Business Automation

Know the tools needed to automate your processes, so you can make your business work for you, not the other way around.


Eric Counts

Eric is an author, business trainer and nationally featured speaker. His extensive knowledge of credit and credit repair have gained him audiences with the likes of Wells Fargo, Regions Bank and Century 21 branches across the country. He is the President/CEO of CreditNerds and has served as an expert witness to lawmakers in the matters of credit and debt collection. Now he applies that same information to help you qualify for lending assistance and get busy building your investment portfolio.


Instructor Eric Counts, owner of Credit Nerds, is here to show you how to automate your business so it works for you and not the other way around! With Business Automation, you will learn how to create system processes in order to get a birds-eye view of your business and define how each task is (or should be) handled. You will also learn how to utilize and master powerful automation software to better organize your customers, connect with them in a meaningful way without being directly involved in the process and still give them personalized information that is tailored to them. Gain powerful skills and tools to organize, maintain and expand your business with less effort on your part and free up your time for the things that matter to you.

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    Find out what you already know and what you'll learn in this course.

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    Instructor Eric Counts, founder of Credit Nerds, introduces himself and the concept of business automation.

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    What Is Automation? and How To Make Toast

    Instructor Eric Counts, founder of Credit Nerds, introduces himself and the concept of business automation.

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      Making Toast

      Eric reviews the results of the in-class activity and points out what qualities could be improved.

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      Making Toast II

      The audience shares their improved illustrations of how to make toast and Eric encourages them to add in an unexpected step to the middle of their process.

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      Making Toast III

      Eric shows the audience the connection of the in-class activity to business automation.

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      Collaboration and Modification of Sequences

      Eric tells the class that as they stay consistent with their processes, the more they will build confidence over time.

    • 8

      Ease and Willingness to Adjust

      The audience shares their large-scale planning with the instructor and how all of those process work together.

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      Aspects of Business Automation

      The instructor shows the connection between toast and business automation and explains the importance of “done beats perfect” when running your business.

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      Segmentation and the Economy of Information

      Eric explains the definition of segmentation and provides an insight and valuable tips when considering affiliate partnerships.

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      Lead Management

      Eric shares with the class why it is so important to manage your lead information and why it is so crucial to plan out each aspect of your business.

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      Owning the Lie and Opportunities to Improve

      The instructor reminds the audience why honesty and receiving and hearing feedback is so important to building your business.

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      Testimonials and CARE

      Being truthful to your clients is huge when running a company and over promising is something business owners tend to do; Eric reminds the class why it is key to be truthful.

    • 14

      Long Term Nurture and Customer Re-engagement

      How do you keep past and possible customers engaged with your business? This segment will show you some strategies to do just that.

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      Your System is a House

      The instructor compares your system to a house, where framework is built first and the rest will follow.

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      Eric highlights some examples of different software tools available to business owners and some tips on how to use them effectively.

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      Tools Continued

      This segment showcases just some of the features available to you when using business automation software, such as tags and custom fields.

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      Tag Descriptions and Milestones

      Eric compares the difference between an effective campaign vs. a simple email drip.

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      The instructor explains the qualities of triggers and how they work together in business automation software.

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      Sequences and Variables

      Eric shows how sequences and variables can work in software, such as adjusting when emails and other automated message are sent.

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      Building a Sequence

      The instructor shares with the audience a few tips that can help you keep track of customers and ensure they stay in your system.

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      Eric demonstrates how scripts can be beneficial to your business and how scripts don't have to be robotic or impersonal.

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      Delayed Action and Tattle Tales

      This segment covers the concept of delayed action and the role that it should play when automating your business. Also, Eric highlights the importance of “tattle tales” to ensure each task is completed.

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      Notes, Activity Buttons and Where to Begin

      Business automation may seem daunting to those just getting started, but the instructor reassures the class that it is as simple of creating and reviewing milestones you set.

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      Milestones Example

      The instructor walks through the process of reviewing and utilizing milestones in automating your organization.

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      Sequence Role Play

      Eric calls up an audience member and creates a hypothetical sequence for him based upon his money lending business.

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      Sequence Role Play II

      This segment contains more footage about building a sequence and scripts, applying the information to a role-play scenario.

    • 28

      Sequence Role Play III

      Eric goes into more detail about what aspects should be in place when automating a business.

    • 29

      Sequence Role Play Recap

      The instructor sums up all of the pieces necessary for a new sequence and how they must be incorporated.

    • 30

      Assigning Tasks

      How do you decide who does what? This segment covers assigning tasks to various employees and when to bring in an additional employee.

    • 31

      If You Don't Want To Be Chained To A Desk

      Your business is up and running, now what? Eric will show you the strategies you need to know to truly become your own boss and step away from your desk.

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      Your System is Never Done and Documentation

      The instructor shows the audience why their system could always use improvement.

    • 33

      Examples of Documentation

      Eric pulls up a personal document that contains all of the information about his systems and how they work together.

    • 34

      Infinite Loops

      The instructor warns the audience about not letting your software into an “infinite loop” and what you can do to prevent it.

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      Final Question and Answer

      Eric answers a few audience questions, including a discussion of when is the best time to automate an organization or business.

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      Find out what you learned in this course and what you need to review before implementing.

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    Find out what you learned in this course and what you need to review before implementing.