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Maximize your business possibilities when you learn the best ways to create, improve and maintain excellent business credit.

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Megan Christensen

Megan Christensen is an industry leader in Business Credit Building and Small Business Consulting. She currently works as COO and shareholder for CreditSuite, a business consulting company and manages a team of over 30 brilliant and talented team members. Over 30,000 business owners have benefited from her help navigating the banking and lending system to utilize the products and financing they need. 


"This course instructs existing business owners – or those looking to start a business—how to aggressively ramp up their business credibility and financing potential. Megan’s step by step approach shows investors how to lay a solid foundation for Business Credit and ensure that their businesses are consistent in form and classification with the three major Business Credit Bureaus. Maximize business credit approvals using only your business EIN#, without using a personal guarantee, and working with vendors that actually report to the credit bureaus versus the 93% of vendors that don’t. Get an insider’s view of how lenders look at your business credit profile, so you can avoid the top five mistakes business applicants make. The vital information presented in this course is the secret ingredient for entrepreneurs and investors to achieve explosive success in the business world.  "

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Instructor Introduction and Experience

    Megan Christensen is one of the foremost authorities in business credit in the United States.  She is passionate about teaching small business owners how to safely secure business credit.

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    Instructor Background and Motivation

    One of the most powerful tools you have to take control of your business is to establish, build, and monitor your business credit.  Megan shares how she first learned about business credit.

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      Disclaimer and The Foundation of Business Credit

      Building credibility is all about building trust.  Megan gives some tips on giving the lender a warm fuzzy feeling about lending to you.

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      You Must Fully Commit

      Megan uses a wake-boarding example to demonstrate the importance of fully committing yourself to business ownership.

    • 06

      Your Business Name

      A seemingly simple task, Megan explains important aspects to consider when choosing a name for your fledgling company.

    • 07

      Your Business Address

      It is vital to your business credit to use the right business address when you form your business. Learn exactly what (and what not) to do.

    • 08

      Your Business Entity

      Don't tiptoe into business. Find out what downsides can follow a sole proprietorship.

    • 09

      Foundations Recap and the Birth of Your Business

      Our instructor discusses which organizations you need to file various papers with, and the purpose of a DBA.

    • 10

      Entity Filing Registered Agents and Symbols

      Using symbols in your business name can have drawbacks, which Megan explains in this segment.

    • 11

      Business Phone Website and Email

      These Business Foundation steps are covered with tips and suggestions for keeping lenders happy.

    • 12

      EIN Number, Business License and Bank Account

      Specific instructions for obtaining an EIN number from the IRS, and setting up financial accounts.

    • 13

      Verify all Records Match

      This important step can mean the difference between loan approval and denial. Find out what you can to fix it before you apply.

    • 14

      Case Study

      Using an example of "Julie & Cats," the instructor walks the class through a typical small business credit consultation, correcting errors and preparing to apply for a loan.

    • 15

      Question and Answer

      The instructor answers questions about the motivation behind banker decisions and what to consider when changing your business name.

    • 16

      Business Credit Bureaus

      What are the three major business credit bureau, how do they differ and why do you need to know about them?

    • 17

      DUNS Number

      Megan walks you through the steps of getting your D&B number and starting your business credit profile.

    • 18

      Business Vs. Personal Credit

      What is the difference between business credit and personal credit?  Pretty much everything. Megan shows you how it works.

    • 19

      Business Vs. Personal Credit, Continued

      More about the similarities and differences of business and personal credit.

    • 20

      Late Payments and Business Credit Report

      This small detail can have a big effect on your ability to qualify for business funding.

    • 21

      What Can you Do With Your Business Credit?

      Benefits of using business credit, rather than personal credit, are discussed, such as the percentage of business credit you can utilize without negatively affecting your credit.

    • 22

      Monitoring Business Credit

      Megan pulls a business credit report and explains how to monitor and interpret it.

    • 23

      Reporting Wrong Information

      Our instructor shares how to handle inaccuracies when they occur in your report.

    • 24

      Building Business Credit

      Building business credit from the ground up, round 1 - starter accounts.

    • 25

      Building Business Credit Round 2

      Building business credit from the ground up, round 2 - intermediate accounts.

    • 26

      Building Business Credit Round 3

      Building business credit from the ground up, round 3 - advanced accounts.

    • 27

      Building Business Credit Round 4

      Building business credit from the ground up, round 4 - going beyond (when you have ten or more solid business credit accounts).

    • 28

      Business Credit Cards and Personal Guarantee

      Are you using personal credit when applying for a business credit card? Learn why this is the most common mistake business owners make.

    • 29

      When to Use a Personal Guarantee

      When is it useful to give a personal guarantee when applying for a business credit card?

    • 30

      Business Credit Card Vs. Business Line of Credit

      What are the differences? Megan discusses fees, renewals, requirements and more.

    • 31

      Final Thoughts

      Megan wraps up the day with personal reflections and one last story.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.