Tax & Legal Update 2019

Tax and Legal Update 2019 provides current and accurate coverage of the recent changes to tax laws and regulations.

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Mark Kohler

Mark is an Attorney, CPA, National speaker, Radio Show host, and Best Selling Author. His newest book is titled: The Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom – What Wall Street Isn’t Telling You. Mark also publishes an E-newsletter, is a contributor and Blogger for Mark practices as a senior partner at the law firm Kyler Kohler Ostermiller & Sorenson, LLP¸ and is  a senior and founding partner in the accounting firm Kohler & Eyre, CPAs, LLC. 


This addition to our Tax & Legal 2-day course brings learners the up-to-date information they need to save the most money possible on their personal and business taxes. Mark Kohler summarizes and explains the alterations that are likely to affect small business owners and helps us understand how to apply this knowledge and make the most of current tax legislation in a legal and ethical manner.

  • 01

    Talking taxes- Tax Cuts and Job Act

    Mark Kohler gives a brief background for entrepreneurs and goes over the resources he provides for those seeking more information.

  • 02

    Personal Tax Changes- AIG

    Mark begins by covering the changes that affect personal tax returns, especially the changes in tax brackets and standard deductions.

  • 03

    Mortgage Interest, Casualty and Moving

    Discussion of personal tax changes continues with differences to mortgage interest, alimony and IRAs.

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    • 04

      Personal Taxes Question and Answer and Kohler Care

      Learn about the changes to medical insurance this year as well as how insurance and retirement options affect your taxes.

    • 05

      Business Tax- Changes and QBI

      What is the 199A deduction, what is acceptable business income and how does it apply to your taxes?

    • 06

      Business Taxes: S-Corp vs. LLC

      Recent changes in tax regulations have increased some of the benefits of owning an S-Corp.

    • 07

      The Kohler Payroll Matrix

      Mark covers the specific incomes that can be included in the 199A and explains how and when to change from an LLC to an S-Corp.

    • 08

      S-Corp Question and Answer

      Learn what your S-Corp can do with funds, what it cannot do, and when you need an LLC.

    • 09

      Auto Deductions

      Our instructor introduces the many ways you can save more money on your taxes with automobile deductions.

    • 10

      Auto Deductions Question and Answer

      When does it make tax sense to lease instead of buy your automobile?

    • 11

      Four Rules for Auto

      Mark shares new information from his new book that helps us know whether we should use the mileage or actual method for auto deductions.

    • 12

      Dining and Entertainment

      Know what types of food can be deducted and whether it is completely deductible or only 50%.

    • 13

      Question and Answer

      Live audience questions prompt discussion of motorcycle tax deductions, mileage logs, and other tax-related topics.

  • 14

    What Didn't Change and Family Members

    Not everything changed with the recent tax updates. Mark gives a quick rundown on the items that have remained the same and finishes up the class with a master diagram.