Commercial Lending

Acquiring a commercial loan can be intimidating, unless you know how to approach them to demonstrate your financial capability.


Christian George

Christian George is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. Having been a licensed real estate agent for over 22 years and a licensed escrow officer for over 14 years, Christian is intimately familiar with every part of a real estate transaction from front to back.  Christian is currently the Content Director and an Instructor for Renatus as he continues to grow his personal portfolio. He loves sharing with students how to research a property, build a plan and strategy, and then close the deal. 


Are you ready to add more substance to your investment portfolio? Commercial lending can help you get there by reviewing the commercial loan application process and several strategies for acquiring commercial and business funding. Take an in-depth look into the process that banks go through as they review applications, submit loans to committee and then decline or approve loans applications.  Learn how to create lasting banking relationships with public and private lending institutions and how to negotiate the right financial terms to secure your company’s greatest profitability and success. Explore the power of creating a “Book of Life” for your business that will enable you to approach lending institutions from a position of leverage and then negotiate the best possible rates for the money you borrow.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Christian George is with us again with an overview on commercial lending - How can you get funding for your commercial properties?

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    The Commercial Lending Lexicon

    Your instructor helps you understand the lingo of a commercial lender.

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      Value and Cost

      Christian goes through the terminology he will be using today and discusses the difference between value and cost.

    • 5

      LTV (Loan to Value)

      One of the first measures of loan determination is loan to value, or LTV.

    • 6

      Hard Money in Commercial

      The class goes over the pre-assessment and begins a discussion on hard money lending.

    • 7

      Commercial Lenders

      Christian gives a listing of those who will lend commercially including commercial banks, federal savings banks, and credit unions.

    • 8

      Government Insured Loans

      Christian discusses some of the benifits of a government insured loan including lower down payments.

    • 9

      Rent Rolls

      Your instructor discusses parts included on the rent roll - the summary of your property.

    • 10

      Book of Life

      Christian goes over a specific checklist of everything that is needed to apply for a commercial loan.

    • 11

      Loan Request Form

      Your instructor walks you through the formal loan request form.

    • 12

      Applicant Authorization

      Christian continues going through all of the forms needed for your loan application.

    • 13

      Business Financials

      Your instructor walks you through the business financial documents.

    • 14

      Balance Sheet

      Christian helps you understand how to present your assets for your loan qualification.

    • 15

      Personal Touch on Commercial

      What kind of personal touch can you add to create your "Book of Life"?

    • 16

      Selling Yourself to the Close

      Christian covers some factors that can help you sell yourself and have better luck with your loans.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.