Renatus Launch to Success (Fast Track Review)

Make the most of your Renatus experience with this class, designed to help you find your best path as a real estate investor.


Christian George

Christian George is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. Having been a licensed real estate agent for over 22 years and a licensed escrow officer for over 14 years, Christian is intimately familiar with every part of a real estate transaction from front to back.  Christian is currently the Content Director and an Instructor for Renatus as he continues to grow his personal portfolio. He loves sharing with students how to research a property, build a plan and strategy, and then close the deal. 


Renatus Content Director Christian George guides you through the many resources available to you as a Renatus Community Member, and gives you an overview of what your Renatus purchase includes. Christian takes students through an investor questionnaire that will direct you to one of two learning paths for your Essentials Education experience. Determine whether you should start with Financial Awareness to set a foundation for future investing or, if you have immediate real estate needs, a Real Estate path that will give you critical information and tools to help with current real estate transactions. Learn about Renatus company goals and policies that can help you accelerate the process and be at your best along your path to wealth and prosperity. Explore our E.P.I.C. Solution to investing and realize how forming your own cabinet of councilors for your real estate business is vital. Discover unique software and tools provided by Renatus to streamline your financial journey, build your team and increase your probability of investment success!

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    Class Introduction

    Instructor Christian George introduces himself and informs students what they should expect to learn from the course. This includes some tips and strategies about how to access course material quickly and easily.

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    Instructor Introduction

    Christian shares with viewers why he is so passionate about Renatus and how he has seen first-hand how Renatus education has empowered students to become financially free and live their dreams.

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    Sharing Our Wealth of Information

    Christian provides a bit of background on how Renatus develops cutting edge learning curriculum alongside industry experts to deliver the best experience possible for students.

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      To be a Real Estate Investor

      This segment breaks down the number one thing that is needed to be a real estate investor: accountability. If students can hold themselves accountable, they are able to achieve their wildest dreams through real estate and wise investing strategies.

    • 5

      How Renatus is Shared and Our Disclaimers

      This clip covers how Renatus is shared and marketed through independent contracted marketers. This helps create a local Renatus network where students have access to a community with other like-minded investors.

    • 6

      Why Real Estate and Business

      Christian highlights why real estate and small business is one of the best ways to create cash flow, utilize deductions and store long-term wealth.

    • 7

      Keys for Students

      Students will hear about what they should expect to learn if they have purchased the Essentials courses. Also, Christian demonstrates how students can access their courses and account information on Helios.

    • 8

      Education Dashboard

      Here, you will learn how to navigate the education dashboard, where you can track your learning progress, view your pre- and post-assessments, and so much more.

    • 9

      Notes and Action Steps

      Helios also has a real-time note-taking function when watching videos and a dedicated area for students to create their own action steps. Christian will show the class how to access these tools, as well as how to navigate video controls to create a personalized viewing experience for each student.

    • 10

      Learning Paths and Live Streaming

      Christian shows students what a typical learning path looks like, and how students will move through the curriculum.

    • 11

      Documents, Instructors and Assessments

      In addition to course videos, students have access to course-specific workbooks, assessments, and instructor bios. Christian shows the class where they can access these supplemental materials.

    • 12

      The Helios App and IOS Software

      Students also have access to Helios through the Helios App for mobile devices. Using the app, they have special access to the Money Mastermind series hosted daily by Woody Woodward. Also, Christian informs the class about Renatus IOS, a supplemental resource available to students.

    • 13

      Live Help and Study Groups

      If you are struggling with Helios, or just need a bit of help understanding the content, rest assured that Renatus has amazing customer service representatives, instructors and community members ready to give you the help that you need. Christian also covers what a typical Renatus study group looks like and how they usually function.

    • 14

      Our Team and Your Cabinet

      Christian reminds the audience that Renatus is a real business, with amazing people that help make it successful. However, students need their own team, or “cabinet” to help make them successful as well.

    • 15

      Cabinet Vs. Kitchen Cabinet

      Christian dives into who should be included in your “kitchen cabinet”. This is a small group of individuals who have the ability to tell you “no” and provide a sometimes-needed reality check.

    • 16

      Your Cabinet, Continued

      If you do not have a list of who you would like to have in your cabinet, that’s alright. Christian shows the class how they can generate a list of individuals who are industry experts that can assist when needed.

    • 17

      More Helios Training and Resources

      Christian shows the class how they can use Helios to access Renatus IOS trainings, the marketing platform and video libraries.

    • 18

      Phase Two and PROFITS

      Christian introduces the Profits courses designed to give business owners a way to increase their revenue and take their business to the next level.

    • 19

      PROFITS, Continued

      This segment covers more information about the Profits courses, including some of the instructors and what students can expect to learn about in these classes.

    • 20

      Phase Three and Accelerated Investor Training

      The Accelerated Investor Training courses are designed to help students apply specific strategies when working with real estate. Christian shares with the class some of the instructors and course material students will encounter in the A.I.T classes.

    • 21

      Learning Paths to Investment Strategies

      Christian goes into detail about learning paths, the courses, and how students apply the information to their own deals.

    • 22

      Learning Paths to Strategies Continued

      Christian explores with the audience how each learning path and course is so robust, preparing students for eventual market ups and downs.

    • 23

      Multiple Strategies and Getting Results

      The curriculum that Renatus uses is so effective because it combines multiple real estate strategies. This prepares students for unexpected market changes so that they come prepared with the necessary tools for any situation.

    • 24

      How to Grow with Renatus

      If you are interested in expanding your course library, Christian shows students how they can do that, as well as what packages are available to them.

    • 25

      Learning Partners and Local Events

      Each student is allowed one learning partner who has access to all course material once the primary course owner has purchased it. Christian shows the class how to designate a learning partner in their Helios account. Also, he covers how Renatus members can attend local events in their area with other like-minded investors.

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      Final Thoughts

      - Christian wraps up the course by sharing a story about a young entrepreneur who didn’t let his failures affect him, and how he kept trying until he created a successful business from scratch. Christian encourages students to believe in themselves and to create amazing opportunities for themselves and their families.

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    Final Thoughts

    - Christian wraps up the course by sharing a story about a young entrepreneur who didn’t let his failures affect him, and how he kept trying until he created a successful business from scratch. Christian encourages students to believe in themselves and to create amazing opportunities for themselves and their families.