Commercial Real Estate Introduction

Take the first step toward larger returns with this class about commercial leases, document details, and finding & analyzing deals.


Christian George

Christian George is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. Having been a licensed real estate agent for over 22 years and a licensed escrow officer for over 14 years, Christian is intimately familiar with every part of a real estate transaction from front to back.  Christian is currently the Content Director and an Instructor for Renatus as he continues to grow his personal portfolio. He loves sharing with students how to research a property, build a plan and strategy, and then close the deal. 


Our resident commercial real estate expert, Christian George, will take you through the entire purchasing cycle, from initial analysis to the closing table, helping you understand that contracts and due diligence research are the keys to maximizing your earning potential in commercial real estate. Learn the steps to finding and analyzing commercial deals, how commercial leases work and what documentation you need to get the process started. We will compare and contrast lending for business or commercial versus residential property, and give you the foundation to go into the Commercial Lending path. This course is the first step in helping your investment portfolio mature from residential properties to the limitless potential of Commercial Real Estate.

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    Take this Pre-Assessment to find out what you already know and what topics you will learn.

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    Instructor Introduction and Disclaimer

    The instructor, Christian George, introduces himself and shares with the audience his passion for all things real estate.

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    Class Expectations and What is Commercial Real Estate?

    Christian outlines what you can expect to learn in this course. He also defines the qualities that make up commercial real estate.

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      What is Your Vision?

      By defining your vison, you can achieve the impossible. Christian tells a story about how an investor was able to achieve her goals simply because she had a vison and thought like an investor.

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      When to Buy Real Estate

      Christian shares factors you should look for in a property before investing.

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      When to Buy Real Estate Continued

      This segment contains more qualities to look for before purchasing a potential investment property.

    • 7

      Recap and Terms

      Christian does a recap on earlier segments in addition to examining the different terms that can be found on real estate contracts.

    • 8

      Deductions and Appreciation

      The instructor covers how investors handle changing appreciation and depreciation in the market and how deductions can dramatically save you money as a real estate investor.

    • 9

      Do You Know What You Want?

      Christian covers how important it is for you to be in charge of your money since no one cares about it as much as you do.

    • 10

      Vacancies and Municipalities

      This segment answers some puzzling questions about vacancies, such as: Why are some properties vacant in seemingly great areas?

    • 11

      Case Study

      Christian talks about a commercial building he bought several years ago and how he solved the owner’s problem by purchasing this negative cash flowing building.

    • 12

      Commercial Preview and In-Class Assignment

      Christian assigns the audience a challenge: Write offers for 30 different properties in 30 days.

    • 13

      Let's Talk Commercial and Supply and Demand

      This segment covers how to quickly determine if a property could be a potential “deal of the decade.”

    • 14

      Why Doesn't a Property Sell? And Investigating Your Market

      Why doesn’t a property sell? Is it location, size, the neighborhood? Christian answers this question and shares his perspective as a seasoned investor.

    • 15

      Investigating Your Market Continued and Some Good Places to Look

      The instructor shares insider tips on how to learn about deals before they hit the market.

    • 16

      What to Ask the Seller to Show You and Good Records Equal Value

      Christian discusses how to find comparable properties, common area maintenance fees and general questions to ask the seller.

    • 17

      Operating Statements and Using Percentages

      This segment demonstrates how to use operating statements to get a feel for the property’s potential cash flow.

    • 18

      It's Not Magic, It's Math

      You can use these basic math equations to determine if a property is worth a closer look.

    • 19

      CAP Rates

      Christian covers how a building’s CAP rate might have an impact on you as an investor.

    • 20

      CAP Rate Question and Answer

      Christian answers questions from the studio audience about CAP rates.

    • 21

      Managing Market Fluctuations and knowing Your Tools

      The instructor highlights the importance of liability coverage and monitoring growth rates in areas of interest.

    • 22

      Your Path to Success and Good Contracts

      A well-written contract could be the difference between a smooth and easy deal-or a complete disaster. Christian shares some insider tips about contacts that make all the difference.

    • 23

      Real Vs. Personal Property and Seller Needs

      Christian compares real vs. personal property as well as how to meet a seller’s needs so everybody wins.

    • 24

      Reports and Historical Use

      The instructor covers how to handle environmental reports and what each type of report means for you as an investor.

    • 25

      Settlement and Closing

      Christian reminds you to double check the contract and have the proper exit strategies in place.

    • 26

      Final Case Study

      Christian shares a personal experience in which he was able to gradually work with a skeptical seller and completely transform a property.

    • 27

      The Moral of the Story and Parting Thoughts

      Christian shares some final thoughts and encourages everyone to take the leap and invest.

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      Take this Post-Assessment to find out if there are any topics you need to revisit.

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    Take this Post-Assessment to find out if there are any topics you need to revisit.