Advanced Velocity Banking

Expand the Velocity Banking strategy with techniques to maximize cash flow on your portfolio and the best methods for implementation.


Tony Scotty

Tony’s goal is simple: To create success stories, one investor at a time. Frustrated with his W-2 career, he started his own consulting company in 2008 with a passion for helping others succeed and a desire to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs. By sharing his path on investing in real estate, as well as teaching cash flow management for consumers and small businesses, he continues to reach out to help others succeed in getting their first deal done.


Enjoy a recap of the Velocity Banking strategy, then progress to the next level when we discuss lines of credit, debt transfer and wealth accumulation. Learn how to reduce the amount of interest paid on financed investments and how to manage and maximize cashflow on your portfolio. Learners will deep dive into interest saved vs. total interest reduced, and learn how the flow of money into the portfolio is paramount for success. Specific case studies and examples will anchor the key concepts to ensure you truly comprehend the strategy. Learners will also be able to implement the methods that pay off mortgages years and decades earlier, increase their profitability, and build equity through cash flow management. Developing the Velocity Banking mindset will create opportunities and robust results for your investments, and help anchor your real estate portfolio.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Introduction and Instructor Bio

    Tony Scotty has real estate investing deals going in 5 states and has completed over 120 real estate transactions.  He has consulted in Mortgage Acceleration for 8 years and currently brings in over $40k in passive income while working 15 hours per week.

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    Class Expectations, Terms and Formulas

    In this class, Tony will review the basic Velocity Banking Strategies, including lines of credit and debt transfer, then he will move on to the advanced strategies, helping you learn how to create passive cash flow and free up more of your time.

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      Debt, Why we Refinance, and Why we Consolidate

      Tony discusses reducing overall costs by making simple changes to the way income and expenses are handled.

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      Interest Cost of Loans

      How much does your loan actually cost you?

    • 6

      How do we Reach the Goal?

      Tony demonstrates how reaching your goals can be as simple as re-allocating funds in different areas.

    • 7

      The Tools

      The essential tools for Velocity Banking, such as a line of credit, are discussed in this segment.

    • 8

      Line Vs. Loan

      Tony discusses differences between a loan and a line of credit, such as access to available balance.

    • 9

      Flow of Money and Banks

      Tony explains how flow of money works, and what to do to keep track of funds.

    • 10

      Debt Transfer and Lower the Balance

      What is the easiest way to insure that transfers are made?

    • 11

      Attack the Red Zone and What if I do not Have Cash Flow?

      Cutting out the red zone can help you to pay off debt quicker and save you money.

    • 12

      Daily Interest Calculator and Small Chunks

      Learn how your daily interest can be reduced by using the chunking strategy.

    • 13

      Velocity Banking Factor and Results

      Tony demonstrates the power of Velocity Banking.

    • 14

      Example 2 Car Loan

      Understand Velocity Banking more clearly through a demonstration using a car loan.

    • 15

      Consumer Debt Example and Small Rental Example

      What about consumer debt?  Can the Velocity Banking technique work?

    • 16

      Other Velocity Banking Factors

      Some of the other factors that go into Velocity Banking are discussed.

    • 17

      Money Working for You

      Tony shows you how to get your money working for you.

    • 18

      Access Equity

      What could you afford if you could access all of your home's equity?  Tony discusses his concept of "step home".

    • 19

      Reserve and Over-Leveraging

      Be sure to have a reserve fund to help you to leverage your investments. Use checkpoints to monitor your cashflow.

    • 20

      Success Points and Flow of Money

      Keep an eye on Tony's success points to insure adequate cash flow.

    • 21


      Tony reviews what he has covered so far and begins to teach you how to use the concepts to create more wealth.

    • 22

      State of Mind- Debt Reduction V. Wealth Creation

      Debt reduction is good, but wealth creation is better.

    • 23

      State of Mind- Flow of Money and Instructor Testimonial

      Change your state of mind to increase your flow of money.

    • 24

      State of Mind- Banking Budget Flow

      Tony walks you through your new banking methods.

    • 25

      State of Mind-Investments and Return on Investments

      Your instructor covers what you can do to increase your return on investment and your cash flow.

    • 26

      Cash on Cash ROI and OPM

      Return on investment and using other people's money is covered in this segment.

    • 27

      Risks of 100% OPM

      What risks might you face using OPM?

    • 28

      State of Mind- Passive Income Approach and Increase the Cash Flow

      Tony introduces his increase return system.

    • 29

      State of Mind- Passive Income Approach- Pay Them Off

      Tony continues discussing the passive income approach with a pay off example.

    • 30

      State of Mind- Passive Income Approach- Pay Them Off Example 2

      Tony uses a second pay off example as he continues discussing the passive income approach.

    • 31

      Example 1 Review

      Tony goes over a private money investment.

    • 32

      Example 2

      An example of a "cash" purchase using a line of credit.

    • 33

      Example 3 Small Business

      How do you manage fluctuations in income?

    • 34

      Example 4

      Tony discusses which line of credit can be used in a self-directed retirement plan.

    • 35

      State of Mind- Examples 5 -7 Passive Income Approach

      Examples of businesses using Velocity Banking to increase cashflow.

    • 36

      Example 8

      Tony shares an existing property example.

    • 37

      Example 9

      An example property purchased on a 1031 exchange.

    • 38

      More Examples and Question and Answer

      Tony answers questions for the studio audience.

    • 39

      Example 10

      This example demonstrates a "step home" strategy.

    • 40

      Example 10 Exit Strategy

      Remember, every investment should have an exit strategy.

    • 41

      Can I buy 1 House a Year?

      Tony shows you how you can pay off one house each year.

    • 42

      Can I buy 1 House a Year? Spreadsheet Projections and Questions

      A spread sheet and projections for paying off a house a year.

    • 43

      Profitability Example and Offering More Than Your Competitor

      You can offer more for your properties because you are using Velocity Banking.

    • 44

      Example 13

      Thinking outside the box to create wealth and help other people.

    • 45

      Final Question and Answer

      More Q & A from the class.

    • 46

      Final Question and Answer, Continued

      ...and a little more Q & A to finish up the day.

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      This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.