director and an Instructor for Renatus as he continues to grow his personal portfolio. He loves sharing with students how to research a property, build a plan and strategy, and then close the deal. 


This class will guide you through the sometimes-turbulent waters of Commercial Real Estate transactions. You will begin with finding the right commercial investment opportunities, learn how to analyze the pros & cons of each potential property, then determine if the investment is a good fit for your portfolio and management structure. The course will include robust discussions on deeds, inspections, environmental research, contract requirements, and making certain you have all the right information. We will cover creation of the potential transaction and how understanding and satisfying seller needs is crucial to a successful process. Walk through step-by-step negotiation strategies, as well as settlement and closing procedures and all the necessary details that go into securing a great commercial investment property.

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    Christian George gets you ready to buy a commercial property.  He goes over the course outline and sets you up for a day of successful learning.

  • 2

    Ready, Set, Invest!

    Christian goes over a commercial market analysis talks about where you can get this information.

  • 3

    What do I do now?

    Your instructor discusses the steps to take before you offer.

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    • 4

      The 2 types of property

      The two types of property, real property and personal property, are discussed.

    • 5

      The Negotiation Process

      Christian begins teaching the guiding principles of the negotiation process, beginning with the collaborative approach.

    • 6

      The Negotiation Process, Continued

      Your instructor continues on with the negotiation process by covering communication and transparency.

    • 7

      Purchase Agreement

      Christian begins guiding you through the purchase agreement.

    • 8

      Agreements Continued

      Your instructor dives deeper into the purchase agreement.

    • 9

      Never Too Much Documentation

      Christian counsels you to document everything, as he continues digging deeper into the purchase contract.

    • 10

      Who gets paid?

      Learn what components affect the purchase price and some sources of funding that can be a factor in the transaction.

    • 11

      I'll Give You ...

      Christian continues going through the contract covering the areas of agency and insurance.

    • 12

      Environmental Research

      Doing your research is vital to a solid deal.  Be sure that you cover your due diligence.

    • 13


      Christian continues walking through the contract with you. In this segment he covers disclosures.

    • 14

      Settlement & Closing

      Your instructor discusses settlement and closing of a commercial deal, specifically covering who pays for what.

    • 15


      Christian reminds you to be sure to attach addenda to your contract and covers some addenda you may want to consider.

    • 16

      Time to Take Action.

      Christian wraps up and closes this course with a call to action.

  • 16

    Time to Take Action.

    Christian wraps up and closes this course with a call to action.